Chapter 31 - So Damn Lucky

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Chapter 31: So Damn Lucky

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“Let go of her.”

The voice was majestic, detached, and resolute, which evoked a sense of deference in everyone.

Before they knew it, everyone turned to the voice.

With his chiseled face and clear eyes, the teenager looked poised, elegant, and formidable.

“Boss Jun.” Xuan Yi frowned. “We can’t take Muyao at her word, but her suspicion isn’t unfounded. This Xiaowu girl isn’t what she claims to be.”

Feng Xun threw a dirty look at Xuan Yi and said again, stressing each word, “Boss Jun has spoken. Let. Go. Of. Her.”

Xuan Yi looked grimly at Feng Wu, but didn’t dare disobey Jun Linyuan, even if he was the crown prince’s childhood friend.

Thus, he loosened his grip and let go of Feng Wu’s hand.

Feng Xun pulled Feng Wu to his side right away and asked anxiously, “Are you alright? Does it hurt?”

Feng Wu’s role today was as the innocent, fragile weakling of the team… She might not be a great actress, but after being around her beautiful mother for so many years, she knew exactly what an appealing, harmless white lotus kind of girl should look like. She put on an award-winning act.

The rims of her eyes reddened, but she fought to keep her tears at bay. Her eyes glistened as she stubbornly tried to stop herself from crying…

There you go: one ordinary, unyielding, and utterly wronged girl on a roll.

Xuan Yi only glanced at Feng Wu in passing, but was immediately overwhelmed by guilt… Had he really wronged the girl?

Feng Xun’s heart went out to Feng Wu and he couldn’t stop casting stern looks at Xuan Yi.

Xuan Yi said grumpily, “I have every reason to be suspicious. Why did those Obsidian Wolves only attack Muyao? Was she that damn lucky? I don’t buy it!”

“Actually, she was that damn lucky.” Jun Linyuan pursed his thin lips. His voice wasn’t loud, but there was a confidence in it that wouldn’t be challenged.

“What?” Xuan Yi stared at Jun Linyuan, unable to utter a word.

Jun Linyuan didn’t reply, but only nodded at Feng.

Feng began to speak, his face as impassive as ever. “I can detect the scent of Seven Frosty Night Grass on Miss Feng. I wonder if Young Master Xuan knows that Seven Frosty Night Grass is the main ingredient of an expellant?”

Of course Xuan Yi didn’t know that. Medicine refinement was beyond his ken.

Feng went up to them, gestured at the ground that Feng Wu had rolled over repeatedly, and explained in an unhurried tone, “When Miss Feng fell, she was fortunate enough to fall on this Seven Frosty Night Grass so that its sap was rubbed all over her. Obsidian Wolves are very sensitive to this scent, which was why they kept their distance from her.”

Muyao’s mouth fell open. “Feng, are you saying that Feng Xiaowu isn’t a mole, but just got lucky?”

“Yes,” said Feng indifferently.

“I don’t believe it! It’s just too big a coincidence that Seven Frosty Night Grass happens to grow here and she happened to fall on top of it! No one can be that lucky! I don’t believe a word you said! She’s a mole and she pushed me to the wolves!” Muyao wouldn’t admit defeat!

Feng Wu darted an inconspicuous look at Muyao.

As a matter of fact, she wasn’t as lucky as she appeared to be.

Feng Wu had come up with a plan when she dragged Muyao into the wolf pack with her. She simply took some Seven Frosty Night Grass from her Dragon and Phoenix Spiritual Ring and rolled around on top of it.

However, no one but Feng Wu herself knew that.

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