Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: Send me a Wechat Location

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“N-not yet,” Mo Fan replied.

_I’ll have to resign myself to my fate. If my judgement is really that bad, then having who I thought to be the reliable Mrs. Tangyue help me with this problem, I get whatever I deserve._

“Your pendant is also a Stardust Magic Tool.” At last, Mrs Tangyue opened her mouth.

“Mhm,” Mo Fan listened sincerely.

“However, it is different from the Stardust Magic Tool we usually see; it is a growth-type Stardust Magic Tool,” Mrs. Tangyue said with a severe gaze.

“Growth-type Stardust Magic Tool??” Mo Fan had never ever heard of this concept before. If you were to talk about embedding an attribute via a gem, he would understand that theory as there was lots of it in games…

“This Stardust Magic Tool is an absolute gem under the heavens. This is due to it originally having the same function as other Stardust Magic Tools, but it is also capable of growing. It is able to absorb the magical energy from other Stardust Magic Tools in order to boost its own capabilities. After absorbing enough magical energies from other Stardust Magic Tools, it is able to raise its Spiritual level!” Mrs. Tangyue earnestly said to Mo Fan.

As Mo Fan heard this, he felt great waves rolling within his heart.

_A Stardust Magic Tool that is capable of growing???_

An extremely average Stardust Magic Tool was considered a treasure by both the school and ancient families. Even an incomparably preeminent student would need to take turns to use it, it only showed how precious and rare they were.

A Spirit grade Stardust Magic Tool possessed twice the efficiency of a common grade Stardust Magic Tool. Mu Bai also said that within all of Bo City, one could find very few of them. One of the known ones was in Mu Ningxue’s possession.

One wouldn’t need to guess to know that it is most likely a treasure of the Mu Family!

The little Loach Pendant actually possessed the ability to grow itself into a treasure of that level.

_This… this…_

Mo Fan had roughly guessed that this might be an incredible item, but he never thought that it would be incredible to that extent!



With this kind of treasure, even a person with principles would feel jealous and kill another for the item.

According to what people said, it was common for Magicians to fight over a treasure!

At the moment he was only a small Magician. If Mrs. Tangyue really were to have a change of heart…then the news tomorrow really would have the story ‘A certain genius from Tian Lan Magic High jumped off the roof due to the pressure from school. More on page Two.’

“Mrs .Tangyue, I feel like a small Magician such as myself is unable to manage a thing so precious. I’ll give it to you so you can research it…” Mo Fan wasn’t a fool; thus, he immediately said this sincerely.

Even if Mrs. Tangyue appeared to be a very righteous person, a person’s character was very hard to predict. Mo Fan wasn’t childish enough to think that Mrs. Tangyue wasn’t a bad person just because she’s pretty.

“Psh~,” Tangyue immediately started to laugh at what Mo Fan had said. The lovely scene of her laughing was touchingly beautiful.

Mo Fan’s expression was blank. He didn’t know what he did to make a beauty like Tangyue laugh like that.

“Mo Fan, on the day of the annual examination, when you righteously slandered Mu Zhuoyun from that small family, I thought you were a firm and unyielding man. Just now, I was thinking about confiscating your particular treasure; after all, it is not something a small magician like you is able to manage. However, I never thought that the firm and unyielding you would hand it over; that really makes my impression of you take a one-eighty degree turn.” Mrs. Tangyue’s laugh seemed like a peach blossom to the ear.

Mo Fan awkwardly laughed.

_An unyielding character is only worth so little, a life is more important._

Scolding Mu Zhuoyun, Mo Fan was well aware of the consequences.

If one were to integrate themselves into this society, one couldn’t be so naive and stupid. Whether it was the science society or the magic society, maturing early, what’s so bad about it?

“Then, Mrs. Tangyue, how do you plan on solving this?” Mo Fan asked her.

“Alright, I know you are very reluctant to part with it. It’s good that you told me about this. If it was any other teacher, they really would pull something disadvantageous to you in order to stand above thousands of others,” Tangyue’s smile faded as she spoke seriously.

Mo Fan’s eyes shone. It seemed like he floated the right way this time. This Mrs. Tangyue really was different from the other Magic teachers who seemed to be righteous, but were something else on the inside.

“First, you cannot tell anyone about it being a growth-type Stardust Magic Tool… Eh, I reckon with your intelligence, you wouldn’t tell anyone else, anyway. Second, it’s not because I’m not interested in your growth-type Stardust Magic Tool, but it is because the Stardust Magic Tool is somewhat special. It seems like it has a trace of an unbroken spiritual link with you,” Mrs. Tangyue told Mo Fan honestly.

_Wow, this thing was a binding equipment?_

Mo Fan really felt baffled. No wonder why every time he tried to remove the Loach Pendant, an indescribable resistance arose.

“Lastly, the growth-type Stardust Magic Tool needs to grow. It uses Spirit Essence and other Stardust Magic Tools as fuel. Currently, it is only a common grade Stardust Magic Tool. Despite the Pendant being equipped with the ability to grow, whether it really will grow is hard to say. Or, the resources it requires to grow might be much larger than a Spirit grade Stardust Magic Tool. In that sense, your inherited family treasure might be no different than a trash grade tool,” Tangyue said.

Mo Fan nodded his head and thought a bit before asking, “Mrs. Tangyue, what is Soul Essence?”

“At the moment a Magical Beast dies, its soul will leave its physical body. A soul leaving the body becomes a Spirit after its life has ended. If the soul remains in the body after death, then it will emit a special Spirit radiance. That type of soul after death would be ten times more pure than a common soul, and is called a Spirit Essence. A Spirit Essence is an important material for refining a Stardust Magic Tool.” As expected of a teacher, her easy explanation made Mo Fan have an urge to write it down.

“Basically, if I wanted to make it grow, then the best way would be to collect Spirit Essence. Alright, I better hurry up and increase my strength so I can go kill some Magical Beasts and collect Spirit Essences!” Mo Fan said enthusiastically.

“Mhm,” Tangyue nodded, followed by saying, “Hurry and collect them, remember to send me a Wechat location before you die. I will go to the Magical Beast’s stomach to retrieve your skeleton and the growth Magic Tool.”

The corner of Mo Fan’s mouth stretched, he didn’t know how to reply to that.

“Give me the broken Stardust Magic Tool that was given to you by the school, I’ll settle this matter for you. This is me helping you privately, so just look it as you owing me one.” Mrs. Tangyue wasn’t joking as she said this.

“Thank you, Mrs. Tangyue. If I can be of use in the future, don’t hesitate to tell me!” Mo Fan replied.

Asking Mrs. Tangyue for help was indeed not bad, the most headache inducing problem had been solved by her.

As long as I don’t get expelled by the school, then I’m alright. Also… the Little Loach Pendant obtaining the energy of the Stardust Magic Tool signifies that I’ll be able to use it permanently!

That was amazing!

People like Mu Bai and Xu Zhaoting would only be able to use the Stardust Magic Tool for a month, and even that Yu Ang who was going to have a duel with Mo Fan would only be allowed to use his for half a year. Mo Fan himself would be able to use it non-stop for a whole year, his cultivation would surpass them by a whole street!!

He couldn’t help but give the Little Loach Pendant a kiss!

* * *

Translator: Tofu

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*[Long Taos]: side characters in Chinese operas who perform acrobatics and fight scenes

*[12.47 to 13.07]: don’t ask me about the tree sap

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