Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Emperor Xuan Palace

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Wei Wankong’s face was twisted in anger.

He had two sons. Wei Lin, the younger son, had become a waste three months ago when Su Mo destroyed his elixir field.

Now, Wei Rufeng, his talented elder son, whom he had great expectations for, also lost his cultivation because of Su Mo.

How could he not lose his mind?

Wei Wankong’s eyes turned red, and he intended to kill Su Mo in one move.

His huge palm print, coupled with intense killing desire, rushed toward Su Mo.

Su Mo felt trapped by the overbearing momentum of the palm print, so he could not dodge it.

Wei Wankong’s cultivation was the Peak Lv 4 Spiritual Martial Realm, so he was more than ten times stronger than Su Mo.

Just before the palm print struck Su Mo, Su Hong flew into the fighting ring and stood before him.

“Wei Wankong, you’re asking to die!” yelled Su Hong angrily.

He punched back with his scorching fist, shattering the palm print into pieces. Without losing its impact, his punch directly blew Wei Wankong out of the fighting ring.


Wei Wankong spat out a mouthful of blood and fell down to the ground. He looked at Su Hong in shock and asked, “Su Hong, have you broken into Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm?”

With his eyes full of killing desire, Su Hong coldly said, “Yes. If you’re asking to die, then I don’t mind killing you right here, right now.”


Wei Wankong’s face became livid, and he desperately wanted to kill Su Mo, but he could only swallow his grievances.

After all, he had never expected Su Hong to reach Level Five of the Spiritual Martial Realm.

Now, he was no match for Su Hong at all.

Taking a deep breath, Wei Wankong tried his best to calm down and ordered his subordinates to carry Wei Rufeng out of the fighting ring.

He planned to avenge his sons and himself in the future.

The crowd was also stunned by Su Hong’s powerful ability.

Su Yue, the first elder of the Sus, felt a mixture of complex emotions.

Before, he was just as powerful as Su Hong and had a genius son. In his view, he could have gradually undermined Su Hong’s authority in the family and eventually replaced his status.

The cruel reality was that Su Yu could not defeat Su Mo, and Su Hong had become much more powerful than him.

The city governor, Lin Sheng, lightly frowned and thought, “The Su family is becoming too powerful now!”

“Su Mo won!” exclaimed Lin De, looking at Su Mo in confusion.

He then fixed his eyes on Lin Qiong and asked, “Miss, do you still want to fight Su Mo?”

Based on the rules, Lin Qiong and Su Mo had to fight before the top three could be decided.

However, Lin Qiong had been defeated by Wei Rufeng, who had been defeated by Su Mo. Su Mo was insanely powerful, so there was no doubt that he was the champion.

That was why Lin De asked Lin Qiong if she still wanted to fight.

Lin Qiong had mixed feelings toward Su Mo. She had never thought of him as a threat and had wanted to avenge her younger brother in the battle.

Unexpectedly, Su Mo was much more powerful than her.

“I give up!” Lin Qiong gritted her teeth and said in dismay.

Lin De nodded his head. He had guessed she would give up.

“Now, I’ll announce this competition’s results.” Lin De looked around and announced, “In first place is Su Mo, second place is Wei Rufeng, and third place is Lin Qiong.”

As soon as he finished talking, the crowd burst into cheers. Many young girls even screamed towards the fighting ring to show their affection.

“Brother Su Mo! Congratulations!” Xi’er also walked into the fighting ring and congratulated him with a smile.

“Haha!” Su Mo burst into laughter and lightly tapped her on her nose.

The sight of the young boy and girl laughing together amazed everyone.

A genius young man and a stunning beauty were such an envious couple.

The city governor, Lin Sheng, handed out the rewards. As the champion, Su Mo received an Energy-boosting Elixir and a precious 100-year red sage.

Wei Rufeng and Lin Qiong also received big rewards.

However, now that Wei Rufeng was a waste, the rewards were useless for him.

