Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Wave Superposition Sword Art

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“The power of the Sword Art will stack?”

Several famous experts on the stand could not help being moved. Situ Qingyue continued, “This kind of Sword Art requires a strict application of power.”

“Indeed.” Jian Xinhong nodded. “The Wave Superposition Swords Art needs to constantly store power, so it can be even stronger. Under normal circumstances, if the power can be overlapped seven times, that is, if the user can demonstrate seven moves, the Sword Art will have reached the Profound level.”

“This Sword Art requires seven moves to reach the Profound level. Let’s see how many moves this exceptional genius from Sword Marquis Mansion can perform.” Situ Qingyue smiled.

Everyone was looking forward to her performance.

On the arena, Jian Meng’er’s swordsmanship was incredibly smooth, stacking wave after wave. She made her first sword move without an ounce of hesitation.

The second, third, and fourth moves were also instantaneous.

The fifth, sixth, and seventh quickly followed!

The process was smooth without any pause.

The spectators could clearly see the power of Jian Meng’er’s Sword Art become stronger and stronger. That was the result of the power superposing on one another. However, when it came to her seventh sword move, there was no uproar in the Drill Ground.

To use seven moves, achieving the Profound level in the Wave Superposition Sword Art, was nothing impressive.

However, after the seventh sword move, she adjusted her wrist.


With a cry, she demonstrated the eighth sword move.

The Sword Art had been superposed eight times and its power had exceeded the limits of First-class Sword Arts.

“It’s the Eighth sword move!”

Exclamations resounded throughout the Drill Ground.

Seven moves would lead to the Profound level of the Wave Superposition Swords Art, while the Eighth move meant the Sword Art reached the Exceptional level!

“She’s still not done yet,” Jian Xinhong said excitedly on the grandstand.

Sure enough, Jian Meng’er did not stop after making her eighth sword move. She was still accumulating power.

“Is she going to try for the ninth sword move?”

Under everyone’s anticipation, the lovely girl in white wore a solemn expression. She moved her wrist, allowing power to accumulate to an ultimate level. An unexpected dazzling light flashed in her beautiful eyes.


She dealt an aggressive split, directly cutting into the air.

The ninth move of the Wave Superposition Sword Art was a success!

Jian Meng’er finally felt at ease after completing this. She sheathed her sword and stood in place.

A commotion broke out on the Drill Ground.

“The ninth sword move! She actually did it!” Jian Xinhong stared at Jian Meng’er intensely and said, “In the first place, the Wave Superposition Sword Art is the highest technique among the Eighteen First-class Sword Arts of Sword Pavilion. Seven moves are enough for the Profound level, what more the ninth move! This girl is still so young but she’s capable of demonstrating the Sword Art to this level!”

“It’s truly rare.” Situ Qingyue, Ye Xiu, and a few people agreed with this comment. After they learned the mystery of the Wave Superposition Sword Art, they immediately understood the difficulties of accumulating the power by nine fold. Yet Jian Meng’er, a mere 16-year-old young girl, had accomplished this feat.

“Shui Hanxin, looks like you’ve taken in a talented disciple. The girl’s talent for cultivation is already incredible, but it looks like her gift in Sword Principle isn’t below any of the peerless talents in your Sect,” said Bai Chong, glancing at Shui Hanxin.

“Since she’s my disciple, she’ll naturally be extraordinary,” Shui Hanxin replied calmly.

On the grandstand, Jian Lan looked increasingly smug as he listened in on the conversations between the famous experts.

“Meng’er, you may leave,” he ordered.

“Yes.” Jian Meng’er bowed lightly towards the grandstand and left the arena under everyone’s attention. On her way down, her glance inevitably went to Jian Wushaung who was standing at the edge of the Drill Ground.

“Jian Wushuang, you demonstrated the ninth sword move when you taught me the Wave Superposition Sword Art! I can do it as well as you now!” Jian Meng’er’s glance carried a hint of pride.

Unlike the other Marquis mansion disciples, Jian Wushuang’s expression was still without any change when he saw her perform the ninth sword move. It seemed that, in his eyes, her ninth move was just so-so.

“Next, Jian Ying!”

The battle continued, but Jian Meng’er’s performance was simply too brilliant. She had completely overshadowed the rest.

“The last one, Jian Wushuang!”

It was finally Jian Wushuang’s turn.

When they heard his name, many disciples on the Drill Ground immediately wore odd expressions.

Jian Wushuang was the infamous trash of Sword Marquis Mansion. But he had formed his Spiritual Power two months ago and gained victory against Jian Lin, giving others a new impression of him. However, when they heard that he challenged Jian Meng’er two months ago to a duel today, everyone thought he was an overreaching idiot.

Now, it was this idiot’s turn.

Ignoring the attention, Jian Wushuang slowly stepped on the arena.

“Jian Wushuang.” The way Jian Lan glanced at him was clearly different than how he looked at other disciples.

“Show us your strongest martial arts or what you’re most skilled in,” Jian Lan said, his voice somewhat colder.

Jian Wushuang prepared his sword, but his gaze was focused on the grandstand right ahead.

On the grandstand, those famous experts took little notice of him and were still chattering on about Jian Meng’er. Only the leisurely Bai Chong smiled at him.

Jian Wushuang nodded at him and unsheathed his Long Sword.


The sword light was like the tide, surging forward with great momentum. It made everyone feel as if they had been submerged in the sea, yet carried a deeper meaning at the same time.


Once Jian Wushuang demonstrated his swordsmanship, everyone on the Drill Ground was surprised. Even the famous experts in the grandstand were amazed.

“Wave Superposition Sword Art?”

“This little boy is also performing the Wave Superposition Sword Art?” Situ Qingyue laughed happily.

“It’s the same Sword Art as Jian Meng’er. But since hers was too dazzling earlier, this boy wouldn’t impress us even if he does as well as her. It doesn’t matter even if he performs the Seventh or Eighth move,” Ye Xiu said, laughing.

“That may not be true,” Bai Chong suddenly spoke up.

“What do you mean?” Situ Qingyue and Ye Xiu asked.

“If Jian Meng’er can demonstrate the Ninth sword move, reaching great heights in the Wave Superposition Sword Art, do you think the genius who imparted the Sword Art to her will be worse off?” Bai Chong replied.

“What?” Everyone in the stands was shocked.

“Mr. Bai Chong, are you saying that little boy taught Jian Meng’er the Wave Superposition Sword Art? Can he also perform the Ninth sword move?” Situ Qingyue asked, having connected the dots.

“I don’t know how good he is. Let’s just watch and see,” Bai Chong replied perfunctorily, not saying much.

The curiosity of these famous experts in the stands had been piqued, so they immediately concentrated their attention on Jian Wushuang.

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