Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Who Is This Girl?

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Soo Yang sensed the unusual feeling and it caught him by surprise. His heart started to pound.

‘Am I getting something?’

He quickly closed his eyes and thought of Tang Xiaomi’s name and how she looked like. The feeling got stronger as a blurry location slowly started to surface.

‘What’s this?! I got it!’

Soo Yang opened his eyes wide at the piece of paper. Overjoyed, he shouted, “Stop the car! Stop!”

Tang Jing was driving quietly, but when she heard Soo Yang yell out all of a sudden, she stepped on the brakes and the car skid along the highway with a loud screech. Two black trails were left in its wake after it stopped by the side.

“W-what’s wrong?” she asked.

Soo Yang raised the paper urgently. “Xiaomi! Tang Xiaomi’s location!”

Tang Jing was shocked and failed to respond right away. A moment later, she joyfully grabbed the paper for a closer look. “R-really? Is this the place that you foresaw?”

He nodded. “She must be here! And this place is no farther than 20 km from our position!”

Excitedly, Tang Jing read the address on the paper, but a second later, her smile froze. She looked at Soo Yang with a strange gaze.

In confusion, Soo Yang asked, “What? What’s wrong?”

She had to force the words out of her throat for an answer, “T-this…is my house.”

The atmosphere in the car plunged into silence for a moment.

‘How is it possible?!’

The same thought rose in both their minds at once but they were suspecting different matters.

Whether it was real or not, Tang Jing ought to find out. She floored the pedal as hard as she could, not caring whether she broke the speed limit or not as she drove back to her house like a bolt of lightning.

Soon, in less than 15 minutes, the two of them arrived at the villa area.

Tang Jing drove in and stopped at her own unit. She did not even drive her car into the garage.

She sprinted down the car, went through the garden, and nervously opened the door to get to the second floor.

Soo Yang failed to follow her footsteps, but he managed to make his way into the house.

Tang Jing was very rich. Her home was a villa with an independent garden. The interior design was based on the Northern European architectural style. The shallow gray tone made the building fashionable.

The renovation of the whole villa might not look costly, but the details were everywhere. There was a goat pelt carpet from Greece, chandeliers from Italy, and high-quality granite flooring. Everything was as expensive as it could get.

While Soo Yang was impressed by Tang Jing’s wealth, he walked through the villa’s living room and arrived at the stairway to the second floor.

Right after he put his foot on the first flight of stairs, he heard Tang Jing’s loud cry from above and the meek voice of a little girl, consoling her, “Mommy, why are you crying?”

Soo Yang stopped and returned to the living room to give the mother and daughter their own private time. At least, they deserved this time together after having been a few days apart.

He sat down on the sofa and started scrolling Tieba1 on his phone.

Someone had posted a picture of a girl among the threads. She looked beautiful with big eyes, a high nose, fair skin, and a petite face. She somewhat resembled a Westerner. The title of the picture was ‘Who is this girl?’

Soo Yang simply replied, ‘I’ve studied her for 3 minutes and I’m sure she isn’t Han Hong.’

Then, he continued scrolling and saw another picture of the same girl again. Maybe because the girl appeared twice in such a short time, Soo Yang did not ignore the picture and tapped on it.

It was a new article. ‘The hottest online newcomer of the country, Han Yi, reveals her newest work.’

‘An online personality?’ Soo Yang pouted. Online personalities, be it hunks or cute lasses, were all over the place recently, but most of them would be has-beens after a few years. Only a handful of them could make it in the long run, thus it was no wonder that he did not know about her.

Even if the girl was some popular actress, he might not know because he never cared about showbiz and had never fanned any idols. After all, fanning an idol or an idol group was a leisure activity for rich people. A poor man like him could not afford it.

With that in mind, Soo Yang turned off the tab and wanted to scroll further.

It was then that he heard thumps down the stairs.

Soo Yang kept his phone away and turned around. Tang Jing had brought a little girl down with her.

The little girl’s eyes were big while her round face was cute and her eyes were lively. She held Tang Jing’s hand and looked at Soo Yang with her large curious eyes. She turned to her mother and asked, “Mommy, who is this?”

Tang Jing shook her hand and said, “Don’t be rude. Call ‘uncle’.”

“Big brother is good enough,” said Soo Yang.

The little girl looked at him and smiled sweetly, showing her two bunny teeth. “Hello, Uncle.”

Soo Yang somehow started to hate the little girl.

Tang Jing put the little girl on the sofa and introduced, “This is my daughter, Xiaomi. I really have to thank you today for accompanying me. I’m really impressed by the accuracy of your divination. She was really at home.”

Tang Jing had gone through a lot for a day. She was originally a superstitious person. Otherwise, she would not have gone for fortune-telling or whatnot. After spending a whole day with Soo Yang, her belief in superstitious stuff started to waver.

Even after Soo Yang told her he would help to find Xiaomi and did not want any money for it, her doubts lingered. It even made her feel a little stupid for following a fortune teller and run around the city, divining with a piece of paper and pen while eating grapes in every district they stopped by.

If she had the time to do silly things, she might as well spend the time distributing flyers of the missing girl.

However, after she saw Soo Yang write the address on the paper, she was shocked because she had many properties in Shanghai. This villa was near the outskirts of the city and she had decided to go here for the night because the two of them were close after searching for a whole day. She did not usually live there and no one would know about this villa.

She would only spend the weekend here with her daughter.

At that moment, she had to admit that her heart had pounded fiercely while a strong feeling made her believe that her daughter might be there.

However, she did not know whether it was an illusion or not after struggling for a whole day or if she was just trying to hold on to the last straw of hope. She stepped on the pedal and drove back home.

She would either see her daughter or unveil the mask of this scammer beside her.

When she reached the second floor and saw Xiaomi, her emotions erupted and she went out of control.

Soo Yang was really a master! He really found her daughter!

Others might not understand her feelings. Her daughter had returned home by herself and had nothing to do with Soo Yang, so why should she be grateful and thank Soo Yang?

Most of the people might have experienced something similar before. They might have a simple matter at hand, but no matter how hard one tried, the matter could not be solved. When a person who might be able to solve the matter came by, be it by pressing a switch or simply saying something, and the matter was solved, one would come to realize the situation and see the big picture.

It was actually a simple situation, but before anyone popped the bubble, no matter how hard one pondered upon it, one could never find the answer to the matter.

Sometimes, the answer might be right in front of you, but if no one pointed it out, the answer might feel extremely elusive.

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