Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Adding Points Turned It Into A Second Little Monster

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Right after he opened the Point System, a translucent [+] sign appeared at the upper corner of the husky bolster.

Su Yang lightly tapped on it. The bolster gleamed and the point was added. Simple and efficient as always. The husky bolster in his arms did not change, not in size, color or looks.

‘Did I get another special item?’

He patiently waited for the item description to pop up.

A moment later, a sharp voice entered his left ear. “Su Yang.”

Su Yang was shocked. He looked around but there was no one but him.

The voice called him again, “Su Yang, what are you looking at?”

Su Yang looked at the husky bolster in his arms and realized that it was the husky on the bolster talking to him. It widened its doggy eyes, staring into Su Yang’s eyes with its grumpy babyish face. “It’s me.”

Su Yang was stunned on the spot.

Meanwhile, at the top of the bolster, a new window popped up.

[Bolster +1: Its life has evolved to the next stage. Acquired: Simple Intellect, Speech, Simple Ability. Remark: Relax, a bolster won’t tear down your house, or will it?]

With such a bolster in his arm, Su Yang believed it was no longer appropriate to call it a soulless bolster, but why did the bolster talk like a husky?

Did the husky picture on the bolster receive life and evolve to the next stage or was it the bolster itself?

While Su Yang was pondering about it, the bolster did not stay idle either. Its doggy eyes sized up Su Yang’s basement as if it was looking for somewhere to start tearing down the place. In the end, it said to his astonishment, “Su Yang, I’m hungry.”

The bolster used its eyes to signal toward the box of instant noodles and sausages under the table. “I want some sausages.”

Su Yang rubbed the bolster from top to bottom and said, “But you don’t even have a mouth…”

“I want to eat!” the bolster responded with a husky death stare.

“You’re a bolster. You can’t eat!”

“I’m a dog, I can and want to eat!”

With the husky bolster in his arms, Su Yang’s ears no longer knew peace.

‘Sigh…I think I just added the point to another useless thing. This doggy bolster might be useless but the soap worked! My prayers came true! I prayed for life to evolve again and it did!’

Su Yang gazed at the piece of soap in his bathroom. “I want to complete the 1 million yuan mission.”

One second, two seconds…nothing happened.

‘Sigh, am I overthinking? Or am I asking too much from a piece of soap?’

He ultimately spared the soap from his ridiculous thoughts. He washed up and prepared to sleep since he had another meeting for the job tomorrow.

However, his dog, or his bolster, did not want to spare him. “Su Yang, I want chocolate.”

Su Yang was lying on his bed with his eyes closed. He simply answered, “A dog will die eating chocolate.”

The husky bolster widened its doggy eyes. “But I want chocolate!”

Su Yang did not even open his eyes. “I don’t have any here.”

“Get up and buy me some,” said the husky bolster.

Su Yang had almost fallen asleep. “It’s already night. The shops are closed.”

“Then, buy me some tomorrow.”

“You’re a bolster. You can’t eat,” Su Yang mumbled.

The husky on the bolster revealed a frightened face. “Am I not a dog? Didn’t you just call me a dog?”

“Go away!” Su Yang could no longer tolerate the nagging. He punched the bolster and grabbed it to the bathroom, locked it inside, and returned to bed. His world quickly returned to peace.

‘This little b*stard is really talkative. Look at Gru. He’s cute because he never talks.’

Gru was sound asleep. The soft murmurs from the twig sounded like a fish bubbling while it was asleep.

Su Yang glanced at the sleeping twig. The withered twig that he once assumed was useless was a lot cuter than the talkative husky bolster.

‘Comparison really kills. But why are all these little monsters so useless? Even the special items are much more useful. The twig and the bolster only know how to ask for food…’

With that in mind, Su Yang switched his gaze from the withered twig to the dog in the bathroom.

‘Whatever, it’s time to sleep. I’m not adding points to any little monster anymore!”

On the morning of the second day, Su Yang was woken up by the husky bolster which he named Little Hus. Little Hus seemed to have gone mad as it kept knocking on the door of the bathroom and called loudly, “Su Yang! It’s time for a walk! Wake up!”

“Su Yang, the sun shining on your backside. Wake up! Su Yang!”

Su Yang was so irritated that he covered his head with the blanket. He did not want to answer the talkative bolster.

However, Little Hus was resilient with its calling. Its sharp voice easily penetrated the door and the blanket to attack Su Yang’s ears. As a bolster with a picture of a husky, Little Hus really behaved like a real husky that was extremely energetic.

After Su Yang played ostrich for two minutes, he gave up. He could not go back to sleep since the noise was tormenting. He got out of bed and kicked the bathroom door open to shout at Little Hus, “What are you trying to do! Are you insane!?”

The husky on the bolster gave him a sinister smile. Even though he knew that the husky’s face was infuriating to look at, Su Yang assumed that Little Hus was mocking him.

He grabbed Little Hus and put it into a pail of water, attempting to ‘cool’ it down.

Little Hus continued screaming when it was immersed in water, “Su Yang! Su Yang! I can’t swim!”

Su Yang did not even turn around. “All dogs can swim.”

Little Hus showed a poker face. “Really?”

Su Yang had no idea whether it was true or not. All he knew was that soaking Little Hus in water stopped it from talking. Maybe it really was just learning to swim.

‘A bolster with a husky picture thinks he’s a dog? Sigh, the things in my house are getting weirder. Will I have to walk the bolster every day? People walk their dogs while I walk my…bolster? The thought alone makes me feel like I’m insane…Sigh.’

Since he was already up, Su Yang did not try to go back to bed. He washed up, had some breakfast, and headed to class.

It was Monday, thus he had more classes than any other day. He had two lectures in the morning and one in the afternoon. The two lectures were back-to-back which made it 100 minutes long.

After spending the whole morning on campus, he returned home after the class in the afternoon to tidy up before he headed out to meet the intermediary company for more details on the job.

He made an appointment to meet with the intermediary face-to-face yesterday. An event that involved more than a hundred people was a significant job. If anything went south, Su Yang would have to compensate the company with all his money, so he tried to be as careful as possible.

The company was located at a technology park not far from his campus. Starting out from his basement, it took Su Yang only 10 minutes to reach the place.

As for why an intermediary company was inside a technology park, who knew? Su Yang did not dare ask.

When he reached the technology park, Su Yang took his phone out and checked the map. Then, he made his way to the company.

At the entrance of the office was its name: Junqing Intermediary.

Beside the sign was the company’s registration information. Su Yang noted down the company name and did a background check online.

The reviews and record seemed good enough. The company did not have any legal problems or industrial penalty records. The recruitment situation seemed normal throughout a six-month span and the salary of the employees ranged from 3,000 to 50,000 yuan.

Su Yang’s initial judgment was that this company was a white company and had a certain level of reputation. Of course, he would have to meet the people within to find out more about the details.

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