Chapter 7: Dominating Attack

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Chapter 7: Dominating Attack

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The price rose quickly as the crowd competed, and the surrounding people who came to spectate the bustling scene could not help but shake their heads.

Before the young girl raised her head, nearly nobody showed any interest… Only a kind youth was willing to give her 10 silver coins to bury her mother.

However, once the young girl revealed her beautiful face, the men that originally were unwilling to offer any money were now madly fighting over her.

“I offer 100 silver coins!” the potbellied fatty quickly said with a low humph and subsequently shouted, “If anyone offers a price higher than mine, I’ll give up to him! If not, today this little girl is mine!”

100 silver coins!

The people that were still bidding shut their mouths.

100 silver coins was over their budget.

In their opinion, this young girl was not worth that much money.

“Thank you everyone. Thank you.”

The fatty smiled and cupped his hands to the surrounding people, pleased with himself.

“From now on, you will follow me”

Subsequently, he looked towards the kneeling young girl.

Suddenly, a frivolous voice sounded, “I offer 200 silver coins!”

The crowd opened up a path, and a silk robed youth with a sickly complexion walked over. He had a thin figure and walked with light footsteps.

“Fang Jian?”

Duan Ling Tian recognized the debaucherous youth; he was the son of the Patriarch of Fresh Breeze Town’s Fang Family.

He was only 15 years old, but he had brought ruin to many young girls of respectable descent. He was infamous throughout Fresh Breeze Town.

If it wasn’t for his status and identity, he would have long been beaten to death!

“A despicable thing like you is capable of offering 200 coins?”

The potbellied fatty looked at Fang Jian with disdain.

He didn’t notice that when Fang Jian appeared, most of the surrounding people had expressions of fear on their faces.

“You’re not from Fresh Breeze Town right?” Fang Jian glanced at the fatty and said coldly.

“Humph! I’m a merchant from outside who has experienced the world… Don’t think that I didn’t notice that you’re wearing silk robes, but who knows where you stole it from! From the moment I saw your weak appearance, I knew you were a pauper. You’re someone who would not look like a prince even after wearing royal garments… You... I’m afraid you can’t even take out five silver coins, right?!”

The fatty looked disdainfully at Fang Jian, with an expression that said ‘I have seen through your disguise so you better hurry up and f**k off.’


Duan Ling Tian couldn’t hold back his laughter, and the surrounding people’s faces were all red from trying to suppress their laughter. They were afraid of Fang Tian and thus did not dare laugh out loud.

“Fatty, you... will die for sure!”

Fang Tian glared at Ling Tian, then looked towards the fatty and took a deep breath.

While the fatty was still in a daze, Fang Jian abruptly shouted, “All of you useless things, what are you all still standing there like idiots for? Hurry up and get over here. Beat this fatty to death! You didn’t even know who I, Fang Jian, am… In Fresh Breeze Town, I am the lord!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

Three robust youths who were at a similar age as Fang Jian walked out and surrounded the fatty.

The fatty was completely stunned.

Although he had only arrived at Fresh Breeze town a few days ago, he had heard of most well-known people of Fresh Breeze Town, and one of them was the of the Fang Family’s young Patriarch, Fang Jian.

Fang Jian was an infamous young ruffian of Fresh Breeze Town who relied upon his family’s power to bully men and forcibly seize women. Not many people dared to mess with him.

“Oh… Oh, it’s Young Master Fang. This lowly one is blind and didn’t recognize Young Master Fang. Young Master Fang, please pardon my offense. I’ll give up this girl to Young Master Fang…”

The fatty’s face distorted, and he couldn’t possibly keep up his smug expression. Cold sweat flowed from his forehead, and even his tone became humble and respectful.

Fang Jian grunted coldly before shouting, “It’s too late to beg for mercy now. Now beat him up for this young master!”

“Mercy, young master Fang… Have mercy…”

The three robust youths attacked, beating the fatty until he was running and rolling all over the place and emitting shrill cries while begging for mercy.

The crowd consciously moved back a few steps and looked on from afar. They were afraid that they would get into trouble on account of the fatty’s misfortune, and Young Master Fang’s lackeys would target them.

Fang Jian acted as if he could not hear the fatty’s cries for mercy.

“Little beauty, follow this young master home. I’ll give you two hundred silver coins, and give your mother an extravagant burial. From now on, if you follow me, I will love you fondly.”

Fang Jian looked at the young girl kneeling on the floor, his face covered with a mix of anxiousness and carnal desire. He stretched his hand out to hold hers …

The young girl was flustered. She tried to stand up, but, as a consequence of kneeling for too long, blood did not flow properly to her legs and they started trembling.

“Young Master Fang, this other young master has already paid 10 silver coins and bought this servant. I am his for this lifetime.” The young girl hid behind Duan Ling Tian and said with a trembling voice.

“10 silver coins? Did you not hear that I am offering 200 silver coins?”

Fang Jian’s face sunk. He felt as if he was cheated.

“I never asked anyone to bid. Anyone who was willing to be the first to help me bury my mother would be the one I would follow,” the young girl said in an unyielding voice.

“Not bad, not bad. You have integrity. I like it! However, even if you want to follow him, he might not dare to… Kid, what say you?”

Fang Jian looked towards Duan Ling Tian, his eyes shining with a cold light, with no lack of a threatening intention.

Although Duan Ling Tian recognized Fang Jian, Fang Jian did not recognize him.

“Young Master, save me…”

The young girl grabbed ahold of Duan Ling Tian’s sleeve, like she was holding onto the last lifeboat on a sinking ship.

She had long since heard about Fresh Breeze Town’s infamous Fang Jian, and she dreaded him from the bottom of her heart… She would rather die than be the servant of Fang Jian!

