Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Stardust Magic Tool

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“Brother Fan, you should stop daydreaming. That Yu Ang really is abnormal. We don’t even know if you will see the sunlight of your second day as an eighteen year old. You should just stop wishing to marry the Little Princess.”

“Yu Ang? Hmph, watch me make him look for his teeth on the floor!”

In the past, Mo Fan would consider whether he was capable of opposing the whole Mu Family, so how could the current Mo Fan be afraid of merely the disciples in the younger generations?

The ire in his left hand would scorch their outsides crisp and their insides tender, while the lightning in his right hand would lacerate their flesh!


The final results of the annual examination had been released. When the large blackboard showed Mo Fan in first place, there were numerous people who madly rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

How was this Mo Fan so amazing? His examination results were surprisingly impressive; how did he surpass even the Lightning element’s Xu Zhaoting, and that Mu Bai from the Ice elemental family?

The matter with the grades had already caused numerous people to widen their eyes. The matter of Mo Fan cursing Mu Zhuoyun in front of everyone, and challenging a disciple of the Mu Family with the school supervisors being the witnesses had quickly been spread amongst the students. As a result, it didn’t take long before Mo Fan became famous in the school. Not only did he become a divine student of the school in a flash, even more surprising was that he was the most reckless student in all of Bo City!

The people who had some experience understood that Tian Lan Magic High wasn’t for your average Magicians. There were some impressive students within the one thousand five hundred student body. Sure. However, it was simply not on the same level as some certain Magic Highs and the noble families with deep foundations. The Hunter’s Union, Magic Association, Big families and noble families; any random Magician from them would be enough to suppress all of them.

The school was certainly a good choice for both grassroots and dragons. However, that didn’t mean that you could go challenge those second generation wizards!

Mo Fan didn’t care about the gossip happening around the school. Other than meditating and practising spellcasting, he would eat and sleep.

The only thing worth mentioning was that Mo Fan was placed within the Elite class.

The Elite class had a hundred individuals total. They were all in a large classroom, and practised in a large training ground.

The students in the Elite class were generally capable of controlling seven stars, it was just that they weren’t proficient enough in spellcasting.

Thus, when it was time for Practical classes, each of the elite elemental students demonstrated their magical prowess!

The teacher for the Practical classes remained Mrs. Tangyue. It was said that this newly arrived Practical teacher’s cultivation had far surpassed any of the other Practical teachers within the school. Even though she hadn’t been in the school for more than half a year, the Elite class’ Practical classes were being taught by her.

The homeroom teacher of the Elite class also remained Xue Musheng.

His class had two S grade students. If he wasn’t the homeroom teacher for the Elite class, who else could it be?

It was because of Mo Fan that Xue Musheng obtained so many benefits from the School Supervisors. Naturally, the School Supervisors had repeatedly instructed Xue Musheng to fix Mo Fan’s rebellious temperament.

Xue Musheng got a headache over this matter. He felt that whether Mo Fan was a failure in school or a divine student, he was just like Buddha, hard to please.


The new term went by, yet another month passed in a flash.

The homeroom teacher, Xue Musheng was standing in the Elite class and coughed, signalling everyone to control their excitement.

Why were the students so excited today?

Today was the day where the school distributed the Stardust Magic Tools to the Elite class. There was naturally another benefit to being students of the Elite class other than having the best teachers.

The reason behind why those large Magic Associations and ancient Magic families were so much more ahead of them, excluding the fact they had abundant knowledge, secrets, and experience, the most important reason would be due to the Stardust Magic Tool.

Let’s put it like this: Experience, knowledge, secrets, and teachings would be the software, whereas the Stardust Magic Tool would be the most important hardware!

Other large ancient families had all sorts of software, and their technology was first-rate. Even if an average Magician could learn everything from school, they still wouldn’t have the hardware that could be compared to the ancient families.

That is to say, this Stardust Magic Tool was quite qualitative. It was capable of nurturing the soul and cultivation, and it would relieve the fatigue the Magician would experience after meditation, allowing them to continue practising. To put it in a way that made more sense, it was like a cooler, decreasing the cooldown of meditation.

There was no way around it, Mo Fan wasn’t a paid player. He naturally had to go through the school to obtain the necessary cultivation resources.

The competition in school was quite big, it was simply like gold and sand!

Fortunately, he was firmly placed on the first rank. Thus, the magic resources he obtained from the school shouldn’t be a small amount. This way, he would be able to cultivate in peace.

“The usage time for the Stardust Magic Tool will be based on the rankings of your annual examination. The higher you are placed, the longer you will be allowed to use it. Naturally, our school is very fair, and thus we will conduct an examination every quarter of the year and rearrange the rankings. The Stardust Magic Tool usage will then change according to the new ranking..

“The other thing to take note of is that you are currently the students of the Elite class, and you possess an advantage a Common class doesn’t have. However, don’t believe for a second that your position is safe. During the quarter year examination, the last ten people will directly be downgraded to the Common class, and the top ten of the Common class will be upgraded to the Elite class. Thus, the pressure of the competition is increasingly big!” Xue Musheng said.

This part was no different than his previous world. Mo Fan didn’t think anything of it.

There were a lot of people who didn’t like school, and even more who didn’t like high school exams. However, there was one phrase that wasn’t wrong: How are you going to stand on equal ground with a wealthy second generation if you don’t have an education, nor tests?

The school’s cultivation resources were not necessarily worse than the large ancestral families, the only difference was that the schools had gold and sand.

You’d also have to agree to one phrase: Only gold is able to shine!


“Mo Fan, as the number one in class, you ought to be the first to use the Stardust Magic Tool, and also have it for the longest duration. However, due to your disrespect toward your elders during the annual examination, the time you are allowed to use it has been changed to ten days, down from a month. This is your penalty!” Xue Musheng said with a solemn face.

“Ah, from a month to ten days, that penalty is way too high. If he could hold himself back from being so impudent, then the one month worth of time would be enough to pull him apart from many others by a lot.” Some students started to discuss these words.

“If he were to bluntly lower his head and agree to joining the Mu Family, then he’d most likely receive even more!”

“Yeah, why is he so stubborn.”

Xue Musheng glared, causing the students to quiet down.

“Mo Fan, do you have any objections regarding this penalty?” Xue Musheng said.

“I do not,” Mo Fan replied.

Mo Fan naturally needed a Stardust Magic Tool. His cultivation time was already longer than that of others, and with the help of the Stardust Magic Tool, he would be able to do half the work for twice the results.

However, it would only have this effect if used continuously over a long period of time. If it was used only in short intervals, it would bring very little value to Mo Fan. Ten days of use? They would do nothing for him.

“Green Tea Man, let me ask you a question.” Mo Fan approached the table of Mu Bai next to him with a solemn expression.

“What the hell did you just call me?” Mu Bai’s violent temperament immediately appeared.

“Uh, Mu Bai, let me ask you a question.”

* * *

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*[Long Taos]: side characters in Chinese operas who perform acrobatics and fight scenes

*[12.47 to 13.07]: don’t ask me about the tree sap

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