Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Everyone was Shocked

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Su Mo’s words silenced everyone. People could even hear the sound of a pin dropping.

Everyone stared at Su Mo curiously. “Does he really want to fight Wei Rufeng? Does he think he can defeat him?”

“Su Mo, what would be the point of a fight?” Lin De’s face darkened, and he said, “Wei Rufeng is definitely the champion. Your fight with him would be meaningless.”

“Oh… but how are you sure that Wei Rufeng is the champion before our fight?” Su Mo scoffed, shrugging his shoulders.

According to the competition rules, each of the top three needed to fight the other two to decide the final ranking.

There should be three combats, but only the one between Wei Rufeng and Lin Qiong had been held. How could they announce that he was the champion?

How ridiculous!

The crowd was surprised by Su Mo’s confidence. He seemed as if he was actually powerful enough to fight Wei Rufeng.

Lin De frowned.

“Supervisor Lin, I should fight him in the finals. Since he wants to fight, I’ll grant his wish.” Wei Rufeng smiled. He turned to Su Mo and said, “I’ll absolutely destroy you. I’m afraid you’ll give up immediately.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll never give up,” said Su Mo.

Wei Rufeng smile insidiously. Su Mo’s words were exactly what he wanted to hear.

If Su Mo did not give up, Wei Rufeng could keep attacking and seriously injure him without receiving any blame.

“However, what if you’re the one to give up?” Su Mo asked, looking at Wei Rufeng innocently, as if he did not know his intentions.

Wei Rufeng was stunned at first and then could not help but laugh. “Me? Give up? Haha! That’s the funniest joke I’ve ever heard.”

“Fine, then let’s fight!” Su Mo stepped into the fighting ring and gazed at Wei Rufeng.

“Su Mo is way too confident!”

“Exactly! Beating Wei Kun must have made him cocky!”

“I don’t think he can take even three moves from Wei Rufeng!”

Nobody thought highly of Su Mo or believed that he was an equal opponent for Wei Rufeng.

On the spectators stand, even Su Hong’s face was full of worry. Although Su Mo had exceeded his expectation time after time, he did not think Su Mo had the strength to defeat Wei Rufeng.

Xi’er was perhaps the only one in the martial practice field who had great faith in Su Mo, because she adored him blindly.

In the fighting ring, Su Mo drew his long sword from its sheath with a clang, and his aura instantly changed. Sharp and brilliant Qi spread from him. His eyes were as sharp as a piercing sword.

Wei Rufeng was a little shocked by Su Mo’s vigor, but only a little bit.

“Cut!” he shouted, lifting his dazzling long saber up high and slashing it quickly towards Su Mo.


A scalding saber radiance flew out, melting the air.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Su Mo swiftly stabbed his long sword three times.


With a crisp sound, Su Mo’s sword shattered Wei Rufeng’s saber radiance into pieces before they hit him. A wave of Qi rippled in the air.

“You’re going down!” Wei Rufeng rushed to the front of Su Mo with one step.

“Roaring Flame Triple Cut!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The blade of Wei Linfeng’s long saber tore the air into pieces with a shrill sound, and the scorching sword radiance even set the air ablaze.

“Su Mo is about to lose!” everyone thought. “This is the move that defeated Su Hai before, and even he couldn’t take three cuts, never mind Su Mo .”

“Swirling Winds and Clouds!”

Su Mo calmly poured genuine Qi into his long sword, causing its sword radiance to grow quickly. A fierce gale sprang up as he brandished his sword toward Wei Rufeng.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Wei Rufeng’s saber and Su Mo’s sword clashed constantly, exploding with Qi. Su Mo’s long hair and clothes were flowing, but his body remained steady.


“He blocked the attacks!”

The crowd widened their eyes in amazement at the calm youth before them.

“He’s really something! No wonder he’s so arrogant!”

Wei Rufeng squinted at Su Mo and shouted coldly, “You’re only hanging on by a thread! I’ll give you nine cuts more!”

He jumped into the air, swung his saber down toward Su Mo with enough power to split a mountain.

“Roaring Flame Nine Cut!”

Nine streams of fiery-red saber Qi burst out in different directions, forming a giant formation of cuts.

“Break!” Su Mo shouted and did not back down.

He charged forward and swept his sword with varied power. The sharp sword radiance became one with the wind.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With an explosion of Qi, the formation of cuts was broken.

Su Mo’s sword cut through the formation.

“Swirling Winds and Clouds!”

Powerful sword radiance merged with the wind to become as fast as lightning and shot towards Wei Rufeng.

“Damn it!”

