Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Brother Fan, where are your morals?

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As Mu Ningxue heard this, her forehead creased.

“My adopted son, Yu Ang, is the same age as you. I’ll have him duel you!” Mu Zhuoyun said.

“Or…” Mu Ningxue wanted to say something.

Mu Zhuoyun didn’t give Mu Ningxue a chance to speak, turning toward Deng Kai and saying, “Deng Kai, I know you tend to look after the younger generation. However, even you saw this kid speaking so rudely to me. I have taken a step back, letting him have a chance to measure his ability with my adoptive son, Yu Ang. If he loses, then this kid will kowtow to me until I’m completely satisfied. If he wins, I will apologize. The lousy matter from three years, I, Mu Zhuoyun naturally did not place in my eyes!”

As Mu Bai and Mu He heard this, a smile suddenly emerged on their faces.

_Yu Ang, let Yu Ang deal with it!_

Mu Zhuoyun sure was shrewd! He guessed that Mu Ningxue’s sudden stance was most likely to help this kid exonerate himself.

How could Mu Zhuoyun possibly let Mo Fan off the hook so easily? Even if Mu Ningxue wholeheartedly wanted to help him dissolve this matter, he would definitely not suppress his tone.

Yu Ang was the cultivation lunatic of the Mu Family. Whenever someone mentioned this person, their whole body would feel a chill. If they were to let Yu Ang handle this matter, then it was guaranteed that Mo Fan would suffer a miserable death!

“The regulations of the Magic Association state that both of the parties involved in the Magic Duel need to be 18 years old. Thus, allow me, Deng Kai, to act as a witness for this matter. The day when Mo Fan and Yu Ang have both reached the age of 18, they will engage in a Magic Duel!” Deng Kai said sincerely.

Mu Zhuoyun coldly humphed.

Mo Fan nodded his head, “I’d have a bit of difficulty to make my move against a woman, thus, switching to a man is good. I’ll beat him until his father won’t recognize him!”

As Mu Zhuoyun heard Mo Fan still slandering him, he was so enraged he blew into his beard.

_Wait and see. During the Magic Duel at the age of 18, we’ll make you lose your pride and cover your body with wounds!_

The Magic Association, the Hunter’s Union, and the Magic Schools. These organizations unconditionally protected the Magic students. However, as soon as they reached 18, they came of age. Magicians would then have to hold responsibility for their own actions.

At the moment, Mu Zhuoyun had no need to lower himself to the same level as a sharp-mouthed kid. In two years, when he had come of age, Mu Zhuoyun might as well let him hover between life and death.


Mu Zhuoyun had gotten so angry that he already left. The Principal and the others naturally followed behind him.

As Mu Ningxue was leaving, she gave Mo Fan a meaningful look. She wanted to say something but while at same time, she didn’t know what to say.

Mo Fan knew Mu Ningxue was helping him.

Her trying to deal with this matter personally was far better than Mu Zuoyun personally dealing with it. If someone of Mu Zhuoyun’s level were to make a move, they would bring a deadly strike against Mo Fan and his family.

Unfortunately, her plan was seen through by her father, Mu Zhuoyun.

Mu Zhuoyun knew that Mu Ningxue would be lenient, and thus he switched to a different person. The cultivation madman of Mu Family, Yu Ang, would deal with Mo Fan. Mu Yu Ang was very obedient to Mu Zhuoyun. If Mu Zhuoyun wanted Mu Yu Ang to kill Mo Fan, Yu Ang would do it without hesitation!

Mu Zhuoyun had no reason to be lenient toward a little thing that dared to swear at him. For now, he would just let Mo Fan pass the time at the school in ease for two years. Once Mo Fan graduated, Mu Zhuoyun would have him see that going against the Mu Family was just asking for trouble!


The disturbance finally calmed down and petered out.

All of the students looked at the Mo Fan who had been turned into a Divine student as they were reminded of his actions just now. None of them knew what to say.

This Mo Fan was crazy!

Against the Mu Family, a magic family household, and a noble one, who could pull out anyone and still be able to pressure Tian Lan Magic High…

What made this extremely clear was the fact that Mu Bai, an Elite student within Tian Lan Magic High, was just a branch disciple within the Mu Family!

