Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Looking For Tang Xiaomi

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Following the arrival of the message, Tang Dafa’s heart pounded quickly. However, his fat face clamped together again.

This little student can locate someone? With what? A compass? 

Despite feeling suspicious, since Tang Dafa was able to open such an influential gold shop in Yongan Alley in the outer harbor of Shanghai, even if he did not have his family background to back him up, he was also a smart person.

He did not reply to Su Yang right away and made a call instead.

After the call got through, a slightly rough but sweet female voice answered. She asked coldly, “What is it?”

Tang Dafa showed a wide smile when the voice answered. “Young Master Jiang, who exactly is the student that you introduced to me?”

“Oh? Your BFF’s classmate? Not a local? You don’t know him? I get it now. Thank you, Young Master Jiang.”

He then hung up and the smile on his face grew even wider because he knew what he should do. He tapped on the WeChat app and typed a message: ‘My dear boy, do you know fortune-telling as well?’

A moment later, he got a reply: ‘A little, but I’m not good at it. I only know how to locate people.’

Tang Dafa was overjoyed when he saw the latest reply. He was certain Su Yang was a scammer.

While he had packaged himself as a fortune teller, he did not actually believe it. The reason he did it was that in Shanghai, a lot of powerful people believed in it.

On top of that, he had met a specialist before and found out that fortune-telling was more or less based on scientific evidence. Since it was part-science, fortune-telling should be a segment of psychology.

A fortune teller would analyze the target based on appearance, attire, and body language to find out about one’s occupation, age, family background, and even thoughts. The goal was to locate the mental weakness of the target, and from there, the fortune teller would use that to guide the target and make the target believe what the fortune teller said.

As for those fortune tellers who had high accuracy, they probably applied a psychological effect, also known as the placebo effect, to guide the target. When the target fully trusted the fortune teller, the latter would insert a powerful mental hint in the target’s mind and slow down whatever the condition the target was having or make the target do whatever the fortune teller told him to do.

Since Tang Dafa was very familiar with these tricks, the moment he heard Su Yang claim that he knew fortune-telling, he immediately grouped Su Yang with the scammers.

His mind spun for a moment. Since this university student alleged to know fortune-telling and said that he could locate a person, Tang Dafa could just toss the female customer to Su Yang so that he could be free from the trouble.

Even if Su Yang could not find the girl, the female customer would not blame Tang Dafa either.

With that in mind, Tang Dafa sent a message to Su Yang: ‘Why don’t you drop by my gold shop tomorrow? I’ll introduce the friend to you. If you can really locate her daughter, I’ll pay you a commission.’


On the second day, which was a Saturday, Su Yang arrived at Dafa Gold Shop early in the morning. Tang Dafa welcomed him with his golden smile and led him to the office where the female customer was already waiting.

Su Yang barely had a glimpse of the female customer the last time, but this time, after a closer look, he realized she had a great body.

The only flaw was her temperament. She might have a layer of expensive makeup on her face, but she looked weak. The strength, independence, and confidence of a powerful lady living in the city were absent.

Her looks were rather decent, but due to the possible lack of sleep in the past few days, tiny wrinkles started to show at the edge of her puffy, red eyes. All the signs gave away her identity of a mother.

After Su Yang sized the lady up, Tang Dafa introduced him to her, “Ms. Tang, this is my friend who’s also a fortune teller. I might not be skilled in locating people, but his forte is divining and locating missing people.”

Tang Jing’s weak gaze switched from Tang Dafa to Su Yang. Her gaze revealed a tinge of suspicion and worry, but she did not voice her rejection. Instead, she asked meekly, “M-master Tang, isn’t this master a little too young?”

Before Su Yang could say anything, Tang Dafa explained, “Ms. Tang, age is just a number for skills. You shouldn’t look down on my friend because of his age. He’s honed his fortune-telling skills to locate people and I dare say that there isn’t anyone in this world that he can’t find.”

Tang Dafa was aggrandizing Su Yang boldly and his intention was simple. The higher he boasted about Su Yang, the higher Tang Jing’s expectation of him would be.

Should anything happen in the process, Su Yang would be the one in trouble instead of Tang Dafa.

After all, he could simply say ‘I didn’t know that my friend isn’t as skillful as I thought’ and he could escape bearing the responsibility. Moreover, he had specifically stated that he was not skilled in locating people and was doing whatever he could to help. Therefore, he had fulfilled his duty as a ‘fortune teller’. As for where the little girl was, it had nothing to do with him.

After hearing what Tang Dafa said, Tang Jing’s eyes were burning with hope. She looked at Su Yang with anticipation and hoped for his hopeful answer.

Su Yang shook his head and said, “I’m not as magnificent as Little Boss Tang says. My fortune-telling has limitations as well. I can only locate the person if she’s within my sensing range, so I can’t guarantee your daughter’s location.”

The anticipation on Tang Jing’s face was replaced with disappointment instantly.

Tang Dafa’s eyes gleamed. ‘This is such a good excuse. Why didn’t I think of it earlier? I must say my fortune-telling is out of range if I ever fail in the future. It’s beyond me, so I can’t do anything about it. Yes! That will work!’

With that in mind, Tang Dafa’s gaze at Su Yang was a lot gentler. ‘This kid is a really smart one. Too bad he is going to be my scapegoat.’

He cleared his throat and said, “Ms. Tang, why don’t we let my friend have a try since you don’t have any other better ways to approach this, am I right?”

Tang Jing sighed at Tang Dafa’s words and she reluctantly said, “O-okay.”

Following Tang Jing’s agreement, a beep sounded in Su Yang’s head.

[Triggered Bronze Mission: Locate Tang Xiaomi.]

‘I did it! It’s a Bronze Mission!’

Su Yang sighed a breath of relief. His hard work had finally paid off.

Next, he would have to find that little girl.

Tang Xiaomi? What an odd name.

Su Yang put his bag down and took out some papers and a pen. He started asking questions, “Ms. Tang, where did you lose your daughter?”

Tang Jing’s gaze looked dull when she heard the question. “At Tisney…”

“Did you make a police report or try the broadcasting system in the theme park?” asked Su Yang.”

Tang Jing shook her head. “I did. I tried to look for her using the broadcasting system, but Xiaomi didn’t come back to me. I made a police report, but the security cameras captured too many people. My daughter is too small, so they couldn’t locate her from the footage…”

Su Yang spun his pen twice with his fingers and tapped the stack of paper. “Well then, shall we go fortune-telling around Tisneyland?”

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