Chapter 33 - Jun Linyuan Demonstrates His Prowess

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Chapter 33: Jun Linyuan Demonstrates His Prowess

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Strong Obsidian Wolves appeared one after another in the darkness, their glowing green eyes giving one the creeps!

“How can there be so many of them?” Even Feng Xun jumped at the sight!

He had no problem with a pack of hundreds of wolves, but there were at least ten thousand of them. This was going to be a fierce battle!

“You…” Feng Xun turned around to look at Feng Wu, his expression grave. “This will be much more serious than earlier. Don’t wander off and stay behind me, okay?”

Feng Wu had never seen such a serious look on Feng Xun’s face.

Tens of thousands of Obsidian Wolves… Feng Wu smiled wryly. Her expellant would be good for nothing now. They really were in trouble this time.

Xuan Yi frowned. “How come there are so many of them? From the looks of it, they’re all in a berserk state as well?”

Jun Linyuan narrowed his eyes, which flickered dangerously. He acknowledged that with a little “hm.”

All eyes turned to Jun Linyuan.

Feng Xun asked involuntarily, “Don’t tell me that all these Obsidian Wolves are… controlled by the Dark Court? Is this Yu Mingye’s work?”

A cold glint flashed in Jun Linyuan’s ruthless eyes, then he gave another “hm.”

“It was really Yu Mingye, then! Word on the street is that he can control all beasts – I always thought it was a publicity stunt! He can actually control such a huge pack at a time now. That’s just frightening!” Feng Xun said in amazement.

However, Feng Wu sensed Jun Linyuan darting a condescending look at Feng Xun, pitying the latter’s lack of imagination.

“So, this legendary Yu Mingye has the wolf king under control, through which he’s able to command the entire pack of Obsidian Wolves?” Feng Wu chimed in.

Jun Linyuan darted a glance at Feng Wu.

Feng Xun rubbed his palms together in excitement. “Yes! That must be it! You’re right!”

“Let’s go,” was all Jun Linyuan said in his deep, resolute voice.


Go where? The mountain was packed with Obsidian Wolves. Feng Wu was bewildered.

“Thud —”

Feng Xun’s knuckles landed on Feng Wu’s smooth forehead, and she covered the spot where she had been hit with one hand. She stared at Feng Xun in confusion.

Feng Xun said, “Don’t worry. After knowing the guy for so many years, I’ve learned that however unbelieveable Boss Jun’s words sound, in the end, everything turns out just as he predicted. Let’s go.”

Feng Wu walked next to Feng Xun. Then, she saw something truly amazing.

Jun Linyuan stepped forward casually, as if the Obsidian Wolves weren’t there at all.

The wolf king at the front of the pack stared at Jun Linyuan with its cruel scarlet eyes, ready to tear out his throat at any moment!

All the other Obsidian Wolves snarled, but were forced to stumble back at Jun Linyuan’s imposing aura.

Staring at Jun Linyuan, the wolves had deference and fear written all over their faces.

They couldn’t for the life of them figure out why their king was forcing them to provoke this human teenager, who was giving them the creeps. They didn’t want to die…

All of a sudden, the eyes of the wolf king flickered and the bloodthirsty look in them was replaced by clarity.

The wolf king’s howl resonated in the silent night.

“Aroo —”

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