Chapter 1760

Chapter 1760: Chu Fengxiao the Third Senior Brother (1)

The white fairy stared at Feng Wu and smiled coldly. “Are you reasoning with me?”

Feng Wu said, “So, are you saying that you’re not reasonable?”

The white fairy gave Feng Wu a sympathetic look and shook her head. “With my advantage over you, I don’t need to be reasonable. Don’t you get it?”

Of course Feng Wu knew that.

“I thought you were different.” Feng Wu frowned.

The white fairy gave Feng Wu a half-smile. “Why would you think that?”

Feng Wu blinked innocently. “Because you’re pretty. How can someone as good-looking as you be unreasonable?”

At first, the atmosphere had been so tense that a battle could start at any moment.

Sefiro clenched her fists in excitement outside the cave, and Seven was equally excited.

But Seven wasn’t what he used to be. Having lost his Death Wall, he was now greatly emaciated.

Next to the white fairy, Nu stared at Feng Wu as if she was already dead.

After all, the white fairy could kill Feng Wu as easily as snapping her fingers.

At the same time.

The white fairy kept her unblinking gaze on Feng Wu.

Other people would have been scared to death by her gaze, but Feng Wu was still smiling.

“Are you saying that I’m pretty?” the white fairy murmured.

Feng Wu smiled. “That’s right. You’re very pretty, especially your eyes. They’re like snow lotus on an iceberg and bright stars in the night sky. They almost take my breath away.”

Feng Wu actually hadn’t come up with these words herself. They were fed to her by Little Phoenix.

“Are you sure I can say that?” Feng Wu asked Little Phoenix in her head.

She had no idea why Little Phoenix told her to say those things, but the bird told her decisively that if she said them, she would be alright.

Little Phoenix told her to keep an eye on the fairy’s facial expression, and the bird was right. The white fairy was indeed deep in thought, and she seemed to be cherishing some pleasant old memory.

Who and what was on her mind?

Feng Wu knew that she needed to be very careful with what she said after that. One slip of her tongue and she might be killed.

Judging by the battle between the white fairy and Seven early, Feng Wu could tell that the white fairy was unfathomably capable…

While the white fairy was lost in thought, Feng Wu took a step back, then another.

If it was possible, she would like to run away from this cave.

Seeing this, Nu reminded the white fairy, “Master? Master?”

That immediately woke the white fairy up from her pleasant memory.

Seeing the frown on her face, Feng Wu was alarmed. No, the fairy was going to lose her temper.

As expected —

The next second, the white fairy stared at Feng Wu with a murderous look in her eyes.

Immediately, Feng Wu’s heartbeat quickened, as if her heart was going to jump out of her throat.

However, the next second, the white fairy turned her cold gaze on Nu.


The white fairy smacked Nu on the head.

Crack —

Nu smashed into the wall and almost passed out.