Chapter 2334 - As Long as the Matrix Holds

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Chapter 2334: As Long as the Matrix Holds

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To the side, the various cultivators of the Lost Clan stood at different locations. Their expressions turned sullen when they saw the scene in the sky. Many of them put their hands together and bowed at the nine great cultivators high above. The elder of the Lost Clan also looked in that direction. He secretly sighed. However, his gaze was extremely resolute.

On the day they joined the Lost Clan, everything had been determined. The cultivators of the Lost Clan were all prepared to offer up their lives at any given moment. No matter what plane they had cultivated to, no matter what status they held, they were all prepared to put down their lives. This was the belief that they had held onto resolutely for countless years. It was the faith that was planted within their souls.

It was because of this belief that the cultivators of the Lost Clan could set aside all other distractions and all cultivate to a high cultivation Plane. Therefore, the overall ability of the cultivators of this continent was very powerful.

Now, the Lost Clan had just emerged from the Dark World. Yet, they were faced with a new crisis. Cultivators from various worlds had come and intended to plunder everything that the Lost Clan had. Once the Lost Clan agreed to the cultivators’ requests, their inheritance would be slowly corrupted. Then, the influence of the outsiders would gradually be strengthened across the entire Shenyi Continent.

Human greed knew no bounds. The Lost Clan did not believe that the other party would be satisfied and would leave the Lost Clan alone after they were granted access to cultivate in the cave. On the contrary, the other party would pillage the cave once they discovered the secrets of cultivation hidden within it. An even stronger urge to raid would well up in their hearts, driving them to take over the Lost Clan completely.

If that were the case, even though the Lost Clan fought hard and escaped the Dark World, they would most likely be destroyed in the Original Realm. Sometimes, the hearts of humans were more terrifying than disasters looming in the dark.

Hence, regardless of the price that they had to pay, the Lost Clan would not allow the cultivators from other worlds to seize control of the cave and cultivate there. To gain the cultivators’ trust, the Lost Clan was willing to let the cultivators briefly check out the place. This was to achieve a state that would allow the Lost Clan to exist peacefully in the Original Realm. The Shenyi Continent would become an independent continent like the other continents in the Original Realm.

The Lost Clan would not lose in this battle. They could not afford to lose either.

High above the sky of the battlefield, the vast space was sealed off by the nine great cultivators of the Lost Clan. They transformed themselves into ancient gods and became one with the heavens and the earth. Ye Futian and the rest stood within the space. They witnessed the Battle Matrix of the Rocks take shape once again. This time, the matrix was even more menacing.

Ye Futian saw the figures of the ancient gods surrounding them. Divine light flowed around the ancient gods. The faces of the nine great cultivators of the Lost Clan could be vaguely seen imprinted on the faces of the ancient gods. It was as though the nine great cultivators had completely merged with the ancient gods. They had given up their consciousness, their self, and their flesh. Their entire being had become parts of the Battle Matrix of the Rocks.

Moreover, the Way of Rhythm twirled within the Battle Matrix of the Rocks. Ye Futian sensed the solemnity from the rhythm. Besides that, the rhythm contained a hint of sorrow, great courage, and the resolution to do and die. The nine great cultivators were exhausting their lives as sacrifices to the Battle Matrix of the Rocks. Their selfless act elevated the power of the matrix.

This new Battle Matrix of the Rocks grew more brilliantly and was surrounded by divine light. Its beauty shocked all who saw it. The solemn Way of Rhythm played continuously, exerting a powerful pressure on the cultivators. Aside from Ye Futian, other cultivators also noticed the changes that occurred to the Battle Matrix of the Rocks.

“Everyone, have you gone mad?” asked Hua Junlai, heir to the Haotian Clan from the Nantian Domain as he looked at the nine great cultivators of the Lost Clan. They were merging themselves into the battle matrix. If the battle matrix were shattered by attacks, the nine great cultivators of the Lost Clan would perish on the spot and be killed.

Their lives were on the line.

They forged the Battle Matrix of the Rocks with their own bodies of flesh and blood.

There was no response. The unparalleled pressure persisted. The cultivators of the Lost Clan still did the same and did not take the initiative to attack. They established the Battle Matrix of the Rocks merely for defense. No matter how one looked at it, the Lost Clan appeared exceptionally friendly. They put themselves in a passive state of defending.

When Hua Junlai and the others saw this scene, their expressions turned serious. He said, “If that is the case, we won’t hold back.”

As he said this, the illusory figure of the Great Emperor shone even brighter. He extended his palm, and an astonishing power immediately surged into his palm. The other cultivators also amassed frightening auras of the Great Path. Divine Wheels of the Great Path appeared. Even more alarming auras radiated from their figures.

Only Ye Futian did not gather up his power. He glanced at the various cultivators and then looked in the direction of the members of the Lost Clan. He knew that if the Battle Matrix of the Rocks were shattered, the nine great cultivators of the Lost Clan would die on the spot.

Since the Lost Clan chose to do so, their resolve was evident. They would not back down at all. They took a passive stance, but, in reality, it also displayed their resolve. They would not let the cultivators from the outside world enter the core region of the Lost Clan to cultivate. This point was evident from them offering up their lives to protect the Battle Matrix of the Rocks.

From the looks of it, the Lost Clan didn’t really want the powers cultivated by other cultivators either. They purposely brought up this condition just now. If they managed to survive, then they would most likely give up this condition to give face to the various forces. Their act would hopefully cause the various forces to feel ashamed. Then, the two parties would have an opportunity to resolve their differences and let go of the matter of cultivating in the cave.

Ye Futian seemed to have understood the intentions of the Lost Clan. However, both sides were caught in a dilemma.

The Lost Clan did not hesitate to pay such a high price to win this battle.

Since it was so for this fight, it would also certainly be the same for the next. This time, the cultivators of the Divine Prefecture were the ones attacking. The top figures of the Dark World, the Empty Divine Realm, and the Human Realm had yet to attack. There were also cultivators from other worlds as well.

Under such circumstances, if the Lost Clan wanted to hold their ground and not surrender, how high of a price did they have to pay for it to be enough?

How many top-tier cultivators of the Lost Clan needed to be sacrificed?

When he thought about this, Ye Futian felt somewhat hesitant. Would he attack and break the Battle Matrix of the Rocks?

If he did so, everything that the Lost Clan had done would be for naught. The nine great cultivators would also perish on the spot.

Before this, he had only joined the battle because he believed the battle matrix would certainly be broken. He had never imagined the determination of the Lost Clan would be so strong and that this would be their trump card. Otherwise, he would not have participated in this battle.

Just as Ye Futian was contemplating this, the other cultivators had already begun to attack. The frenzied attacks of eight powerful cultivators landed consecutively on the Battle Matrix of the Rocks. Immediately, the sound of an astounding explosion could be heard. The entire space was trembling violently. The Battle Matrix of the Rocks was also shaking, seemingly unstable. However, as the divine light circled it, it still did not shatter.

The nine great cultivators of the Lost Clan merged into the battle matrix and became ancient gods. They nodded their heads slightly and closed their eyes. They sat motionlessly there like statues. Right now, their lives were no longer their own. They only served to protect the Battle Matrix of the Rocks as martyrs.

As long as the matrix held up, they would survive. If it fell, they would fall with it!

The matrix had not shattered. The various cultivators in the distance were somewhat uneasy when they saw this scene. As long as the matrix held up, the Lost Clan would survive. What sort of faith was this? If they wanted to break through the matrix, they had to kill the nine great cultivators of the Lost Clan!

The Lost Clan was ruthless!

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