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gaze of the man who stood before her.

Her perfectly, imperfect…mate. God, she could feel it now; the pull, the invisible cord that linked the two of them together. No wonder she hadn’t been able to resist him. She’d never, ever, fucked with a target and now she was considering breaking yet another rule.

She wanted him; no…she needed him to shift forward in time with her.

She just hoped he’d agree, because she wasn’t at all sure it was even possible.

His green eyes were regarding her silently. Frankie had always been a straight forward, no bullshit kind of person, so she just dove in full throttle.

“You’re right, Dekkar. I’m not from around here. I’m not from this country. I’m not even from this planet.” She watched his eyes widen in surprise, and even though his lips tightened he didn’t speak.

“The real kicker is probably something you won’t be able to grasp. I’m not from this time. I’m from the future.” she drew in a shaky breath before continuing, “About three hundred years to be exact.”

Silence stretched between them, and she watched as Dekkar’s eyes moved to the dead bodies strewn about his walk-in. He scrutinized them carefully, his hands grabbing at the rough start of beard at his chin.

When he looked back to her, his eyes blazed with an intensity that started the whole burning pulsation deep inside of her.

“This might sound totally fucked but I believe you.” He shook his head and laughed. “I fucking believe you.”

His smile pulled at her insides and Frankie felt her heart melt. “Your world is no longer safe. When they find out you’re still alive they’ll send more operatives. They won’t stop until you’ve been taken out.”

“So when do we leave?”

“You need to think long and hard about this, Dekkar. I’m not asking you to go away on vacation. Once we leave there’ll be no turning back.”

His eyes bore into hers and she could sense his elevated heart rate. The intensity that lit his face, shadowed the handsome features in such a way that he reminded her of the feral clans from the planet Lupine.

He looked around. “There’s nothing here for me. As of about an hour ago, you became my world.”

Frankie didn’t hesitate. She grabbed his mouth to hers and poured every bit of emotion that saturated her body into a long, searing kiss. The feel of his hands at the back of her head, as he ground his mouth back into hers was exquisite. When they finally parted, both were breathless.

“Ok, we’ll try. I’ve never shifted back with another body before. I don’t even know if it’s possible. But if Connor was right, and you were meant for me, then…”

“Then we can try.” His voice washed over her like the most decadent, smoothest dark chocolate imaginable.

She nodded her head. “We need to get to the alley I shifted into. It’s a block from Madison Square Garden.”

He grabbed her hands, and Frankie shivered at the heat that emanated from his skin. “Follow me. This elevator takes us to my private garage. We’ll grab my bike.”

“Bike?” She laughed loudly, excitement spilling everywhere.

“Yeah, I just bought a new Harley.”

Her grin was infectious as she followed him into the darkness. Shit, he really was her other half.

The ride down only took a minute or so, but to Frankie it felt as if time had slowed to a crawl. The desire to be home with her family, to see their faces and know that they were safe, had manifested into a physical need. It was painful, and her heart was beating a mile a minute, as if a crazed drummer flowed through her veins.

She was shaking like a leaf by the time they’d gained entry to Dekkar’s private garage, and angrily, she berated herself, wanting only to calm her spirit and focus.

They passed several vehicles and finally she felt a slice of peace drift through her as she eyed the Harley that shone like a beacon to her.

It was a beauty, and her fingers caressed the smooth chrome and steel machine with feather-like touches.

“Nice ride,” she murmured, not taking her eyes from its sleek lines, as she slid her bottom over the seat to settle in close to Dekkar.

The bike roared to life and Frankie welcomed the feel of power beneath her, as well as the warmth of the man her legs melted into. They took off as the throttle let rip, and the vibrations tickled her ass, humming along her cheeks and singing a sweet song of ecstasy that shot right to the hot center between her legs.

Her arms were around Dekkar, and her body was pressed up against his back as they exited the parking garage, and rumbled out into the open air. The breeze lifted her long hair into a moving, snaking mess that circled her head madly.

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