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She watched silent, as his hands undid his pants and he slid them down his long, lean limbs. His cock set free was a sight to behold. It hung heavy with desire, an open invitation, and Frankie found herself drawn to its hard length.

He was huge, thick with bulging veins and a pulsing strength that had her muscles contracting again. He avoided her reaching hands, grabbed her and carried her a few feet before whipping her around and throwing her over a low slung chaise lounge. The cool leather against her belly was a shock, and she wriggled against it, her ass on display in an open invitation.

Frankie could hear his labored breathing and she knew that it was hard for him to hold back. They were in front of a large block of floor to ceiling windows and the reflection of their bodies in the glass was incredibly erotic. She watched him as he moved towards a large mirror that was set against the wall behind him, his cock swaying invitingly before him.

She licked her lips, wanting to feel the hard shaft deep in her throat.

But Dekkar had other plans.

He grabbed the mirror, and threw it on the floor, pushing it so that it was underneath the chaise lounge. Frankie’s reflection blinked back at her, and she was amazed at the woman she saw.

She looked wildly sexual, and her eyes locked onto his

reflection as he moved in behind her.

He was intense, wiping sweat from his brow and the look of raw desire on his face as his eyes moved down her body, was exhilarating. Frankie couldn’t remember ever feeling so feminine, sexual and alive.

Their eyes met in the mirrored reflection and time slowed down for just a second. Something happened then. It was fleeting, but a connection occurred nonetheless. Frankie’s breath hitched in her throat and she shook her head to clear it.

His hands were all over her ass, and they spread her cheeks as his fingers gently massaged the sensitive area that lay there. She tensed slightly, anticipation licking at her lips and when his fingers slowly slid into her opening the pressure was so erotic and sharp that she cried out loud.

His fingers moved languidly there, and his other hand drew her ass slightly higher in the air. She could feel his cock, the velvety tip straining against her ass cheek and her clit started to pulse once more. Her hands flew out, flat on the mirror as she supported her weight.

Her swollen pussy was slick with cream, and she moaned as her hips started gyrating.

Without warning he plunged his hard cock deep inside her silky folds and she screamed loudly as sharp cracks of sensation fingered out from between her legs and up to her ass.

Their eyes caught and held.

He began to pump. This was no slow and sensual joining. It was hard, fast and brutally sexual. His cock pounded into her wetness, the strokes ferocious as his need built. His fingers worked her ass, following the rhythm of his cock, and the pressure that was building deep inside her body was so intense she began to shake.

She’d never been fucked like this—so real, raw and animalistic.

The sounds of his body slapping against her flesh could be heard over the heaviness of their breathing. She heard him groan with pleasure and he increased the pressure in her ass. At the same time his cock flew in and out of her, each thrust going deep, spreading slivers of pleasure.

She felt her orgasm smoldering deep inside, threatening to break as her muscles clenched tightly in anticipation. It was hot, almost painful. And as the pace picked up she crested just as he roared his release, his cock buried deep, her walls contracting against his hard flesh.

Their eyes were still locked together; each watching the other orgasm and Frankie had never seen anything as incredible as Dekkar James coming with his cock buried deep inside of her.

Each pulse of his dick could be felt deep inside of her, and it was reflected on his face. His eyes, so dark and green never left hers.

Slowly he kept rocking back and forth, even after he’d spent everything he had, until eventually he leaned over and rested his body against her back.

Only then did he close his eyes.

Only then did he speak.

“What fucking planet have you been hiding on?”

Chapter Five

Frankie’s eyes widened in alarm and it took a few seconds for her to realize he was making a joke. The warmth of his body still lay against hers, and she felt his penis soften and loosen from her body. She felt empty as his spent shaft slid from inside her.

She was still staring at him intently in the mirror when his eyes opened to join the lazy smile that graced the masculine features.

Holy shit, but he was hot.

They’d just shared something incredibly amazing. A once in a lifetime kind of connection and she sure as hell didn’t want to read too much into it. She’d already crossed the line. Hell, she hadn’t just crossed it; she’d barreled over it blindly without thinking.

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