Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Emperor Ye Qing

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As Yu Sheng took a few steps forward, a golden force field surrounded him, just like golden armor.

Mo Lanshan and his people looked very serious. Everyone charged at Yu Sheng with long spears gripped tightly in their hands.

A loud explosion erupted from a single punch from Yu Sheng. Even his fist that he used to enclose the tip of an attacking spear was golden. The point of the weapon was enveloped by his fist when a cracking sound was heard. The point had been broken off by the enormous amount of strength exerted by Yu Sheng.

Ye Futian continued to charge forward. He had no time to waste on these people.

However, Mo Lanshan had no intentions of letting him pass. Avoiding Yu Sheng, Mo Lanshan aimed his ice-frosted spear at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian did not slow down his steps. While in a light sprint, he reached out both of his hands. In a second, bursts of lightning flashed around him.

With the movement of his hands, a storm of lightning and thunder was projected toward Mo Lanshan.

“Excursive Sorcery. You’re a Glory Plane sorcerer,” knights observing the battle were shocked. The speed in which Ye Futian was cultivating was unbelievable.

Sorcerers had a natural advantage in battles with knights. Even though Mo Lanshan was a three-starred Glory Plane knight, he still did not dare underestimate his opponents, especially if it was Ye Futian.

The intent of battle flowed through the spear, forming a white light around the weapon. Mo Lanshan waved his spear around, and the white light enlarged to cascade around his body; but it was no use against Ye Futian’s storm attacks. However, his defensive spear spell was able to create an impenetrable force field around him.

Ye Futian still did not stop proceeding. He was closing in on Mo Lanshan. As a sorcerer, he was supposed to keep his distance while battling with a knight but he chose to ignore this rule. It was easy to tell how confident he was.

“How presumptuous!” Mo Lanshan looked a bit embarrassed. Then, he saw Ye Futian swipe downwards. Almost simultaneously, the thunderous force formed into a flash of lightning, cutting straight through his force field.

A spell, the Thunder Lash. Even though it was only an Awakening level spell, when used by Ye Futian, it was different. It collected an enormous amount of thunderous force and contained the powers of the Glory Plane. To add to this, Ye Futian was a Mandate Sorcerer. His ability to perceive these spells was naturally stronger than others. When he applied these things to his spells, every attack he made would be more powerful than that of others in the same plane.

The lash continued cutting down, the spear in Mo Lanshan’s hand shook and was ready to take on the lash.

However, at that same moment, Ye Futian’s body became engulfed in flames. Raging flames were radiating off his body and made their way towards Mo Lanshan. Another spell, the Burning of Silence. Although it exhausted a large amount of Fire Elemental Spiritual Qi, it’s destructiveness was frightening. It was considered a close-range spell.

The look on Mo Lanshan’s face changed drastically. He quickly summoned all the Spiritual Qi in his body and created a force field. It acted as an armor to protect him against the attack of the Burning of Silence. Ye Futian’s attacks were so quick that it made it difficult for Mo Lanshan to retaliate. The Burning of Silence was a spell feared by bi-elemental sorcerers because it was able to continuously release spells of different elements for a short period of time.

BOOM! A fist came down on Mo Lanshan’s poorly defended head. He was propelled directly to the ground, blood gushing violently from his wound.

Ye Futian simply stepped over Mo Lanshan’s body, not even bothering to spare him a glance. Onlookers felt bad for Mo Lanshan. Though Ye Futian had not said a single insulting word, his disregard for Mo Lanshan was even more insulting.

Sorcerers were, indeed, stronger than cultivators of martial arts; but Ye Futian was not exactly an ordinary sorcerer.

When the bystanders looked back to the other battle going on, they saw that Yu Sheng had defeated multiple high-leveled martial arts cultivators. They were confused. Yu Sheng was not using any sorcery, just the pure power of martial arts.

These two were monsters!

When Ye Futian made it to the training grounds, he saw Qin Yi sitting on top of a black qilin, practicing archery. Qin Yi gave off an air of valiance with her hair tied up. Her figure looked extraordinary in the tightly fitted clothing she wore but Ye Futian was in no mood to stop and admire this view. He called out to her, “Senior Sister Qin.”

She followed his voice and was confused to see him. She dismounted the black qilin and jogged towards Ye Futian. Still a distance away from him she asked, “What are you doing here?”

“There may be a monster tide erupting on Mount Tianyao. You should inform General Qin as soon as possible,” said Ye Futian.

Her gaze froze and her face fell. She then sprinted towards the black qilin and mounted the creature. As they were about to pass by Ye Futian, she said, “Hop on, we’ll talk as we go.”

Something sparked in his eyes and he got on behind Qin Yi without hesitation.

“What happened?” asked Qin Yi, worried. A monster tide could only mean calamity.

“Yu Sheng has been training on Mount Tianyao and noticed it,” replied Ye Futian.

Qin Yi looked serious and said, “Hold onto me.”

