Chapter 40 - How Can I Bring Myself to Do It?

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Chapter 40: How Can I Bring Myself to Do It?

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The head of the elders stared at his young master with a blank face. The teenager had made way too many oaths for him to remember.

Yu Mingye sighed again and murmured, “I swore on two ‘musts’: I must take everything that Jun Linyuan has and I must steal the hearts of all the women Jun Linyuan likes!”

The head of the elders was still confused. “So, you’re saying…?”

Rubbing his chin, Yu Mingye scanned Feng Wu up and down with his eyes and frowned again. “It’s about Jun Linyuan’s taste… Gosh, look at that girl! How can I bring myself to do it?”

There was only one word for her looks, her figure, and her capabilities… Worthless!

” Sigh .” Staring at Feng Wu, Yu Mingye heaved a sigh and sounded like he was struggling with himself. “If Jun Linyuan can do it, so can I! I’ll just close my eyes! Yes!”

The head of the elders looked at Yu Mingye sympathetically. “Young Master, how about…”

“No!” Yu Mingye stared at the elder, his big, pretty eyes opening wide. “You weren’t there! You have no idea how humiliating it was!!”

The head of the elders looked utterly baffled.

“Jun Linyuan stepped on my head! Twice!

“And he forgot my full name! He. Doesn’t. Know. What. My. Full. Name. Is!!!” Blue veins popped on Yu Mingye’s forehead.

He regarded Jun Linyuan as his ultimate rival, but the guy couldn’t even remember his name… Yu Mingye drew in his breath, feeling humiliated.

The head of the elders watched as his young master hopped around like a child. “… Sigh .”

“I don’t care!” Jun Linyuan smacked the tree trunk in frustration. “This time, Jun Linyuan is going to remember who I am! He has to!”


“What do you think of me? Am I beautiful?” Yu Mingye smiled at the head of the elders. His mesmerizing amorous eyes could melt the toughest stone heart.

There was something wickedly enchanting about him that tickled one’s heart.

The head of the elders sighed in resignation. “… Yes, you are!”

That filled Yu Mingye with confidence right away. Brushing his long black hair off his shoulder, he said, “So, all I need to do is to take that girl and make her fall in love with me. That way, Jun Linyuan will have to remember my name!”

The head of the elders sighed inwardly.

In front of anyone else, their young master was this frightening figure, but when Jun Linyuan was involved… Yu Mingye simply turned into a kid seeking attention.

At the same time…

Feng Wu lost sight of Yu Mingye in the blink of an eye. She frowned a little. Had she seen something that wasn’t there?

No, it couldn’t be. She instinctively remembered that pair of bright, amorous eyes. That was a pair of eyes that could suck the soul out of someone, which had a beauty she couldn’t have just created out of her imagination. It definitely hadn’t been an illusion.

However, since the person was gone, Feng Wu didn’t give it another thought.

She turned in the direction of the ruckus.

There came a mighty bang.

The python crashed onto the ground from the air, making an enormous boom.

Jun Linyuan moved as fast as lightning and his sword slashed down, leaving a pale red arc in the air!

The next second, the python split open along its spine!

It was cut in half!

Blood sprayed out like a red mist!

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