Chapter 15: “Grandfather”

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Chapter 15: “Grandfather”

If he could return to the battlefield, even if the they were facing Qing Yun clan, His Majesty would not have been so ruthless towards Lin Palace.

Over the years, Jun Xian was aware of his excessive military merit as he continued to reduce the Rui Lin Army. Who knew that this would have paved the way to the current situation.

“I’m going to protect Jun Wu Xie to my last breath. No one can even think about touching my granddaughter!” He proclaimed with a glint in his eyes.

I have already lost my son. I cannot afford to lose his daughter as well. She is my one and only Lin Wang’s precious granddaughter!

Deep into the night, this father and son pair were in the study discussing in hushed tones the precarious situation the family was currently facing. Standing by the door was the silhouette of two figures.

Jun Wu Xie listened on quietly as she stared at the door.


In her previous world, that ‘Grandfather’ of hers made her spend over ten years in bleak darkness. What was suffering, what was despair – she had a thorough grasp on them.

However, the ‘Grandfather’ of this body was like a sunlight piercing through the darkness. When she had first met him, he had poured out overwhelming love and concern which she had no idea how to react to.

This was something that she has never experienced before. Whenever he found something interesting, the first thing he did was to send it to her room. If she had a slight frown on her face, he would try all means and ways to coax her.

Subconsciously, she started to avoid contact with him as she did not how to respond to him as the memory of her ‘grandfather’ was completely different.

But she did not think that he would have done things for her to this extent.

Also Lin Palace has been suspicious towards the Royal family’s schemes but had turned a blind eye to it as he had sworn his loyalty and believed that all the years of service he had rendered wouldn’t be overlooked. But this time, with the spearhead pointing towards his granddaughter the blind loyalty dissipated.

For his granddaughter, he was willing to give up everything.

With her faint heart still throbbing, she squeezed her skirt tightly.

“Are all ‘grandfathers’ supposed to be like that?” she asked with furrowed brows.

Standing beside her Jun Wu Yao was looking at her pale little face and he did not know why her face suddenly flushed with excitement.

“Do you still want to go in?” he asked as he looked at her curiously.

“No.” she shook a head as her usually calm expression had a glimmer of warmth. She had initially wanted to discuss with her grandfather on doing her own treatment but did not expect to hear these by the door .

She turned to leave the study, she needed some peace and quiet to think things through.

As she turn to leave, his amused dark eyes revealed a hint of dark purple. He felt that these human monarchs behaved in a ridiculous manner. He just wanted to kill them all.

Dangerous fire from the depth of his half-amused eyes was ignited. But if things were done this way, it will also get her into trouble. The killing intent slowly faded.

Let’s wait and see…

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