“Ugh…” Ye Futian hesitated but eventually grabbed onto her when he lost his balance as the black qilin rose into the air. He smiled bitterly and thought to himself, Fox, I’m not doing this on purpose…

On the ground, the people of the School of Martial Arts were speechless as they looked up at the sky to witness this scene. Why was his shameless jerk so popular with beautiful girls? First, it was Hua Jieyu and now that she was gone he was trying to make a move on the goddess Qin Yi.

“You bastard!” Mo Lanshan had just gotten his senses back when he witnessed the scene as well.

BOOM! He did not notice when Yu Sheng came back. A punch landed on his face and Mo Lanshan was thrown on the ground once again.

After hitting Mo Lanshan, Yu Sheng looked up to see Ye Futian leaving with Qin Yi and quietly made his way back home alone. He was mentally cursing Ye Futian as well. He really was a bastard.

In the sky above the City of Qingzhou, the black qilin soared in one specific direction. It was going fast and the wind was whipping against their faces. The situation that Ye Futian and Qin Yi were in was rather questionable, but he had no time to think about that. His only thought was that they had to reach their destination quickly.

However, before they could get there, they noticed a whole flock of black qilins up ahead soaring through the sky. Seeing this, Ye Futian thought, Could it be that word had already reached General Qin?

They caught up with the group very quickly. The person leading the group looked surprised to see Qin Yi. “Young Miss.”

“What are you guys doing here?” Qin Yi was equally surprised.

“A monster tide is about to wash through the City of Qingzhou,” the leader answered.

“I came for the same reason. Looks like father already knows. Where is he?” asked Qin Yi.

“He’s taking care of some business by Lake Qinghai. We rushed here first,” explained the leader.

“Okay then. You guys head there first; I’ll go to father,” suggested Qin Yi. The two parties separated once again. The knights of the Dark qilin Knighthood turned to take a quick glance at the young man sitting behind Qin Yi.

At that moment, outside a restaurant on the lake shore, stood a group of people from the Knighthood. Their gathering attracted a lot of attention. General Qin was having his people surround the restaurant, what was going on?

Naturally, when Ye Futian and Qin Yi arrived, they were met with this scene. They stood behind Qin Shuai, trying not to disturb him. He must be busy with something.

In the restaurant, a group of people appeared. Leading them was a young man. Upon seeing this group, Ye Futian furrowed his brows. He had seen these people before. It was on the night of New Year’s Eve and the person leading them was Xia Fan.

“Would General Qin like to join me for a drink upstairs?” asked Xia Fan frivolously.

“Is this the doing of your people?” Qin Shuai asked coldly.

“I don’t seem to understand what General Qin is saying.” Xia Fan played with his cup and did not look at Qin Shuai.

“The monster tide on Mount Tianyao. Are you really going to put the whole City of Qingzhou in danger for your greed?” questioned Qin Shuai.

“I already said I don’t know what you’re talking about and please be aware of the tone you use when speaking to me,” Xia Fan smiled with his eyes but his attitude was still as arrogant as before. He did not give a crap about the protector of Qingzhou City.

When he finished speaking, the people beside him took a step forward and the tension intensified.

“I can’t believe that the City Lord’s office and the Murong Chamber of Commerce had something to do with it too,” said General Qin as he looked at Wei Feng and Murong Qiu. His sharp gaze caused them to lower their heads, not daring to look him in the eyes.

Finally, his gaze fell back to Xia Fan and told him chillingly, “You want to use Qingzhou City to satisfy your ambitions? I already sent people to spread the news to all of the East Sea Prefecture, that traces of ‘him’ were found here.”

Finishing his words, Qin Shuai turned to leave. Xia Fan’s expression darkened, and he glared at Qin Shuai’s back, wanting to kill him so badly.

How dare Qin Shuai try to ruin his plans? When Xia Fan had found out about the secret of Qingzhou city, he sent someone to deliver the news back to the East Sea Prefecture. His father then sent a professional. The purpose of that was to keep things under wraps but if Qin Shuai really spread the news, then it was bound to attract attention.

Did Qin Shuai know about this secret early on?

Qin Shuai led the group of knights up into the sky. Quickly, Qin Yi, who was accompanied by Ye Futian followed right behind them. Then, she was beside her father.

“Father, what exactly is going on? Who are those people?” asked Qin Yi.

“Sweetie, the City of Qingzhou is in danger and we don’t know what is going to happen next,” answered Qin Shuai. “The City of Qingzhou is under the jurisdiction of the East Sea Prefecture and that person before was the son of the prefecture chief. I’ve been keeping an eye on him since he arrived in Qingzhou City, so I knew that he sent people to Mount Tianyao to search for hidden secrets. I just can’t believe he actually found it.”

“Mount Tianyao? Secrets?” Qin Yi was even more confused now.

“Long before you were born, my master wanted to obliterate the big demon of Mount Tianyao to save ourselves from future problems. He sent people into the mountains but realized that it was an impossible mission after paying a heavy price. However, he did find something important on Mount Tianyao,” Qin Shuai reminisced. His mind seemed to be miles away. To this day, he could never forget the shocking scene he witnessed all those years ago.

“What did you guys find there?” Qin Yi asked.

Qin Shuai looked at his daughter and spoke the forbidden name, “Emperor Ye Qing.”

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