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“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” She yelled as she increased the pressure, pumping her ass in the air as hard, and as fast as she could. A breeze swept through the room, bringing with it a silver gray mist that wrapped fingers seductively around the two straining bodies. It caressed the male into slumber, before enveloping Frankie entirely.

She could feel them pulling at her, and she resisted, continuing to pump furiously. Her hands flew back to her pussy, massaging her clit as her eyes watched the blond god dissolve into mist.

She felt his hardness slide from her body, but it was enough, and she screamed victoriously as an orgasm shook her limbs. Slowly she withdrew her fingers, running the wetness from her body over her still-sensitive breasts. Her head lolled back and she gave herself up to the vortex that violently shook the room.

Then everything went black.

Chapter Two

Frankie hadn’t been home in over six months, and a smile crept over her features as she pulled her vintage Harley up to The Black Opal. She was fresh from a shower, grateful her sisters had transported her back to her dwelling and not here. The thought of her family witnessing a screaming orgasm was so not something she wanted to envision.

She sat for a few moments, her fingers trailing over the bike’s sleek lines lovingly. In 2310 the Harley was not a common sight. In fact, she was willing to bet there wasn’t another like it on the planet. Air streamers were all the rage. They were safe, reliable.

And so not for Frankie.

She loved the feel of a powerful engine between her legs, just as she liked the sound, the vibration, even the smell of exhaust. Sure, the Harley’s technology was ancient. The dated energy source it used was hard to come by and cost a fortune. It pretty much violated every safety code there was on her home planet of Terre but that somehow made it all the sweeter.

It was imperfect.

And in a time and place where most things were nothing but perfection, to Frankie, it was irresistible. She’d always been a bit of a rebel, loved to go against the grain, and the older she got, the more she realized that perfection was overrated. Boring. She needed something more in her life. She cut the throttle and coasted around back to where she normally parked her bike.

It was hot, muggy, and she was thirsty as all hell. But hey, at least she could strike horny from that list. Her body still tingled from her orgasm of an hour ago. The time shift had seemed to electrify it somewhat, making her exit from Babylon quite memorable.

Her eyes winced as she tilted her head towards the sun, knowing instantly it was just after one in the afternoon. Frankie stretched lazily, closing her eyes as she smiled.

It was good to be home. Terre was a beautiful place to grow up, lush and tropical with an abundance of forests and water that kept the planet healthy and vibrant. There were several large cities scattered throughout the planet, including the one that she called home, Dagota.

The Black Opal however, was located out in the middle of nowhere. It was a huge fortress and housed at any given time a number of mercenaries, bounty hunters and black ops who worked for the confederation.

But more importantly, it was owned and run by the Black matriarch.

Which would be her mother, Rachel Black.

Frankie was but one in a long line of women who had the ability to time shift. They had the power of the Black Opal which gave them the gift of sight and protection against evil that transcended time.

They were kinda like the Time Police and her family had been doing a bang-up job for hundreds of years.

It was the humans on Earth who’d screwed things up but good. As their technologies became more and more advanced, they had discovered a way to time shift on their own. Truthfully, Frankie believed it was a direct result of a New Order member playing with fire, but the end result was the same.

For the last three hundred years there had been artificial jumpers, those who’d paid for the ability to rove about at will—jumping from planet to planet, from the past and into the future. Wreaking havoc in their wake, trying to change the path that fate had decreed.

They were dangerous and the women in her family had been kicking their asses all over several galaxies for generations.

The Black Opal had been in her family for even longer. As long as she had memories, this place had been a constant in her life. It was home.

The fragrant flowers that bloomed along the edge of the forest tickled her nostrils and she felt joy wrap around her soul. Frankie inhaled deeply as a smile fell across her lips and she jumped the steps two at a time, until the coolness of the interior caressed her cheeks.

It took a few minutes for her eyes to adjust to the dim light and her smile widened even more as she caught sight of the young woman rushing towards her at warp speed.

“Frankie!” She shrieked and then yelled over her shoulder. “Mom, Frankie’s home!”

Her youngest sister, Serena, enveloped her into a tight hug, her long thin arms grabbing Frankie’s body close.

“I’ve missed you! You’ve been gone way too long this time.”

She laughingly pushed her sister back, surprised to see how much the young girl had matured.

Serena’s long, blonde hair, so unlike her own dark tresses, hung to her waist in a curtain of gold. No longer gangly and awkward, she’d blossomed into a young woman with curves in spite of her thin frame.

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