Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: The Identity Of The Lady Boss


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The receptionist was still there to welcome him. When she saw Su Yang, the pretty receptionist smiled. “Are you here for the contract?”

Su Yang smiled bitterly and shook his head. “No, I’m here to release the contract, in fact.”

The receptionist was shocked. “Didn’t you make a deal with us yesterday?”

Su Yang spread his hands open. “Yes, I did, so I’m also confused but helpless.”

A little pause later, he moved closer and whispered, “I heard it’s because of your boss.”

Su Yang finally revealed his intention of speaking with the receptionist. He asked her, “Miss, what kind of person is your boss?”

The receptionist did not realize that she was falling into Su Yang’s pace. She propped her chin up with her hand and gazed into the ceiling, deep in thought. “Hmm, our boss? I guess you can say she’s a powerful woman.”

Su Yang sharply captured two keywords: powerful and woman.

“She always does things fiercely and comes and goes like the wind,” said the receptionist, “There’s a rumor in the company about her, saying that this company is nothing but a toy to her. She doesn’t really care about it. Most of the company’s sales and connections are made possible because of her.”

Su Yang was surprised by the revelation. Yesterday, when he arrived at Junqing Intermediary, he had checked on the company’s registration information. The registered capital of the company was 10 million yuan.

10 million in registered capital? A rough estimation later, the intermediary should be worth around tens of millions, yet according to the pretty receptionist, the company was just a toy?

Su Yang started to draw an outline of how wealthy this boss was.

After he got what he wanted from the receptionist, he told her that he was there to look for someone. The receptionist quickly made the call to the office.

A while later, the fat man in the suit, who Su Yang had seen earlier in the day, leisurely walked out of the office. He came out and greeted the pretty receptionist with a wide smile, “Yaoyao, my department got an extra piece of cake today. Do you want some?”

The receptionist smiled and said, “Manager Zhang, spare me, please. I’m on a diet.”

Manager Zhang did not insist. He turned around and nodded at Su Yang with a distant look, signing the latter to follow him.

Su Yang did not care about the manager’s attitude and just followed the man into the office.

The two of them did not walk into the meeting room. Instead, they headed to the manager’s office.

The office was rather small. It was probably one of the smallest offices in Junqing Intermediary. It seemed like this manager was just a department manager who only got the position by relationship.

Manager Zhang invited Su Yang into the office and closed the door from inside. He wriggled his fat body back to his desk and fished out a contract from his pile of documents. He put it on the desk and said coldly, “Have a look. If it’s good, sign it and you can leave.”

Su Yang did not touch the contract. On the contrary, he asked, “Manager Zhang, I want to continue working with Junqing.”

Manager Zhang looked asquint at Su Yang before he sat down. His fat body proved to give the chair tremendous pressure to the point that it squeaked as if it could break at any moment.

“We won’t work with you again.”


Manager Zhang’s fat fingers tapped his desk. “It’s confidential.”

Su Yang obviously sensed hostility in Manager Zhang’s attitude and he had three theories in his mind.

Firstly, Su Yang was an abandoned collaborator. Manager Zhang did not have the mood to deal with him since he was practically worthless.

Secondly, Manager Zhang might not have been in a good mood because of his family matters or his body.

Thirdly, Manager Zhang blamed Su Yang for getting Wang Dong fired.

Based on the conversation Manager Zhang had with the receptionist, the second guess was out.

After some thought later, Su Yang said, “Manager Zhang, I’m sorry about Wang Dong leaving, but I think it shouldn’t affect our working relationship. I don’t understand why Wang Dong’s absence dissolved the agreement between us.”

Manager Zhang looked askance at Su Yang before he shut his eyes. “I’m sorry. We didn’t dissolve the agreement with you because of Wang Dong. It’s actually a business matter.”

‘Business matter, my a**!’

As a matter of fact, Wang Dong had actually been fired by the powerful female boss of Junqing Intermediary, but the one who had dissolved the contract with Su Yang was not the boss. It had been Manager Zhang.

Manager Zhang had been called into the boss’s office earlier today and was scolded badly. One of the most hardworking workers in his department, who could bear hardship without complaint, was even fired, so of course the manager was angry.

His fury erupted when Manager Zhang heard that Wang Dong had actually been late because of a meeting with an insignificant client last night and had tried to protect the client’s benefit. He immediately went to the legal affairs department and stopped Su Yang’s contract.

Wang Dong was guilty of being late, so he did not have a say in this. All he did was fight for Su Yang’s benefit, allowing the latter to leave with the compensation for liquidated damages.

After all, in Wang Dong’s opinion, getting 480 yuan as compensation was much better than the intermediary commission of 400 yuan. Only then could he face Su Yang a little easier.

However, Manager Zhang would never reveal the truth since he was the one who had stopped the contract.

Su Yang failed to intercept via the contract, so he took a step back and compromised. He tried to ask about the boss of Junqing Intermediary, “May I know the name of the boss of your company? I wish to speak to her.”

Manager Zhang’s eyes twitched. “Our boss is a busy person. She doesn’t have the time for a client.”

“Not even time for a business partner?”

Manager Zhang chuckled in disdain. “First of all, you aren’t a business partner. Second, our boss assigned us managers to deal with the affairs in the company, so she never meets any business partner.”

Once again, Su Yang failed to get any useful information regarding the boss from Manager Zhang. The fat man’s mouth was sealed tight and Su Yang was clueless about how to get him to open up.

In the end, Su Yang signed the contract and left Junqing Intermediary with 480 yuan in compensation.

However, right after he stepped out of the company, he clenched his teeth tightly. ‘Do you think I can’t get anything about your boss if you don’t give me anything? It’s the age of the internet!’

After Su Yang got home, he took out his phone and searched for Junqing Intermediary again. He learned that the legal representative for the company was a woman named Qiao Anna, but she only held 3% of the company shares. She was obviously not the powerful lady boss that the receptionist mentioned and was probably only a manager or something.

The other party that held 97% shares of the company was another company called Shanghai Juntian Investment Ltd.

Su Yang searched from there and ran a background check on this investment company. He then found a familiar name: Jiang Yan.

As the biggest shareholder of Shanghai Juntian Investment Ltd., Jiang Yan held 80% of the company’s shares.

‘Jiang Yan? Chu Xia’s friend? The Young Master Jiang that Da’fat’ referred to?’

Su Yang was a little dumbfounded.

‘Is Shanghai this small for me to run into an acquaintance in this situation?’

However, on second thought, the image of Junqing Intermediary’s powerful female boss did match Jiang Yan’s reputation, thus Su Yang believed that it was highly possible.

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