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His hands were moving roughly over her back, trailing sparks of desire, leaving a rash of goose bumps in their wake. He dug in just under her ribcage, his fingers holding her steady as he ground his hard cock against her belly.

She was already wet and hummed with frantic need that was so intense she felt faint. Was it even possible to feel like this so fast? Each beat of her heart, hammered home just how incredibly horny and aroused she was.

He broke away, his breathing ragged. She watched, silent, as Dekkar ran hands through his shaggy mane of hair. His eyes had darkened to a deep moss color, and the half lidded stare he threw at her was devastating.

Her breasts swelled under the scorching gaze and her hands automatically went to them. She hissed as she caressed them, trying to assuage the painful desire he’d awakened.

A slow sexy smile grabbed the corners of his mouth, and he drew her close once more, his hands reaching under her shirt. When his fingers touched her bare skin, she groaned loudly, her knees buckling.

He used one arm to hold her in place while the other drew the black fabric slowly up and over her head, until she lay bare to his hot mouth.

Her dark, dusky nipples were standing at attention, and when his warm mouth closed over them, the sensitive peaks shot slivers of white hot fire straight to her belly and deep into her wet center.

There were still no sounds other then the passionate responses of their bodies. Her hands had found their way to his head, the fingers buried deep into the thick silky mess of hair. Her own hips began a fevered gyration as he suckled, nipped and tugged at her nipples.

He was rough, fevered with an urgency that was fast flowing through her bloodstream. His mouth moved back towards her neck, licking the sensitive area under her ears, as his hands moved sensually down past her waist, resting for a second against her hip.

His eyes never left hers as he continued his exploration, his hands caressing her belly button. The low-slung denim left her entire belly bare, and she could feel her muscles contracting excitedly at his touch. With deft fingers he undid her snap and pulled the zipper down. He dropped to his knees in a fluid movement and lowered her jeans, until they fell around her calves.

Frankie leaned back against the wall, afraid she’d tumble forward with her pants tangled around her legs. She watched, anticipation making her mouth water as his intent became clear.

Slowly he licked her skin, his hot tongue cleaving a path of torture from her knees, to the tops of her thighs, until his head lay, mere inches from her trembling mound.

He smiled up at her wickedly, and her hands once again found her breasts. Her fingers deftly massaging the turgid peaks as her passion began to bubble in earnest.

She felt as if a volcano was about to erupt deep inside her body, indeed her very center was on fire with desire.

She groaned as she watched him close his eyes, and he thrust his nose deep into the small scrap of fabric that shielded her pussy from his wicked touch.

She could feel his breath, hot against her flesh, and she nearly came as he inhaled her scent deep into his lungs. He opened his eyes once more, and his gaze automatically grabbed hers.

She bit her tongue in an effort to hold back a scream as his fingers grabbed her thong and pulled it roughly away and down her legs. His fingers touched the evidence of her desire against the dark fabric, and he smiled wickedly, lashing his tongue out at her.

She was visibly trembling, and he pushed her legs as wide as the jeans would allow, his fingers beginning to explore her wet softness.

She was still biting her mouth, and in fact drew blood, but she wasn’t able to hold back the scream that erupted, as his fingers opened her outer lips. Her swollen labia and clitoris were laid bare to him, and he paused briefly, his eyes leaving hers to latch onto the honeyed treasure he’d exposed.

Frankie could feel cream slowly dripping from her body. She’d never in her life been this horny, been so filled with a need that was painful.

When his head moved towards her she would have fallen if his arm hadn’t been supporting her. He blew hot air on her clit, and followed it home with a strike from his tongue. He drew away, then back; once, twice and a third time, until her quivering nub felt ready to burst.

When she thought she could take no more, his mouth opened wide and he latched onto her with a ferocity that liquefied every cell in her body. He sucked, licked and massaged her so thoroughly that Frankie felt as if she were drowning in a sea of sensation.

Her hands found their way to the top of her pussy and she arched her pubic bone forward as she spread her lips wider. She needed to see him, and she cried out at the sight of him eating her with an enthusiasm that bordered on madness.

She could smell her sex heavy in the air, and began to pant as the pulse that had been building deep inside her chasm began to bang with a ferocity that had her struggling for air. Her right arm dug deep into his skull, and when he plunged two fingers deep inside her hot core, she drew blood.

Her orgasm was instant, and her head hit the wall behind her as she contracted with the intensity of her release. She groaned loudly as he continued to lap at her hungrily, her knees weak, her limbs trembling. With a growl he stood quickly, his mouth taking hers and she tasted the very essence of herself on his lips as he drove his tongue once more, deep into the recesses of her mouth.

Still, no words fell from his lips and he hauled her up into his arms, quickly striding down the hall until he came to a large steel door.

His mouth did not leave hers as he punched in a code. The door slid away silently and he was through in a flash.

Frankie wasn’t aware of anything but the man who held her. She was in awe of the raw strength he possessed, and her hands explored the hard planes of his body as he continued to spread fire across her lips once more.

Slowly he let her slide down his body until she stood before him, a quivering mess of female. She was both satiated and hungry for more, and her eyes quickly fell to the huge bulge between his legs. When she glanced up, his lopsided smile did funny things to her insides, and she swallowed hard.

Dekkar James was not someone to mess with. He could do damage to a girl’s heart.

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