Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Was Punished To Take Down Lecture Notes

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For the fifth, sixth, and seventh days, Su Yang continued his experiment. He ambushed Old Sixth Liu for a little over a week, and finally, the older man finally gave in!

He had to since he could not find Su Yang on his own. Whenever he had men with him, Su Yang never appeared. However, whenever he was alone or left with a few of his men, Su Yang would jump out and beat him up.

He could not defeat Su Yang or hide from him for some reason. After being beaten up for over a week, Old Sixth Liu was injured all over.

He was a gangster that everyone stayed away from, but now, with his injuries all over, anyone who saw him would pity him. Those who heard of his encounter would even shed a tear.

Su Yang also gained a reputation for himself in the neighborhood.

Everyone knew that he was a fierce university student who could locate his target every time and take revenge for the slightest grievance.

Under such circumstances, Old Sixth Liu had to swallow his misery. He found someone to act as a peacemaker and even invited Su Yang to dinner besides giving him a red envelope of 888 yuan as a token of apology.

After giving the token of apology and inviting Su Yang to dinner, Old Sixth Liu completely gave in and acknowledged his mistake.

On the other hand, after beating Old Sixth Liu up for so many days and not even triggering a mission, Su Yang was discouraged. Since he got the money and had already vented his emotions at the poor man, he did not want to get tangled up with Old Sixth Liu anymore.

After all, his priority should be completing the system’s mission to acquire points and continue developing himself.

As for Old Sixth Liu, if the man learned his lesson, Su Yang would simply let him go. However, if Old Sixth Liu caused any more trouble in the future, he would come back and beat him up again. Maybe then, he could trigger another mission.

Su Yang also needed an opportunity to change his life for the better. Other than getting the [Fruit-loving Pen] from his point-adding experiment, he also got a gold bank card which could be sold for a lot of money.

However, he had been doing research for the past week and had yet to find a reliable gold buyer. He needed a relatively safe place to convert the piece of gold bank card into cash, but before he could, Chu Xia came calling.

In the past week, Chu Xia had been messaging Su Yang via WeChat to urge him to go to class, but he knew that Old Sixth Liu was waiting for him at the campus entrance, so he forced himself to stay back.

This time, Chu Xia called him directly and told him not to skip class anymore. She had been covering for him for a week and could barely do it anymore. If Su Yang continued to be absent, he would be in big trouble.

Therefore, after skipping classes for a week, given Chu Xia’s urgent reminder, Su Yang finally went back to campus.

The first class of the new week was Modern History Essentials of Huaxia, the class that Su Yang had skipped last week. The lecturer of this class was Mr. Zhou, and all the students called him Old Zhou behind his back.

Old Zhou was a middle-aged man nearing his 50s. He had the patience of an old man and a serious bearing apart from a balding hairstyle.

Su Yang reached the lecture five minutes before the class started, but Old Zhou was already there.

When Old Zhou saw Su Yang walking in, he signed the young man to stop. “You’re Su Yang, aren’t you?”

Su Yang paused and greeted his lecturer, “Sir.”

Old Zhou grunted in acknowledgment and nodded. He picked up his thermal flask, softly blew it, and took a sip before asking, “I didn’t see you in my last class.”

Su Yang was stunned. ‘Did Old Zhou take attendance in the last class? I didn’t hear anything from Chu Xia.’

With that in mind, he switched his gaze to Chu Xia, who was already in class, but before she could respond, Old Zhou beat her to it. He covered his thermal flask and said, “No need to look at her. I didn’t take attendance during my last class. I just simply noticed you.”

Goosebumps exploded all over Su Yang’s body. Being noticed by a middle-aged man was not exactly a pleasant feeling.

Old Zhou slightly pushed his glasses up and said, “I remember that you didn’t bring your textbook for a few classes, am I right?”

After he heard what Old Zhou said, Su Yang could not help but think of the textbook, the Modern History Essentials of Huaxia, which had grown in size due to his failed attempt at adding points. It was currently in his room as decoration.

