Chapter 40: Out the Mountain

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Chapter 40: Out the Mountain

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Ye Futian was looking at Emperor Ye Qing with confusion. His godfather had used to tell him the same thing. He was curious why they had such high expectations for him.

His father had told him that he inherited his natal spirit from his ancestors. However, it was apparent that Emperor Ye Qing and the Snow Ape recognized his natal spirit.

“I would not even dare to think about becoming emperor. Could you please just tell me who I am?” Ye Futian asked in a lowered voice.

“Child, you have to trust yourself. You are destined to be the emperor because of your natal spirit,” Emperor Ye Qing said patiently. However, Ye Futian was dejected because he had not received a clear answer. “As you’re not waiting for me, I believe it’s time for me to leave now.”

“You are wrong.” Emperor Ye Qing now looked at Ye Futian, full of kindness. “I feel sad about meeting you in such a situation. However, no one would be more appropriate than you to inherit my power.”

“Your treasures… You are giving me all of them?” Ye Futian was surprised.

“Yes, my natal spirit, my original spells, and everything else.” Emperor Ye Qing nodded.

“Could you please teach my friend your martial arts techniques? He was born to be a warrior.” Ye Futian was thinking about Yu Sheng. He believed that Yu Sheng would be perfect for those techniques.

“Is his surname Yu?” Emperor Ye Qing asked.

“How did you know that?” Ye Futian was surprised.

“If you had not been born into this world, he would have carried my inheritance. However, since you are here, you deserve all of them. He was born into this world only to help you,” Emperor Ye Qing rejected his suggestion. Ye Futian felt sad about this. He believed it was unfair to Yu Sheng.

“Child, there’s not much time left for me, even though I want to see you grow up.” Emperor Ye Qing’s voice was low and sad.

Ye Futian looked at him and asked, “Could you please tell me what the relation is between you and me?”

Emperor Ye Qing shook his head. He now looked at Ye Futian with kindness and a trace of sadness. Soon, the illusory figure of Emperor Ye Qing turned into a bright light, which shot toward Ye Futian’s forehead. At that moment, Ye Futian felt a piercing mental power enter his head. His body was trembling because of the anguishing pain.

“This is already the third time.” Ye Futian was disappointed, then lost consciousness.

When he woke up again, Yu Sheng and Hua Fengliu were sitting beside him. They had both entered the statue. The Snow Ape and the monsters were guarding the outside.

“You are so lucky.” Hua Fengliu looked at Ye Futian. Xia Fan had summoned someone so powerful, an Arcana Plane swordsman, to seize the treasures of Emperor Ye Qing. They had even released the monster tide to attack the guardians of Qingzhou City. However, all that they had done had just helped Ye Futian in the end.

Ye Futian smiled wryly, yet he was still confused and depressed about what had happened.

He closed his eyes and entered his life palace. There was another natal spirit now in his life palace, the Storm of Eyes. The eyes were made up of total darkness, almost like a black hole. There was horrifying mental power inside the natal spirit. This new natal spirit came as a gift rather than a result of cultivation. Ye Futian had to admit that he was lucky.

Soon after, he opened his eyes. The next moment, his eyes became as dark as the Storm of Eyes. A robust mental power was filling his eyes. Hua Fengliu was surprised by this new power granted to Ye Futian. He vaguely felt the sense of an emperor.

His eyes then turned back to normal. Hua Fengliu asked him, “Spirit elemental?”

“Yes, it’s beast mastery.” Ye Futian nodded. Besides the sorcerers of the seven elements, there were some special Mandate Sorcerers. For example, Hua Fengliu specialized in music spells. There were also some beastmasters. In fact, all these special sorcerers were categorized as mind controllers, who attacked their opponents with the mental power of the spirit elemental.

“So, Emperor Ye Qing was a beastmaster,” Hua Fengliu mumbled.

“And he was a powerful cultivator in martial arts,” Ye Futian remembered and added.

“Sorcerers specializing in mental power were powerful offensively. However, they had weak defenses. I guess that was why he enhanced his techniques with martial arts cultivation. That just made him perfect.” Hua Fengliu nodded. Emperor Ye Qing was the legend who had unified the whole continent, so his talents must have been incredible, incomparable.

“Take your time to look through the treasures you have received. Just ignore us.” Hua Fengliu was happy with Ye Futian’s situation.

“Okay.” Ye Futian closed his eyes, and then pieces of memories were swarming in his mind. He saw the Dragon riding on the cloud, the Bird flying over the sky, and the Giant Ape stomping on the earth. They were so real that Ye Futian almost felt like he could reach out and touch them.

“The Dragon serves for my strength, the Ape serves for my power, and the Bird serves for my speed. I can make use of them and form my body to perfection.”

Ye Futian was shocked deep inside. He had already possessed the soul of the Dragon, and now he was using Freedom Meditation to extract the souls of the Ape and the Bird. Gradually, the wind, earth and metal element powers raged around in his body, and new natal spirits began to show up in his life palace.

Ye Futian finally understood why Emperor Ye Qing had let him inherit all the treasures rather than Yu Sheng. He had the rarest of talents; he could actually create new natal spirits on his own.

Before long, he had two new natal spirits in his life palace.

