Chapter 40: “Ghost City (1)”

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Chapter 40: “Ghost City (1)”

“It’s a high chance it is, the former Wu Xie brought along trouble wherever she went, Grandfather wouldn’t take the initiative to invite me over to such an important function. Since he just came back from the Royal Court, most probably the idea came from the man on the throne.” Jun Wu Xie softly answered the black cat as she continued walking.


[Why does he want you to go to the Crown Prince’s birthday celebration for?]

“In other people’s eyes, my uncle is already a dead man. Lin Palace is left with me as the younger generation. So to them, Lin Palace is left with a kid once Jun Qing dies and as Grandfather is already advanced in his age, there is nothing for them to worry about anymore. No matter what they have to put on a show. They weren’t able to dig out any information from my Grandfather’s mouth on Jun Qing’s situation, but if it was a fourteen year old kid like me to prattle on … Moreover what do you think if a girl who was dumped by a guy and she attends his older brother’s birthday celebration and sees him cajoling with another woman affectionately in the presence of others. Isn’t this a motive by itself?” Jun Wu Xie was usually a lady of few words, even with her family she had seldom engaged in long conversations.

However with the little black cat, words just flow out naturally.

“Meow!” The little black cat hair stood on it ends.

[Shameless! This is too outrageous! No wonder he and the second prince are related! On the surface they act all good but in actual fact they want to take this opportunity to embarrass you and make you lose face! How can there be such shameless people in the world?!]

“It’s alright, this is not a big deal, I’ll let them wallow in their happiness for a little while longer. I’ll show them…” She said indifferently as a cold glint flashed across her eyes.

Bother her? She does not mind.

However those people even dared to put her grandfather and uncle in their calculations? Then they can’t blame her for being ruthless.

“Foolish ones who do not deserve to live in this world will perish.” She stared icily at the pot of medicine she was holding.


[Master, show them your might! Kill that group of idiots!]

Jun Wu Xie no longer spoke as she calmly walked on with her mind full of thoughts.

Jun Qing was recovering very well, however to get back to his peak, he needs more time. During this period, she will not be idle, she has her contractual spirit as well and she will train too, one step at a time to be stronger and pull out all those weeds. Clear them all out.

To be more powerful, she must start her cultivation. Having a contractual spirit was her key secret.

Ever since Jun Xian had given her more authority and lifted most of her restrictions, she could be seen frequently in the Resource Hall where she could be seen flipping through various cultivation techniques.

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