Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: The Mighty Wei Rufeng

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Su Tianhao’s Rocky Martial Soul endowed him with an extremely strong defense.

Anyone weaker than him could not break his defense.

Lin Qiong faintly smiled. Her move was only to test his abilities, and she obviously did not expect to break his defense just in one strike.


Lin Qiong attacked again swiftly. She swung her long sword, which emitted a thin and sharp beam of sword radiance. In the blink of an eye, she was right in front of Su Tianhao.

“Good move! Gold Stone Fist!” Su Tianhao shouted.

Instead of dodging, he charged forward and shattered the sword radiance with his iron fists.

He closed in on her with continuous punches.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

His fist force clashed repeatedly with her sword Qi, stirring up an explosive whirlwind.

They were locked in a fierce battle.

10 moves!

50 moves!

100 moves!

After the two had exchanged 100 moves, there was still no clear winner among them.

“Wow! How powerful!”

“This is a real competition between two powerful and well-matched martial artists. It’ll take a long time to decide a winner between them!”

“They’re both deserving of being the champion!”

The spectators were all exclaiming at the exciting competition.

“Su Tianhao is about to lose!” thought Su Mo as he shook his head.

Contrary to the spectators, he believed that Su Tianhao would be defeated within another 20 moves.

As the competition continued, Lin Qiong fought with more spirit and vigor.

On the other hand, Su Tianhao increasingly relied on his defense to block her attacks.

Though his defense was strong, her sword was powerful enough to destroy it.

Unsurprisingly, Su Tianhao began to lose steam 10 moves later. He was soon wounded with several gashes on his body.

“Su Tianhao, you’ve lost!” Lin Qiong yelled.

With a sharp and stunning sword ray piercing the air, she stabbed her sword into Su Tianhao’s shoulder.


A muffled groan escaped Su Tianhao’s lips, and he was forced back continuously.

Her long sword had left a gaping hole in his shoulder that was spewing blood.

The crowd was silent. In the end, Su Tianhao still lost to Lin Qiong.

“Lin Qiong, I’ll definitely defeat you one day!”

Su Tianhao was a little disappointed but quickly calmed down.


After Su Tianhao left the fighting ring, Lin Qiong looked at her other opponents.

She glanced at Su Mo coldly before turning to glare at Wei Rufeng with eyes full killing desire, and she said, “Wei Rufeng, let’s not waste time. Come up here to fight me! Let’s prove who’s most powerful in Sunnywood City!”

Having defeated Su Tianhao, she felt fully confident in challenging Wei Rufeng.

If she defeated him, she would be the champion.

As for Su Mo, she did not pay any attention to him.

However, she could not ignore the fact that he had injured her little brother. After her battle with Wei Rufeng, she intended to make him pay.

“Haha! Lin Qiong, I don’t want to take advantage of you. We’ll fight after you rest and regain your genuine Qi.”

Wei Rufeng laughed. He turned to look at Su Mo with killing intent in his eyes. “Su Mo, it’s our turn.”

Su Mo sneered and was about to enter the arena when Lin Qiong objected, “Wei Rufeng, I don’t need to rest!”

She swallowed a medicinal pill and said, “Let’s cut the nonsense and fight!”

Wei Rufeng’s face darkened. “Very well, Lin Qiong. Since you can’t wait, I’ll grant your wish!”

Then, he stepped into the fighting ring.

This time, he carried an ancient long black saber on his back.


Wei Rufeng unsheathed his long saber, and his aura rose swiftly. “Lin Qiong, let’s see what’s more powerful. Will it be your Water Condensation Swordplay or my Roaring Flame Saber Style?”

“Roaring Flame in the Sky!”

Wei Rufeng charged forward.

He swung his long saber at Lin Qiong, its knife radiance dyeing the sky red like a rain of fire.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Lin Qiong waved her long sword to form a sword curtain and shattered Wei Rufeng’s saber radiance into millions of pieces.

“Roaring Flame Burns Cities!”

After an unsuccessful move, Wei Rufeng struck again.

His saber radiance scorched the surrounding air like a scalding flame.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The saber radiance charged forward, causing the burning air to crackle.

Lin Qiong remained calm as she wielded her long sword several times and managed to destroy the saber radiance.

“Haha! This is fun! Here come three more strikes from me!”

Wei Rufeng was now standing right in front of Lin Qiong. With a loud shout, he swung his saber three times and hurled it at her with unstoppable momentum.

“Roaring Flame Triple Cut!”

Wei Rufeng’s attacks were extremely fierce and rained on without any sign of stopping.

Although Lin Qiong was a girl, she maneuvered her sword with as much speed and force as Wei Rufeng.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

In the blink of an eye, she blocked Wei Rufeng’s saber radiance.

“Here come five more strikes!” Wei Rufeng became reckless. His long saber thrust madly like an unleashed wild horse, sending crimson saber radiance flying everywhere.

Ding, ding, ding…

In a split second, saber radiance and sword Qi enveloped the entire arena, obscuring the two martial artists from the crowd.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

After a moment, the two figures flew backward and stood a dozen meters apart from each other.

They left the arena destroyed and etched with saber and sword marks.

The crowd trained their eyes on them to see who had won.


Lin Qiong’s body shook, and a trail of blood trickled from her mouth.

Everyone widened their eyes.

“Has Lin Qiong lost?”

“Lin Qiong, you’ve lost!”

Wei Rufeng smiled arrogantly and emitted an overpowering aura.

Lin Qiong tightly gritted her teeth and said resignedly, “Wei Rufeng, you’re indeed powerful and worthy of the title of number one martial artists among the inferiors in Sunnywood City.”

She then flew out of the fighting ring.


A round of loud laughter abruptly resounded on the spectators stand. Wei Wankong stood up, grinning from ear to ear.

“Rufeng, congratulations on winning first place! This is a testament to your strength and a honor. I’m proud of you!”

Wei Wankong felt very happy and looked around smugly.

Naturally, he was basking in pride thanks to his son’s victory.

“Congratulations, Master Wei!”

“Master Wei, you raised a great son!”

“Your son is great! Congratulations, Master Wei! Congratulations!”

Some of the commoners under the spectators stand stood up and congratulated Wei Wankong.

“I hereby announce that Wei Rufeng is the champion of this martial arts competition!” Lin De loudly announced.


Wei Rufeng smiled and felt extremely spirited.

“What?” Su Mo frowned and thought, “Why is Wei Rufeng the champion? I haven’tcompeted yet!”

“Ahem!” Su Mo cleared his throat to draw everyone’s attention.

“Wei Rufeng is the champion? Are you kidding me?” Su Mo looked at Lin De and said calmly, “I have yet to compete!”

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