Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: The Top Three

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Su Hai tried his best to resist the three incoming strokes of Wei Rufeng’s sword.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After blocking the first stroke, Su Hai’s entire body was shocked.

After blocking the second stroke, he was forced back five steps.

After blocking the third stroke, he slipped back a dozen meters and fell from the fighting ring.

He was defeated!

With a cultivation of Lv 9, Su Hai was defeated by Wei Rufeng in three moves.

“Roaring Flame Saber Style of Scorching Sun Sect deserves its reputation!”

“It’s so powerful because it’s the top method among all kinds of Medium Lv 2 swordplay!”

“Since Wei Rufeng is so powerful, I guess Su Tianhao and Lin Qiong are no match for him!”

Wei Rufeng’s ability shocked the spectators because he could defeat Su Hai without using his broadsword.

Wei Wankong was all smiles and in high spirits.

“Su Hai, you’re quite impressive for being able to withstand three moves from me!”

Wei Rufeng looked proudly at Lin Qiong and Su Tianhao, who were standing beside the fighting ring, with fighting desire in his eyes.

“Wei Rufeng won! Next, No.5 will be fighting No.6!” Lin De announced.

It was Su Mo’s turn. His opponent was Wei Kun, a disciple of the Weis.

“A piece of trash with a cultivation of Lv 7 also wants to be one of the top three?” Wei Kun shouted coldly with a jeering expression, “I’ll give you 30 seconds to get out of the ring!”

His words were overbearing, sharp, and extremely arrogant, as if Su Mo meant nothing to him.

Su Mo laughed and looked at him as if he was an idiot.

“What are you laughing at?” Wei Kun asked coldly, “Do you actually want to fight me?”

“How dare you act so arrogantly with a lowly cultivation at the Peak Lv 8 Qi Cultivation Realm. The people of your family are really all unprincipled,” sneered Su Mo.

“A lowly cultivation?”

Wei Kun was stunned, but then he said with fierce eyes, “What ignorant confidence you have! Now that 30 seconds have passed, there’s no chance for you to give up!”

With a surging aura bursting out from his body, Wei Kun leaned slightly and gently lifted his right leg, allowing all his genuine Qi to flow into it.

Then, he suddenly rushed out like a cheetah, leaping high and then violently bringing down his leg.

“Mountain-shaking Leg Techniques! Shaking Mountain with One Kick!”

With strong momentum and strength, his leg was as heavy as a mountain and stirred up a fierce wind.

The wind fluttered Su Mo’s clothes, but he stood completely still.

Soon, the strong leg kicked him.

“Oh no!”

However, Wei Kun’s heart dropped when he realized that he had only kicked a residual shadow.

“Impressive, but you’re too slow!” Su Mo said behind him and swung his fist at the same time.

Without any thought, Wei Kun swept his leg back out as soon as he touched the ground.


With a loud explosion, both the fist power and force of the kick dissipated.

Wei Kun was forced back five steps and looked shocked.

People around were quite startled that Su Mo actually drove off Wei Kun.

“How is Su Mo so strong? Wei Kun’s cultivation is at the Peak Lv 8 Qi Cultivation Realm!”

Everyone was shocked. Although Su Mo used to be able to fight martial artists whose cultivation was higher than his, his cultivation was only Lv 5 at the time. As the level of cultivation increased, the gap between each level became larger, so it became more difficult to fight martial artists of a higher level.

“Does Su Mo have such a special talent? How can he still fight martial artists of higher levels?” everyone could not help but wonder.

Moreover, Su Mo’s swordsmanship was excellent, but he was not even using his sword!

“It shouldn’t be possible!” Wei Kun roared with a gloomy expression, “How can you be so powerful?”

“It’s ridiculous! Do you think everyone is weaker than you? Can’t you accept that there is someone who is stronger than you?”

Su Mo was quite speechless.

“I don’t believe you can defeat me!” Wei Kun shouted and rushed toward Su Mo again with his arms open wide, like a great hawk spreading its wings, and his powerful legs kicking out.

“Continous Kicks!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Numerous leg shadows moved like rolling mountains or roaring waves, and fierce leg force swept through the air.

“I don’t have time to play with you!”

Su Mo used 30% of his power to wave his fists continuously. His endless fist force was like a flowing river.

The leg shadows that obscured the sky were instantly broken. Su Mo rapidly moved through the chaos to punch Wei Kun on the sole of his foot.


Wei Kun’s body was thrown high and crashed outside the ring.

Su Mo turned around and walked off the platform.

“Yes, nice move!”

Su Hong was ecstatic.

Standing behind Su Hong, Xi’er also felt pleased for Su Mo and grinned widely.

Wei Wankong looked extremely upset, but after glancing at his son, he felt calmer.

Defeating Wei Kun was nothing serious. If Su Mo fought Wei Rufeng, he would definitely be defeated.

“Su Mo won!” Lin De announced. “Su Tianhao, you can choose an opponent at your will. If you beat your opponent, you will replace him or her and become one of the top three.”

Su Tianhao was the No.7 competitor.

He stepped into the fighting ring and glanced down at the other competitors.

There were only three people, namely, Lin Qiong, Su Mo, Wei Rufeng.

“Lin Qiong, let’s fight!”

After a moment of thought, Su Tianhao chose Lin Qiong.

Since Wei Rufeng was too powerful, Su Tianhao decided to leave him for last.

As for Su Mo, he disdained him too much to challenge him.

“Haha, Su Tianhao chose Lin Qiong. No matter who wins, one of them will certainly be eliminated, but Su Mo is sure to be one of the top three!”

“Su Mo is so lucky that he avoided fighting a martial artist at Level Nine and directly entered the top three.”

“That’s right! Su Hai, a martial artist at the Lv 9, has been eliminated, while Su Mo unexpectedly survived until the end.”

Everyone was jealous of Su Mo’s luck.

Lin Qiong wore blue clothes that showed off her slim figure. With a stomp, she steadily stepped into the fighting ring.

“Su Tianhao, I’ve been looking forward to this battle for a long time!” She smiled.

“Me too!” Su Tianhao nodded and said, “Well then, let’s fight!”

After Su Tianhao said this, a yellow light shone behind him, and a boulder shadow emerged.

The Rocky Martial Soul!

Su Tianhao’s Martial Soul was at the Rank 4 Human Class Martial Soul and flashed with four halos.

In Sunnywood City, a Rank 4 Human Class Martial Soul was rare among the junior generations, and Su Yu was the only one who had the Rank 5 Human Class Martial Soul.

Facing Lin Qiong, Su Tianhao did not take any risks and directly released his Martial Soul.

The power of the Martial Soul could enhance the abilities of martial artists a lot. The higher the level of Martial Soul, the more it enhanced strength.

Lin Qiong also released her Martial Soul, which was a long black sword, sharp and cold.

It was also at the Rank 4 Human Class.

“Water Condensation Swordplay!”

The long sword clanged out of the sheath. Lin Qiong attacked first.

As the long sword was swinging, water vapor in the air suddenly condensed into sharp water droplets. They cut through space with the sword radiance.

“This move is useless against me!” Su Tianhao said flatly as genuine Qi spewed from him. At the same, the shadow of his Martial Soul covered his whole body.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sword radiance was instantly shattered as soon as it hit Su Tianhao’s body.

The defense of the Rocky Martial Soul was too strong!

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