Although Mo Fan’s performance today had indeed startled everybody, however, that did not mean he had the qualifications to provoke a colossal family like the Mu Family.

(Sigh) Originally, he could’ve become a dragon. Now, there was basically no difference between him and trash.

Who didn’t know of the Mu Family being the largest in Bo City? If you offended the Mu Family, then how could you continue to survive in Bo City?

Within the school, there was barely the holy ground to protect you. Once you were out in society, you would definitely be dealt with until you had become a tragic sight!

Willful, why was he so willful? The opportunity so many people were hoping for was dropped by Mo Fan’s willfulness, leaving behind a colossal foe.


“Brother Fan, you are too cool. We are scared to death by Master Mu Zhuoyun, only you would call him an old scoundrel over and over again. Haha, in fact, many of us also call him an old scoundrel on the inside.” Zhang Xiaohou’s temperament was somewhat shy, but he had a particular adoration for Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was the king of the children within this area of the city. Back in the days, he could gather masses with a single call, even Zhao Kunsan mingled with Big Brother Mo Fan. Only after that incident did Zhao Kunsan start to rely on Mu Bai, and many others no longer dared to play with Mo Fan.

Zhang Xiaohou was devoted to Mo Fan. No matter what kind of over-the-boundary thing Mo Fan had done, he would still lift even his feet to clap in admiration!

Zhang Xiaohou knew of the matter from three years ago. And now that he had seen Mo Fan striking back without hesitation or fear, he began to admire Mo Fan even more. He would never be as bold as Mo Fan in his lifetime!

“Then, do you think Mu Ningxue has been charmed by me?” Mo Fan said as he raised his eyebrow in satisfaction.

“Eh…that’s hard to say. After all, that old scoundrel is her father,” Zhang Xiaohou replied.

“Ah, I feel really good today. When I go to the cafeteria later, I’ll get an extra fried egg.” Mo Fan patted Zhang Xiaohou’s shoulder as he felt a flush of success, before walking towards the cafeteria.

“Haha, if you saw the looks on Mu Bai and Zhao Kunsan, then you’d definitely feel even better,” Zhang Xiaohou said as he vented his resentment.

That henchman, Zhao Kunsan, had really been beaten until his face had swollen up. Xiaohue bet Kunsan couldn’t even dream of Mo Fan’s cultivation being higher than his by more than a level.

Whereas Mu Bai, there’s no need to say more about that. All he did was act like someone he was not and assault the poor on a regular basis. And what was the result of that? In the end, the Wise Martial God, Brother Fan, still got rid of him.

Forget it. Mu Bai really was trying to curry favor with Mu He like a son. He just wanted Mu He to help him enter the Mu Family’s inner court, and cultivate together with the core disciples…

In the end, that old scoundrel didn’t even take a look at him at all. Instead, he was fixated on Mo Fan. What really stupefied people was that Mo Fan had directly thrown away what Mu Bai dreamt of like it was trash, while at same time, he even made the old scoundrel lose face. Refreshing, it was truly refreshing!

Xiaohou didn’t understand what that old scoundrel, Mu Zhuoyun was thinking. Three years ago, the old scoundrel had already experienced Mo Fan’s viper tongue and vicious temperament. Yet, today, he attempted to dismiss the former debt, which merely resulted in Mo Fan, who didn’t hide any of his cards, slandering him greatly.

He reckoned Mu Zhuoyun’s blood pressure today had risen by a lot!

“However, Brother Fan, if that old scoundrel really gave his daughter to you along with a dowry, while begging you to join the Mu Family, would you really decline?” Zhang Xiaohou whispered.

“Of course not!”

“Damn, Brother Fan, where are your morals?”

“Eh, what you said does make sense.” Mo Fan suddenly rubbed his chin as he pondered.

“You also think you don’t have morals?” Xiaohou wondered.

“Get out of here, I’m saying that the old scoundrel’s apology is useless. It’d be better if he just gave his daughter to me with a dowry!” Mo Fan answered.

* * *

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*[Long Taos]: side characters in Chinese operas who perform acrobatics and fight scenes

*[12.47 to 13.07]: don’t ask me about the tree sap

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