In his life palace, he already had many natal spirits other than the original World Tree, the Sun, the Thunder Dragon, the Guqin, the Storm of Eyes, the Bird, and the Ape. It was even more impressive that the natal spirit of the Bird had two elements, which were wind and metal.

After he opened his eyes, he looked at Hua Fengliu and Yu Sheng with confusion.

“What are you looking at?” Hua Fengliu looked back curiously. He noticed that a weird smile had shown up on Ye Futian’s face.

“Professor, I just… have too many natal spirits in my life palace now. The treasures I received from Emperor Ye Qing were too powerful for me.” Ye Futian blinked his eyes.

Hua Fengliu was embarrassed. He only had one natal spirit, and it was destroyed a long time ago. He pretended to be mad at Ye Futian. “Get out of here.”

Ye Futian also started to laugh. He took a deep breath and said, “You are also lucky, professor, to have such a lucky son-in-law.”

Yu Sheng’s notion about how shameless Ye Futian could be was reaffirmed entirely at that moment.

As for Hua Fengliu, he almost wanted to kick Ye Futian’s *ss right now.

During the next month, Ye Futian kept cultivating in the canyon of Mount Tianyao. The relentless monsters led by the Snow Ape locked down this area to make sure no one could approach Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was practicing his skills on a bunch of demon beasts.

A Demon Bull pounced toward Ye Futian. However, Ye Futian didn’t even try to evade the attack. He headed straight on to the Demon Bull to counter the attack. While he was charging, the roar of the Dragon came out of his body. He made a fist and punched the Demon Bull hard. That punch looked as if it was landed by the Giant Ape.

With a loud thump, the Demon Bull was knocked away by that punch.

Ye Futian didn’t let the Demon Bull go that easily. His hands reached out to clamp down on the throat of the Demon Bull.

The attack this time changed into another form. Ye Futian almost looked like he had wings and began flying with the movement of a Bird.

A Demon Panther also started to attack, but she missed Ye Futian because he was too fast. She saw the counterattack coming, but it was already too late to dodge it. Ye Futian’s arms were like the wings of a Bird, and his thunder-like strike left the Demon Panther with a deep wound on her body.

The other monsters kept growling. They had been intimidated by Ye Futian.

“Now your body moves like a Dragon, you are strong as an Ape, and your speed is like the Bird. You have made impressive progress during the last month.” Hua Fengliu felt satisfied with his work.

“I am still so far away from the abilities of those true divine creatures.” Ye Futian remembered the images in his mind.

Hua Fengliu understood and tried to comfort him, “Your level is not high enough to fully develop the power inside your body. You are only in Two-star Glory Plane, and you’re trying to fully seize power from those divine creatures?”

Ye Futian was still sad about this fact. He looked at the Snow Ape and said, “I need to leave now.”

“Okay. Have you decided on which beasts to take away with you? Your mental power is not strong enough for those giant creatures yet. However, you can control some beasts and monsters that are in the Dharma Plane,” the Snow Ape told him.

“You’re not coming with me?” Ye Futian tried to gain her sympathy. He believed that if the Snow Ape agreed to follow him, he would be the most powerful mage in East Sea Prefecture.

“Sorry boy, I have to stay here. As long as I am here, no one will know that the treasures have been taken. Remember, don’t let anyone know that you have inherited the treasures. Otherwise, those greedy people would—” the Snow Ape stopped. Ye Futian was upset, even though he understood what the Snow Ape meant.

Ye Futian looked at the monsters around him. He needed to stay under the radar so no one would know that he inherited the treasures by picking a monster that wasn’t too flashy.

“Could you please call a Dark Wind Eagle to my side?” Ye Futian asked.

“Sure,” the Snow Ape agreed, then called on a Dark Wind Eagle that was in the Dharma Plane.

Ye Futian walked toward the Dark Wind Eagle. He started to release the power from his eyes, which was generated by his natal spirit, the Storm of Eyes.

The Snow Ape stared at the Dark Wind Eagle to prevent the eagle from resisting. The Dark Wind Eagle was a wind-element creature, and her mental power was also of the Dharma Plane level. Therefore, without assistance from the Snow Ape, Ye Futian would not be able to mentally control the eagle.

This was the first time he had initiated the beast mastery ability with the Storm of Eyes. He felt as if the figure of the Dark Wind Eagle was imprinted on his pupils. His ruthless mental power was planting his will inside the eagle to control her, and the body of that eagle was shaking in the process.

Suddenly, the Dark Wind Eagle reached her limit. She finally surrendered to the power of Ye Futian, and their souls started to resonate.

“Phew…” Ye Futian took a deep breath. The Dark Wind Eagle finally bowed down to him.

Hua Fengliu actually knew the reason why Ye Futian had picked the Dark Wind Eagle as his first subject. Ye Futian was still upset that Hua Jieyu had left with the black eagle.

“Goodbye, Snow Ape.” Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Hua Fengliu finally left. They looked at the statue of Emperor Ye Qing with a sense of attachment and gratitude.

“Go now.” The Snow Ape nodded.

The Dark Wind Eagle flew into the air, the sight of Ye Futian, the Snow Ape, the statue, and the monsters becoming smaller until they were tiny dots. Finally, they were gone.

“Go escort them,” the Snow Ape commanded. The monsters obeyed her orders. People around Mount Tianyao were frightened by this herd of monsters. They were shocked and wondered why another monster tide was coming.

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