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Frankie’s oldest sister, Sasha, pushed through her sisters until she stood before them all.

“The New Order has finally made their move and declared war on us.” Rachel said quietly, her gaze slowly caressing each of her daughters. “They’ve discovered a way to find your mates and are determined to assassinate them before we can get to them.”

“That’s not the whole of if.” Frankie said as she closed her eyes briefly, enjoying the warmth and hardness of Dekkar’s body. “They’re determined to impregnate our line with their spawn.”

“Ew, that’s freaking gross,” Serena said, and Frankie laughed at the expression on her youngest sister’s face.

She looked around and frowned. “Where’re Jaden and Lily?”

Her mother shook her head and she felt her belly drop. “Jaden’s still on assignment but Lily…”

Frankie did not like the look or tone of her mother’s voice.

“What the hell is up with Lily?”

“Your sister hasn’t checked in and we’ve lost communication with her.”

“Well where the hell is she?” Frankie asked, her words colored by fear and anger. Dekkar’s arms tightened around her and she leaned into him.

“She’s in the third quadrant, two hundred years into the future.”

Silence greeted her mother’s words and it felt like the air had been sucked from the room. Long faces and disbelief stared back at her.

“So what do we do?” Serena asked as she slipped in beside her mother and sought out the warmth of her embrace.

Sasha stepped forward, her eyes fierce. Her long, blonde hair glowed in an eerie light and she flicked a stray curl away impatiently.

She inhaled ruggedly and said in a low voice.

“Now, we fight.”

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