Chapter 2129 - Protest

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Chapter 2129: Protest

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“This place is seriously hopeless,” Mo Fan shook his head. He was very disappointed in the people here.

No wonder Xinxia was always so busy. She might not actually be taking care of a country, but the anti-Mage church was obviously going to be a huge headache for her. There were already so many of their disciples here in Crete, and the island was only a few hundred kilometers away from the Parthenon Temple! Not to mention there were other similar organizations across Europe, since they had so much freedom.

They were only ordinary people who did not learn magic. The Magic Association strictly forbade Mages from hurting civilians, and the punishments were very serious.

Even though they were opposing the Mages, the Mages were not allowed to scold them or fight back. The Hunter Group that had no choice but to leave like rats was a perfect example. It was definitely the worst feeling to have!

Mo Fan really did not understand the purpose of the Black Church. There might be differences between Mages and ordinary people, and the former usually had more authority and power, but the Mages always had a higher death rate when the cities were invaded by demon creatures.

The people were already divided, just when a war was going to happen!

It did not matter what the members of the Black Church were trying to achieve or whether they had a reasonable excuse to oppose the Mages, Mo Fan found their ways and actions disgusting!

The battle at Beijiang had guaranteed the safety of the civilians. The government claimed it was a great victory.

However, many people had died at Beijiang. Most of them were Battlemages or members of the Enforcement Union!

Their blood had dried on the ground. Their bodies were buried forever under the ancient walls. If there was an organization like the Black Church in Beijiang, the souls of the dead would never have peace if these people held a protest to deny their contributions!

What right did a bunch of people who had never been to war, yet did not have to worry about food and clothing have to deny the contributions of the Mages who might die at any time?


These people might be unreasonable, but the disappearance of Green Sprouts City had a huge impact, too. The Black Church was not only opposing the Mages, they were accusing the Magic Association of being useless too!

Their accusations were not completely unreasonable, either. An island had disappeared, yet the authorities had no idea how to track down the culprit. The Parthenon Temple was facing an unprecedented crisis. The whole world was doubting them, which was allowing the Black Church to expand its influence!

Mo Fan was able to see the nature of things. Although Xinxia did not tell him everything, he could tell that the disappearance of Green Sprouts Island had a huge impact on the three Saintesses’ status when the incident had occurred in their territory, not to mention they had just celebrated the Snow Festival not long ago. The Tyrant Titan had basically trampled on their celebration by pouring blood everywhere!


More members of the Hunter Union gradually arrived in Crete, eager to hunt the Tyrant Titans for personal gain. Crete’s government was more than willing to accept the Hunters’ help, but most Hunters also experienced the ‘special welcome’ the Black Church prepared for them.

Mo Fan did not watch the parade for long. Many people were terrified after what had happened, so the parade was not something too shocking.

He went back to Harper’s house. He suddenly heard a few people talking as he was walking up the pebble-covered mountain path.

Mo Fan did not mind them at first, but he soon noticed they were heading in the same direction.

Mo Fan realized they were looking for a place to stay when he reached Harper’s place. They had already contacted the young man.

“You can stay in the house at the back. I didn’t expect to have guests before April. Are you here to hunt the Tyrant Titans too?” Harper greeted the group of people.

“Why are you asking so many questions? Strange, are there other guests here too?” the man who seemed to be leading the group asked with a frown.

“Oh, you’ve misunderstood. They are my workers. They help me to serve the guests,” Harper quickly explained. while winking at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was speechless. He should have let the man drown in the swamp!

“Here is ten thousand for the deposit. We’ll be staying here for a while. Don’t let anyone disturb us. Do you hear me?” The man was extremely generous.

“Not a problem, you have my word. Please, come inside!” Harper’s eyes glittered when he saw the money. He quickly told Mo Fan, “Take their luggage to their room…”

Mo Fan was about to ignore Harper when he bent over and whispered, “You three won’t have to pay me.”

Mo Fan considered the offer and responded, “I know you have other information that you haven’t told us. If you want to earn their money…”

“I have told you everything you need to know… fine, I was going to sell it to these Hunters,” Harper agreed quickly.

Mo Fan wanted to find the Tyrant Titan as soon as possible to ease Xinxia’s burdena. He felt sorry for her after he saw her working so hard. In addition, he would no longer be able to visit the Parthenon Temple if he lost to Tuis!

Mo Fan did not mind being a bellboy if it was going to help him achieve his goals.

Don’t always treat yourself as the hero who is saving the world. There are times to put down your ambitious deeds and do a little manual labor, run errands, and eat simple food to live a normal life. You will quickly realize that it’s more interesting to be a hero!

“Don’t touch that!” a man whose face was dark on one side scolded him.

Mo Fan was just about to touch one of the boxes when he felt a sharp chill from his finger. It spread rapidly across his skin and left him with goosebumps.

“Oh? Do you need help with anything else?” Mo Fan immediately realized something was fishy about it as he withdrew his hand.

“Are you a Mage?” The man seemed to have noticed something. He was glaring at Mo Fan.

Harper came over hastily. “No, no, there’s no way he’s a Mage. Take a look… we are supporters of the Black Church. The decorations here are all related to it. We never hire Mages. We don’t like them either, so don’t worry!”

Mo Fan was a great actor, too. He added with a polite smile, “We forgot to mention that we don’t rent our rooms to Mages, so if you are one, please choose another place. Our place isn’t good enough for you either!”

“We aren’t Mages. Stop blocking our way, step aside!” the man snapped. He picked up the box very carefully and went into the room at the back.

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