Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: I Want To Catch A Shark!

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‘What the hell? Where did the mission come from?’

Su Yang lifted his head up and looked at the podium. Qu Xiaomeng’s face was pale and blank as she tidied up her lecturer notes.

‘Is this woman on drugs or something? Why’s there a continuous mission from her? It doesn’t look like something is going to happen to her. What am I supposed to help her with?’

With that in mind, Su Yang tapped on the mission.

[Bronze Mission: Help the new English lecturer.]

[The new English lecturer will accidentally step on a book and fall, which will cause her to fracture her bones. Please help her and stop it from happening.]

Su Yang switched his attention back to the podium and saw a book beside the podium. It seemed like it had been left behind by some forgetful student.

The book was thin and had a plastic cover. It looked slippery enough, and if one stepped on it, one might be able to slide 5 meters.

After a glance at Qu Xiaomeng, Su Yang averted his gaze and lowered his head. He pinched his nose and said loudly, “Ms. Qu, there’s a book on the floor.”

He was quite loud to the point that the other students in the lecturer hall were shocked. They even turned around and tried to search for the owner of the voice.

However, Qu Xiaomeng zoned out and automatically filtered Su Yang’s loud reminder out.

After a terrifying lecture, every bit of strength in her body was drained and her mind was empty. All the noise went in from her left ear and went out from her right ear immediately. Even if someone went up to her and called her a name to her face, she might not have been able to respond, let alone hear a voice from the end of the lecture hall.

Su Yang thought after a loud reminder, his mission would be completed yet he did not get a response from Qu Xiaomeng. She tidied up her notes blankly and started to toddle down the podium.

One step, two steps…Qu Xiaomeng was getting off the podium.

Su Yang could no longer sit back and do nothing. He dashed out like an arrow that had been released, and under the strange gazes from all the other students, he ran down the steps from the last row.

Qu Xiaomeng was empty-minded but not blind. Her foot froze in mid-air as she turned to the student who raced towards her. She did not know what to do or how to respond.

As Su Yang got closer, she started to recognize his face.

Huh? Isn’t this the guy who saved me last night but also scammed my money?

Just as her muddled mind started to function, Su Yang reached her side.

She widened her eyes and pointed at him. “A-aren’t you…”

Su Yang did not reply. Instead, he kicked the book away and strode out of the lecture hall without looking back.

Qu Xiaomeng, the student who had left the book on the floor, and the other departing students were all rendered speechless by Su Yang’s action. No one understood what he just did.

No one expected that the blank Qu Xiaomeng would have fallen because of the book. No one also expected that her bones would be fractured due to the fall and that she would have to be on medical leave after her ‘glorious’ first lecture.

Only Su Yang knew what he just did and what he had prevented.

After saving Qu Xiaomeng for a second time, Su Yang mumbled to himself as he strolled along the corridor, “I’m really a good guy. I just can’t stand girls getting hurt. If she fell and fractured her bones, she might have to take the rest of the semester off and I’d be free, but I didn’t do it!”

Of course, he would never admit that he did it for his mission. If he exposed himself now, he would never be at peace.

He was clueless about the rewards of a Bronze Mission, and if the reward was not worth it, he would be on the losing end!

With that in mind, he went into an empty lecture room, and after he made sure he was alone, he rubbed his hand before clicking on the [Check Reward] button.

Right away, he got a notification from the system.

[Completed Bronze Mission. Acquired Bronze Point. Able to add the point to one of the randomly provided abilities.]

After the notification, an option window appeared and there were three options for him to choose from.

[1. Shark-catching]

[2. Close combat]

[3. Backflip on the spot]

“What?” Su Yang was surprised. This was not within his expectations. Did the system even provide all kinds of abilities? Did it work not just on items but on everything else? Could points be added to all things on Earth?

Could he add points to money-earning abilities? Or add the points to his English-speaking ability?

After a quick glance, Su Yang saw a little question mark at the top of the options window. He tapped on it.

The introduction of the Bronze Mission Reward appeared.

[After you complete the Bronze Mission, you will be provided with three random abilities and rewarded with 1 Bronze Point. The Bronze Point can be added to any one of the abilities provided. After adding it, you will acquire the ability without learning or practicing it.]

‘Cool! If it randomly provides me with a money-earning ability, I won’t have to worry about my meals anymore!’

With that in mind, Su Yang felt excited. However, as he glanced over the three abilities again, a pail of cold water was splashed on his excitement. He was really unlucky.

What kind of abilities did the system provide?

‘What’s with the close combat ability? A backflip on the spot? Am I supposed to join the UFC or a circus? If this is the case, will the system provide me with a sword-swallowing ability in the future?

‘Will I be able to swallow even the hilt if I added all the points to that ability? People usually call for a sword in a fight, but in my case, I might have to vomit it out of my mouth. Ew…disgusting.’

After another careful look at the three abilities, Su Yang decided to go with Shark-catching without a second thought!

It was probably the coolest out of the three! He ought to become the coolest person at sea!

Therefore, Su Yang tapped on the Shark-catching ability, and just when his anticipation was overflowing, a notification came in.

[Ding! No sharks or sea detected. Unable to initialize this ability.]

He was rendered speechless once again.

‘What? Then, why did you list it out? Can I still get it if I go to the sea? Or the aquarium?’

While Su Yang was thinking, another notification came from the system.

[Due to the failure of initializing, the second option will be automatically selected. Congratulations on acquiring a Close Combat ability.]

Following the latest notification, the other two abilities disappeared and [Close Combat] turned into [Elementary Close Combat].

At the same time, a bunch of basic close combat knowledge gushed into Su Yang’s head, including how to spin his elbow, how to overthrow his opponent, and how to lock his opponent’s joints.

The knowledge and techniques fused with his body and became part of his instinct. He instantly became a veteran who had several years of close combat experience, and he became very familiar with every action and movement.

Due to his body reflexes, Su Yang instinctively followed his muscle memory and performed a set of punching techniques.

His right foot moved behind his left foot as support and launched a left kick to the side. When his left foot landed, his left shoulder moved up to block, followed up by a right uppercut. A kick uppercut combo was performed smoothly and the briskness made him look like he was an expert.

‘Hmm? Not bad…’

Su Yang felt a little better even though he still wanted to catch a shark.

After he selected his ability, he looked at his watch. It was already afternoon and he had one more class next, which was the Modern History Essentials of Huaxia. The semester test was an open-book test, so he did not really have to study for it. Some thoughts later, Su Yang decided to head home to accumulate points.

He had to come up with something profitable soon and solve the problem at hand first since his money was really running low.

With that in mind, he picked up his bag and headed out of the campus.

When he was at the entrance of his neighborhood, the guard at the security booth held him up and dragged him aside.

Su Yang always greeted the guard politely whenever he passed the security booth, so they were quite close.

The guard dragged Su Yang beside the booth and whispered, “Did you step on Old Sixth Liu’s tail?”

Su Yang failed to react to the conversation. “Old Sixth Liu?”

The guard carefully looked around before he said, “Yeah, the little gangster in our neighborhood, that Old Sixth Liu! I heard he was knocked out by someone yesterday and he’s trying to find the perpetrator today. After a whole day, it seems like he’s onto something. Earlier today, he even came by and asked for you. I saw him bring two of his men inside the neighborhood, so you’d better be careful.”

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