“Don’t worry.”

Duan Ling Tian lightly clapped the back of her hand and comforted her with a light smile.

His smile washed over her like a spring breeze, and the young girl’s anxious expression eased up slightly.

“Young master, this pig fainted.”

The fatty was beaten up until he was covered in blood and blacked out, causing Fang Jian’s lackeys to stop.

“Forget about him for now, come over here and look… someone is actually trying to snatch a woman from me!”

Fang Jian glanced at Duan Ling Tian with a mocking smile.

“Who dares to try and snatch a woman from Young Master Fang!”

Fang Jian’s three lackeys stared at Duan Ling Tian menacingly.


Duan Ling Tian’s voice was cold and detached, as if coming from hell, causing chills in the heart of anyone who heard it.

Fang Jian and his three lackey’s were stupefied, even the crowd was struck dumb.

Where did this reckless guy come from?

“Kid, do you know who I am?”

Fang Jian asked with a cold smile, he even felt suspicious as to whether this kid even knew who he was…

“Aren’t you that useless kid from the Fang Family? Relying on your family’s power to bully men and forcible seize woman… I really wonder if the Fang Family was no more, what would happen to you.”

Duan Ling Tian laughed coldly while holding the young girl’s tender and delicate hands as he walked out of the crowd.

“Kill him!” Fang Jian’s face was the color of a pig’s intestine and he shouted with extreme rage.

“Yes, Young Master!”

The three lackey’s rushed towards Duan Ling Tian.

“Stand here and don’t move.” Lightly instructing the young girl, Duan Ling Tian did not have a sliver of fear when facing the three lackeys, and he directly went to meet them head on.

He had already noticed earlier that the cultivation of the strongest of the three lackey’s was only at the second level of Body Tempering Stage, therefore they were of no threat to him!

Duan Ling Tian’s leg moved slightly and dodged the attack of the strongest lackey as he brushed past him smoothly.

Spinning his body around agilely, his upper body inclined backwards as his arms drew backward and his spine trembled; his whole body became like a heavy bow drawn to its limit and waiting to be released.

Collapsing Fist!

Duan Ling Tian swung out his right fist like an arrow leaving the bowstring, and his fist moved like a landslide. The strength in his entire body was focused in his fist, and it blasted into the back of the lackey, landing exactly on his spine…


The lackey let out a harsh and shrill cry and was fiercely blown away; falling to the ground, he blacked out.

This scene was practically the same as the scene from earlier in the morning when Duan Ling Tian defeated Li Xin…

The only difference was that Duan Ling Tian showed mercy when defeating Li Xin and only crippled an arm.

However, this time he shattered the opponent’s spine.

Fang Jian’s lackey would never be able to stand up again in his lifetime.

The faces of the other two lackeys distorted, and they were stuck in a daze after seeing the strongest among them being beaten like that.

However, even when they noticed Duan Ling Tian’s stern gaze, they still forced themselves to go up against him.

Bang! Bang!

For Duan Ling Tian, teaching a lesson to two first level of Body Tempering Stage martial artists was as easy as playing a game.

Casually moving a step, he lifted his hands and swung out both fists to smash downward from above. His fists hit both lackeys on the head and caused them to black out.

Cleaving Fist!

It was another type of Five Element Fist move from Form and Will Boxing.

Only Fan Jian was left standing.

Even though Fang Jian was the son of the Fang Family Patriarch, his debaucherous lifestyle drained his body of its vigor, and was only at the first level of Body Tempering Stage. His strength was even lower than that of his three lackeys.

“You… Don’t come near me… I’m the young master of the Fang Family… If you dare touch me, your whole family will die!”

Noticing Duan Ling Tian walking towards him, Fang Jian’s face distorted.

“Worthy of being called the Fang Family Young Master! Even in such a situation you still dare to threaten me!” Duan Ling Tian laughed coldly, and he quickly moved forward two steps and kicked Fang Jian away.

Spinning around, he pulled the dumbstruck, beautiful young girl and left, disappearing far away at the end of the road.

“Seems like this time Young Master Fang met a ferocious person. He went for wool but came home shorn!”

“I wonder who that other Young Master was? He seemed to be around the same age as Fang Jian and his lackeys, but his strength is so shocking.”

“He dares to beat the young master of the Fang Family… He’s no ordinary person for sure.”


The crowd dispersed slowly, their discussions carried a sense of pleasure taken at Fang Jian’s misfortune.

Duan Ling Tian followed the young girl back to her rundown room and spent a few silver coins on her mother’s burial.

“Take this money to start a small business.”

Duan Ling Tian gave his remaining silver coins to the young girl.

“Young master, do you… dislike me?”

The young girl’s body trembled. Her face was deathly pale and carried a trace of weakness.

Duan Ling Tian shook his head.

“What are you thinking of…. You only tried to sell yourself to pay for your mother’s burial because you had no other choice. My assistance required little to no effort., You don’t need to use your life to repay me.”

Since the beginning, he had never intended for the young girl to be his servant.

“Young Master, you’re a good person. Let me follow you please… Mom is dead, and I have no one left in this world, please.” The young girl extended her hand and grabbed on to Duan Ling Tian’s sleeve, and said in a delicate and touching manner.

Noticing the anticipation in the young girl’s eyes, Duan Ling Tian took a moment to think…

“Ok, you can follow me home,” he decided.

“Thank you Young Master!”

The young girl immediately smiled like a flower.

When Duan Ling Tian left the Li Family estate he was alone, but he had another person with him when he returned.

On the way back, the young girl’s extremely beautiful appearance caused many Li Family disciples to look her way, and they started guessing the identity of the young girl and her connection to Duan Ling Tian.

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