Chapter 37 - The Miserable Teenager

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Chapter 37: The Miserable Teenager

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At the same time.

Feng Wu and Fairy Muyao were left behind on the ground.

As for Feng, needless to say, he went wherever Jun Linyuan went.

Watching Jun Linyuan turn in the air as he descended the cliff, Feng Wu’s gaze instantly shifted to the white jade box in his hand!

Immortal Spiritual Fruit! Immortal Spiritual Fruit! The fruit that would enable her to cultivate again! Aww!

Feng Wu was ecstatic. The excitement made her tremble from head to toe… Fearing that the look in her eyes would give her away, Feng Wu lowered her head involuntarily, trying to hide her true feelings from Jun Linyuan.

However, Feng Xun was as caring as ever. Seeing the shivering Feng Wu, he asked in concern, “Why are you shaking all over? Are you not feeling well? Is the wind here too chilly?”

Feng Wu was trying her best to not be noticed. However, with Feng Xun’s questions, all eyes were on her again.

Fairy Muyao snapped, “Chilly night wind? If you ask me, she’s shaking in excitement because of the Immortal Spiritual Fruit! I told you already: she’s a mole!”

Feng Xun glared at her. Instead of scolding Muyao, he turned to warn Xuan Yi, “Normally, I won’t hit a woman, but that doesn’t include the really annoying ones.”

Xuan Yi glanced at Feng Xun in resignation. He couldn’t for the life of him figure out what was so special about this Feng Xiaowu that the young lord of Northern Feng Mansion wouldn’t stop standing up for her.

At that thought, Xuan Yi patted Fairy Muyao on the shoulder and warned her, “Did you hear that? Do you understand what it means? Keep it in mind.”

He was obviously shirking his responsibility and was telling Fairy Muyao that he wouldn’t intefere if Feng Xun decided to teach her a lesson.

Fairy Muyao wanted to cry, but no tears would come… Why wouldn’t her elder cousin look out for her like the others?!

However, Jun Linyuan’s eyes flickered at that moment. He didn’t seem to hear their bickering at all, but only said quietly, “The Nine Transformation Sacred Emerald Python is coming back. Time to move out.”

Hence, they quickly left, led by Jun Linyuan.

Shortly after the team departed, up on the cliff, a head finally moved under the thick growth of vines.

Rustle —

The teenager let go and rolled down the cliff!

Rustle —

Luckily, the cliff wall from that point down was covered in vines and leaves. He slid all the way down until he landed on a pile of withered grass.

“Bah —”

A teenager with the most seductively charming face scrambled out of the haystack.

Bits of straws stuck to him from top to bottom, especially his hair. Because he had rolled down the slope, his hair looked like a chicken coop, which was unkempt and covered in grass.

The teenager that should look stunningly beautiful but had become the most miserable sight was none other than the Yu Mingye Feng Xun had been talking about a moment ago.

This had to be the worst day of young Mr. Yu’s life…

He did have the upper hand at first; he reached Black Ice Valley before Jun Linyuan did.

That was because he had used special means to control the pack of Obsidian Wolves as he tried to stall Jun Linyuan by using the tens of thousands of wolves.

However —

Little did Yu Mingye expect that when he was almost at the top of the cliff and ten meters away from the Immortal Spiritual Fruit —

That Eight Transformation Sacred Emerald Python finally succeeded in its cultivation and obtained its Nine Transformation immortal form!

A beam of sinister cold light shot out from the python’s forehead!


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