“Now, the martial arts competition is over,” Lin Sheng stood up and said.

Everyone got up and prepared to leave.

In the fighting ring, Su Mo smiled and was about to leave with Xi’er, when something unexpected suddenly happened.

The tranquil sky suddenly filled with surging clouds and roaring wind.

“Crack!” A sound like that of a mirror breaking was heard.

Suddenly, to everyone’s disbelief, a crack appeared in the sky.

The crack gradually expanded to ten meters long.

Inside the crack lay empty and bottomless darkness.

Everyone stared at the sky in shock.

“What’s going on?”

“Why is there a 10-meter-long crack in the sky?”

“Is the sky broken?”

Everyone was startled, for they had never seen such a sight in their life before.

At the moment, their eyes widened again. They fixed their eyes on the sky, and their hearts tightened with shock.

Two people walked out of the huge crack.

One was a thin old man in a gray robe, and the other was a handsome young man in an expensive robe.

As they stepped out of the crack, an eerie aura instantly enveloped the entire city.

Everyone was frozen in fear of this formidable air, and their hearts were about to beat out of their chests.

After stepping out of the crack, the men overlooked the crowd with sharp gazes.

Their shocking eyes made everyone shiver.

“Both of them are very powerful!”

Even Su Mo felt suffocated by their gaze.

Fortunately, they only glimpsed at him.

They quickly fixed their eyes on Xi’er, who was next to Su Mo.

Out of the blue, they retracted their aura, and their eyes softened.

The thin old man showed a hint of joy.

The handsome youth revealed a trace of surprise.

“Milady, we have finally found you!” exclaimed the old man.

They stepped out of the sky, and landed in the fighting ring.


Su Mo’s eyes were frozen, and his heart skipped a beat.

Xi’er lightly arched her brows and looked at the old man in confusion.

The old man smiled and gently explained to her, “You’re the daughter of the master of Emperor Xuan Palace, but our master has lost you for many years. Now, we’re going to take you back.”

The old man was the 13th Elder of Emperor Xuan Palace and had been ordered to bring Xi’er back to Emperor Xuan Palace.

“Emperor Xuan Palace?”

Everyone was surprised. Although they had never heard of Emperor Xuan Palace, they all knew that these two men must be extremely powerful.

“How can you be sure that I’m your master’s daughter?” asked Xi’er nervously.

Although she asked this, deep down, she believed his words.

Few people knew that she was an orphan. Besides, the jade pendant she had worn for her entire life had “Xuan” written on it.

“Milady, over a decade ago, when our master was fighting for the throne of Emperor Xuan Palace, you were just a baby. In order to control our master, his rivals wanted to hold you captive. Luckily, our subordinates protected you and took you away, but we eventually lost track of you.”

The 13th Elder was very patient and continued to explain, “You can’t awaken your Martial Soul, can you? That’s because your Martial Soul is sealed inside your body. Did you try awakening your Martial Soul several days ago? We sensed activity in your Martial Soul, which is how we found you.”

“Junior Sister, please follow us back to Central Continent. You don’t have to stay in this remote place any longer!” said the handsome youth with a smile.

He was Shangguan Hao, a pro-disciple of the master of Emperor Xuan Palace, so he called Xi’er his Junior Sister.

He was astonished by Xi’er’s flawless beauty.

Even as the son of the saint of Emperor Xuan Palace, he had never seen such a beautiful girl in the entire Central Continent.

Hearing this, Xi’er lightly arched her brows and felt anXi’erous in her heart. After glancing at Su Mo, she firmly said, “Sorry, I won’t follow you. I’m quite happy here.”

The 13th Elder and Shangguan Hao were stunned, and then they saw that Xi’er and the young man next to her were tightly holding hands.

Instantly, Shangguan Hao’s face darkened, and he intended to kill Su Mo.

“Junior Sister, you don’t want to go back because of this peasant?”

Shangguan Hao looked down upon Su Mo with eyes full of contempt.

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