Not only had Wei Rufeng’s attack been broken, but he had also been beaten back by Su Mo. In a violent rage, he put all his genuine Qi into his long saber and fiercely hit the sword radiance.

Boom! Crack!

With an explosive sound and a sudden gust of wind, they both flew back.

Su Mo frowned and looked at the long sword in his hand.

The tip of his refined sword was broken off, and the entire blade was full of cracks.

Su Mo’s refined sword was only a Medium Lv 1 weapon and could not endure his power anymore.

Besides, Wei Rufeng’s weapon was obviously not at a low rank. The tip of Su Mo’s sword had been broken by his long saber.

“Haha! Su Mo, your sword is already broken. You’ll lose today!” Wei Rufeng said with a laugh.

With a cold laugh, Su Mo was considering whether he should take out the Spirit-slayer Sword, when Su Hong suddenly yelled, “Mo’er, take this sword!”

On the spectators stand, Su Hong snatched a sword from an elder beside him and threw it to Su Mo.

“What a great sword!”

Taking a look at it, Su Mo’s eyes lit up.

It was a silver sword that was over a meter long. Although the wide blade looked ancient and simple, its sharpness was undeniable.

At Lv 2, this weapon was not as good as his Spirit-slayer Sword, but it was much better than his refined sword.

“Wei Rufeng, you’re not so powerful after all. You’re definitely going to lose today!”

Su Mo’s flickering figure shot out suddenly, too fast to be seen by the naked eye.

“He’s so fast!”

Wei Rufeng was astonished and looked grave. He no longer looked down upon Su Mo.


Su Mo used his Shadow Steps to the extreme and suddenly appeared on Wei Rufeng’s left, slashing his sword.


Wei Rufeng trembled as he blocked the strike with his saber. In the next second, Su Mo disappeared again, and then he showed up behind Wei Rufeng.


The cold and forceful blade sent chills up Wei Rufeng’s spine. He leaned slightly to one side and swung his saber against this cut.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Su Mo kept leaping around Wei Rufeng, dealing one cut after another. Each cut was stronger and more powerful than the one before.

In close combat, Su Mo was able to exploit the advantage of his physical strength to the fullest extent.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

One step.

Two steps.

Three steps.

With each explosion, Wei Rufeng was forced backwards continuously. He felt his arms go limp and numb, and his Qi blood boiled throughout his body.

He was enraged and roared in anger.

“What? Wei Rufeng is being suppressed by Su Mo!”

“How could it be? Su Mo is so powerful! How unexpected!”

“Gosh! His cultivation is only the Peak Lv 7 Qi Cultivation Realm! He’s already so powerful!”

The crowd was shocked.

Su Mo’s attacks became extremely violent. With incomparable speed, he continually cut with the force of wind, every cut faster than the one before.

“Gale Blade!”

“Swirling Clouds and Clouds!”

“Wind Roaring in the Sky!”

“Uh!” Wei Rufeng grunted and stumbled back a few steps. He angrily looked up and saw a beam of light shooting towards him.

It was sword radiance!

The sharpest and fiercest sword radiance ever!

Right after it appeared, it had already reached Wei Rufeng.

“Divine Wind Kill!”

Wei Rufeng’s blood instantly turned cold. Before he could parry with his saber, the radiance cut his abdomen.


Wei Rufeng was sent flying, spewing blood everywhere.


With a sad and shrill scream, he crashed down heavily.

“My elixir field… my cultivation!” screamed Wei Rufeng desperately as he lay on the ground. His abdomen was cut wide open, and genuine Qi flooded out from his body.

Standing aside, Su Mo put his sword away and coldly watched his opponent.

If he had not withdrawn 80% of his power for the last move, Divine Wind Kill, Wei Rufeng would have died.

There was a deathly hush in the martial practice field.

Everyone stared at Su Mo. They had no idea that he could beat Wei Rufeng so decisively with his cultivation at the Peak Lv 7 Qi Cultivation Realm.

Su Mo’s words echoed through people’s minds, “I have yet to compete!”

“How can you know Wei Rufeng is the champion before our fight?”

It seemed that Su Mo was not arrogant, and he actually had the ability.

“Rufeng!” A roar suddenly came from the spectators stand, shocking everybody.

Wei Wankong instantly landed in front of Wei Rufeng. When he saw that his son’s elixir field was broken and his cultivation was banished, he began to tremble violently.

“Bastard! You’re asking to die!”

With blood-red eyes, Wei Wankon swung his palm at Su Mo.

A huge and terrifying palm-print arrived in front of Su Mo within a second.

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