Chapter 2143 - Have Not Learned From The Previous Lesson

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Chapter 2143: Have Not Learned From The Previous Lesson

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Su Mo passed through the security check at the city gate and returned to Silver Ice City.

Dark Ice Mansion should have a considerable amount of Dawn Stones as well!

Su Mo thought to himself as he walked on the street. However, he gave up on the idea of robbing Dark Ice Mansion.

If he went ahead and robbed Dark Ice Mansion, there would be no peace in the city and he would not be able to stay on to merge the Chaotic Power Sources.

Su Mo found an inn that was far away from Dark Ice Mansion and stayed there.

The inn was not built with ice but with rocks and ironwood.

After Su Mo got into the room, he went straight to the Bangle Space.

He sat cross-legged on a piece of grassland and took inventory of his loot. He had lots of treasures after he had robbed the most powerful people from more than 10 cities.

Although there were more than 10 Empty Gods in every city, none of them was a Rank 3 Empty God.

That was the reason Su Mo could successfully rob them.

“There are 3126 Dawn Stones, 300 million Spiritual Crystals, 41 weapons, 35 Jade Slips…!” Su Mo came up with a list after going through the items.

There were more than 1,000 Five-Elements Dawn Stones. However, after he had grouped the Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth Dawn Stones together to form a Chaotic Dawn Stone, it had made up only 18 Chaotic Dawn Stones.

There were only 18 Fire Dawn Stones, which was a miserable number.

That’s a good sword!

Su Mo held a weapon and looked excited. That was a purple sword which was around three meters long.

The sword was heavy and simple. Complicated runes were engraved on the sword and hilt to form a complete picture.

Su Mo could sense a mighty power in the sword.

“Purple Virtual Sword!” Su Mo held the hilt and saw that the name of the sword was engraved on it.

The Purple Virtual Sword was the best weapon among the 41 weapons that Su Mo had robbed.

Is this a top-grade Upper Sage Class Weapon or has it surpassed the Upper Sage Class? Su Mo reckoned. He then carefully put away the Purple Virtual Sword.

The Sword would be his weapon in the future. He could not use his Winged Insect Sword as 90 percent of the purplish-gold bugs had died and the remaining bugs were not of much use to him.

Although he had a number of swords with him, the quality could not be compared with the Purple Virtual Sword.

The power of the Purple Virtual Sword had surpassed all the weapons that he had ever come across.

Back then when the Dark Shadow Tribe had robbed Sky Tyrant Clan of their resources, there had been many Upper Sage Class Weapons as well. However, none of them was comparable to the Purple Virtual Sword.

Thus, Su Mo reckoned that the Purple Virtual Sword was either an Upper Sage Class Weapon, or of a higher grade.

However, he had never heard of any weapons that had surpassed the Upper Sage Class, thus he had reckoned that it must be a top-grade Upper Sage Class Weapon.

Su Mo had then looked at the Jade Slips. Those were only Martial Skills or Techniques which were useless to him.

Before Su Mo had gone into the Deity Plane, he had had no intention to cultivate other Five Elements Cultivation Skills. As for the Martial Techniques, he would come up with a technique that was best suited for himself, thus he would not learn any other techniques.

After all, the different high-ranking techniques required a good combination of the Fighting Souls and Ultimacies. If any of them did not complement the other, the martial artist would not be able to bring out his might.

Thus, Su Mo had to come up with his own technique if he wanted to cultivate a powerful technique.

At that moment, he could simply use his brute force to suppress anything and thus it was not necessary for him to learn any techniques.

It would take up too much of his time and he could use that to break through his cultivation level.

There were many other treasures in the loot. There were Spacial Devices, a special green robe that was made from unknown material, and even strange Jade Seals.

This robe looks good! Su Mo checked the green robe and looked pleased. The green robe was an Upper Sage Class Protective Robe and it was precious.

Su Mo put on the green robe and put away all the treasures, leaving behind 90 Dawn Stones.

The 90 Dawn Stones were the Five-Elements Dawn Stones, which were equivalent to 18 Chaotic Dawn Stones.

Su Mo took a Wood Dawn Stone and started to absorb the Wood Based Energy. At the same time, he activated the Blue Skies Sacred Skill to refine it.

The Wood Dawn Stones possessed the Wood Based Energy. Wood Based Energy was different from the Wood Spiritual Energy. It was purer and more powerful.

Wood Based Energy possessed a bit of the Origin Energy which Su Mo was trying to refine.

The Wood Dawn Stones turned into powder, and the Wood Based Energy entered Su Mo’s body. The Energy then flowed in his meridians as he continued to refine it.

Wood Based Energy was pure. However, there was a great difference between Wood Based Energy and Origin Energy.

There was a large amount of Wood Base Spiritual Qi in the Wood Based Energy, but a small amount of Wood Based Origin Energy.

Su Mo had to condense the Wood Based Origin Energy and merge it with the other four types of Origin Energy to form the Chaotic Origin Energy. He could then use it to repair his Sage Pill.

Although the theory had not been verified, Su Mo felt that it should be feasible.


As Su Mo immersed himself in refining the Energy, he suddenly frowned. He sensed an immense killing intent coming toward the inn.


He immediately stopped what he was doing and triggered his thoughts to leave the Bangle Space.

His face darkened when he saw two people hurrying toward the entrance of the inn.

One of them was the burly youth from Dark Ice Mansion whom he had captured, and the other youth was from Dark Ice Tribe.

The other youth was thin, and he put on a white robe. Cold air exuded from his body, and there was an Ice Seal glittering on his forehead.

Neither of them were Empty Gods. They were King Sages.

“Su Mo, come out!”

The burly youth shouted angrily as he stood in front of the inn. He knew that Su Mo was at the inn as he had received news that Su Mo had entered the city.

The burly youth’s voice filled the entire inn and many people in Silver Ice City were alerted.

“It is Bing Ce and Bing Cheng from Dark Ice Tribe!”

“Who is Su Mo? Of all people, why did he offend the two of them?”

“Su Mo is in deep trouble since he has offended the two tyrants!”

Many people talked softly among themselves and stood nearby to watch. Bing Ce and Bing Cheng were from the Dark Ice Tribe and they were well-known for their ruthlessness. Those people who offended them would either be killed or severely punished.

Su Mo was in the room, and his eyes turned cold. For a long period of time, no one had dared to be rude to him.


He opened the window and flew out. He then gradually landed before the entrance of the inn.

“It seems to me that you have not learned from the previous lesson!” Su Mo said coldly as he looked at the burly youth.


The burly youth sneered. He then said in a petrifying voice, “Su Mo, I didn’t expect you to have the audacity to come back.”

Having said that, the burly youth turned to look at the other youth and said, “Brother Bing Cheng, he is Su Mo.”

The burly youth then took a few steps back as it was apparent that Bing Cheng was about to deal with Su Mo.

The burly youth hated Su Mo for capturing him back then. Since Su Mo was back in Silver Ice City, he would not let him off.

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