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Cat nodded to a heavily muscled man standing guard. He said nothing, but stood aside and let them walk through.

Frankie felt as if they’d left planet Earth and shifted to Babylon. Not the Babylon of her time, but the nasty, dirty, decadent Babylon of eons ago.

Her insides flooded with a tingling awareness that bubbled its way up from deep between her legs. The smell and feel of sex was heavy in the air and she inhaled it deep into her lungs. It called to some primitive, base instinct that made her feel incredibly alive, while it lovingly caressed every single cell on its way down.

Her eyes moved slowly about the room, widening at the display of unrelenting sexual favors passed around like candy. Her nipples hardened at the sight of a bare-chested man lounging on a sofa, head back and breathing hard as two naked women sucked his cock vigorously.

The sounds of their suckfest intertwined with the passionate groans of several other men, all being serviced by a wild array of women in various states of undress.

Frankie couldn’t lie to herself. It excited the hell out of her, and she exhaled softly as her libido pulsed hungrily.

Cat grabbed her hand and they stepped over a woman who lay on the floor, legs spread so that her bare, wet pussy glistened in the candlelight. Another girl had just moved beside her, her tongue slowly making its way sensually towards the wetness.

They took two short steps and Cat’s voice brought Frankie out of her sexual daze.

“Don’t say I didn’t bring you anything for your birthday. You owe me one, Dekkar.”


kie’s eyes shot up until they were caught, held in place with an invisible rope by the greenest, sexiest eyes she’d ever seen on a man.

Dekkar James stood a few inches from her, hands loose at his side, shirtless and ripped. His incredible torso was covered in an elaborate array of colorful tattoos that snaked up, caressing the hard abs.

Seconds turned into a long, slow silence, broken by the most devastating smile imaginable.

He didn’t speak, just held out his hand.

Frankie’s breath caught in her throat, and she felt as if she were coming apart, so intense was her body’s reaction.

She hesitated for one moment, and then her hand reached for his, a feeling of fire racing over her flesh as she made contact.

Everything faded away, and she let him lead her out the door, down yet another hallway, until the only sound was their heavy breathing. The air felt thick and it clung to her skin, like a soft caress. She glanced down to her timepiece. She had a little over an hour before the operatives from the New Order were scheduled to arrive.

She wanted to look up, but couldn’t meet his eyes. Her own pale blue orbs had stopped at the sight of the huge bulge that strained against the black of his leather.

When she did manage to raise her eyes higher, his mouth was descending, and she felt her own lips tremble in anticipation.

What the hell was wrong with her? She was on assignment for Christ sakes, and was about to break one of the most vehemently enforced rules of a Black Opal.

No fucking with a target.

Chapter Four

His lips were firm, with just a hint of softness that gripped the edges as he opened his mouth wide, and plundered her warm wetness with his tongue. Fire erupted, hot and raging; it was immediate and all consuming.

Frankie had never in her life experienced such a kiss. It was both passionate and brutal in its intensity. She knew she was lost. There would never again be such a first kiss.

Not ever.

She felt weak and leaned into him as liquid fire continued to rage out of control. She was awash in sinful sensations; and all this from just a kiss.

It was too fast and hard. Frankie wanted to savor it, and as she settled her senses she became aware of his scent. It was wildly intoxicating, full of leather, sandalwood and a pure masculine musk that drew her in like a drug.

He should be fucking illegal.

She moaned low and deep in her chest as his arms crushed her body against his. Her nipples were hard pebbles of desire, and they poked out, straining against her tankie, puckering wildly in an effort to get closer to his skin.

She needed to feel his flesh against hers.

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