He scratched his head and said, “Mr. Zhou, I can’t take it out.”

Old Zhou grunted. “Did your textbook fly away or grow legs and run away? How can you not bring it out?”

A quick thought later, Su Yang decided to be honest since no one would believe him. “It grew in size. It’s almost as tall as me and a meter wide, so I really can’t bring it out.” He even extended his arms to show how big the book was.

Their conversation at the podium attracted some attention from the other students.

After they heard Su Yang’s excuse, the students could not help but giggle with their hands covering their mouths. Everyone took pleasure in Su Yang’s misfortune and thought that he was giving the lamest excuse possible.

Old Zhou placed his thermal flask on the table as he heaved a heavy breath that made his beard flutter slightly while he widened his eyes at Su Yang. “Your book has grown in size? Why don’t you make your d*ck grow too?”

Su Yang awkwardly cleared his throat. He criticized in his heart, ‘If I could make mine bigger, I would have. No man would complain about his own d*ck being bigger…’

Old Zhou thought that Su Yang realized his mistake after the young man kept quiet. He looked at his watch and it was almost time for class, so he waved at Su Yang and said, “Okay, I’m not asking a lot from you. You just need to take down all the lecture notes from that class and hand it to me tomorrow. Otherwise, I assure you that you will fail this subject this semester.”

“Sir…” Su Yang looked bitter. He was in university. Who took notes down in a lecture without any reason? Even if someone did, it would not be the notes of the Modern History Essentials of Huaxia since the semester test was an open-book test.

“Don’t ‘sir’ me. Remember to find me tomorrow and bring your textbook to the next class.” After that, Old Zhou picked up his lecture notes and looked at the rest of the class, “Class starts now!”

Su Yang helplessly sat down in an empty seat as the class began.

This was an unexpected disaster! Was this karma for beating Old Sixth Liu too hard?

Should he beat the man up again to even out the number since two negatives made a positive?!

As the class carried on, Su Yang quietly asked several of his classmates for lecture notes to copy while Old Zhou was busy writing on the blackboard, but he did not get any.

It was not because of his poor connection, but no one had taken notes of the lecture.

In the end, after the class ended, Su Yang finally got some help from a straight-A student outside the classroom.

He held that thick notebook in his hand as mixed feelings rumbled in his heart.

‘As expected of a straight-A student! He took down so many notes for an open-book test! If it were other subjects, would his notes be thicker than the textbook itself?!’

After he got the notes that he sought, Su Yang hoisted his bag and headed home.

As he walked home, he could not help but ponder about the research he had done on the gold buyers in the past few days. There were actually several ways to find a trustworthy gold buyer.

The easiest and safest way was to sell the gold at some famous jewelry chain store such as Gong Tai Fook or Gong Sang Sang1, but the famous jewelry chain stores would only buy back their own gold jewelry and they required a receipt and a complete proof of purchase. Su Yang could never sell his gold bank card there.

The gold buyers who did not need proof of purchase would be the typical pawn shops, private goldsmiths, house-to-house buyers, or internet buyers. However, after much research, he realized that all the house-to-house buyers and internet buyers were all scams whereby he might even lose his safety and gold together.

As for the private buyers and typical pawn shops, there were many hidden costs and tricks involved. If there was no trustworthy recommendation, he would probably lose a big portion of his earnings.

He was not a local in the capital, so of course, he did not have access to such channels which put him in a difficult situation.

Just when he was troubled by his thoughts, he looked up and saw a familiar figure ahead of him.

Upon a closer look, he realized it was Chu Xia, the secretary of the class committee.

‘Isn’t Chu Xia living in the campus dorm? Why is she out here?’

While he was wondering, Chu Xia turned into a shop. Su Yang looked up at the shop signage: ‘Uplus Convenience Store’.

A convenience store?

There was one on the campus and another beside the campus, so why would Chu Xia come all the way here to a convenience store in Su Yang’s neighborhood?

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