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“A fucking Glock? Christ I’ve only seen these in museums.” She flashed a smile at his confused look. “You do have another way out of here, right?”

Dekkar pointed towards the back of the closet and ran for it, Frankie hot on his heels. What looked like a large armoire was really a fake piece of furniture that hid another exit. It was coded, and he punched the numbers in as fast as he could.

“Frankie Black! Been a while, no?”

Dekkar whipped around, his body tensing with anger at the stranger who stood mere inches from the woman. The intruder was tall, heavily muscled and menacing. He’d not noticed Dekkar, as his focus was solely on Frankie.

“Christ, it’s been a while since you’ve been in the field, Connor. Is Daddy running out of operatives to send out?” Her voice was light, yet Dekkar knew she was tense.

The large man inhaled sharply and his face whitened in fury. Dekkar made to move, but stalled as Frankie motioned behind her back. He slid quietly into a pile of hanging garments, out of sight.

“I can smell him all over you. Couldn’t wait for his cock? You had to go and fuck him the minute you met? I had such high hopes for us, but you’re no different from any of the other Opals. You’re all a bunch of whores.” He sneered as he stepped closer, his hand snaking out and closing over Frankie’s throat. His voice was lowered, the fury contained somewhat.

“I am going to kill him, and then I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. I’ll wipe his seed from your body and you will be mine.”

He brushed a kiss over her lips and Dekkar wanted to fucking kill him.

“You were always meant to be mine. That’s why I wanted this assignment. I wanted to be the one to kill the rock star.” The large man sneered.

Dekkar had no clue what the hell he was spitting out, and he tensed, waiting to attack.

The large man snarled in glee at the look of surprise that crossed Frankie’s face. “Your bitch mother didn’t tell you? This Dekkar piece of shit is supposed to be your destined mate. That’s why we’re here to take him out. We can’t let it happen.”

The man’s mouth slashed wider, his tone maniacal. “You were supposed to be mine, but his bastard might already be buried deep inside your fucking pussy. You’re damaged goods now, but I’m gonna fuck you just to say I did and then I’ll find one of your sisters. The next Black Opal to procreate will be pregnant because I screwed her.”

The man laughed harshly then as Frankie began to struggle. “Hell, maybe I’ll fuck ’em all.”

Dekkar watched as Frankie’s arms spun up and she clipped the bastard hard on each side of his head. He roared as she fell away from him, and he kicked her hard in the gut. She flew to the ground, the gun flying out and away from them.

The intruder was breathing hard as he stood over Frankie. She spat at him, “You’re gonna have to screw a corpse asshole, ’cause I’ll never let you touch me while there’s breath in my body.”

“Don’t worry, Frankie, I have no problem with that. I’d fuck a corpse just to say I’ve had a piece of a Black Opal.”

Dekkar could take no more and blinding rage fell over him as he charged forward. He tackled the intruder, the force of his anger tumbling both of them to the ground.

They rolled, but in the confines of the closet he felt a wall at his back as his eyes locked onto the bastards black ones. A large meaty fist came flying at him and Dekkar ducked, jabbing out hard with his right hand, making contact and smashing the man’s jugular. He was up in a flash, and kicked out hard, hearing a satisfying crunch as he connected with his head.

The man roared his fury and only then was Dekkar aware of two shots ringing out. He whipped his head around in time to see Frankie standing over two dead bodies.

She looked up then, and their eyes met. Hers widened and he dropped and rolled away as another shot rang out.

Utter silence filled the walk-in, and Frankie flew into his arms. He crushed her to his body, feeling a sense of contentment strike him hard. He wanted this woman, and now that he’d found her, he wasn’t letting go.

“So,” he murmured, “I’m guessing you’re really not from around here.”

Chapter Six

Frankie took a moment just to savor the feel of Dekkar’s hardness against her body. A lot was whirling through her head. Connor’s words were alarming. They’d shot straight through her, and the feeling of panic that had been riding just underneath the surface was bubbling up fast and hard.

She shakily drew in a breath, trying to think. One thing was clear to her. The New Order had just upped the stakes. They’d somehow managed to find out which men were meant to mate with each of the Black Opals. Her heart fluttered as she realized how close she’d come to losing Dekkar.

Not only were they were trying to stop the Black Opals from carrying on their line of warriors, they wanted their seed planted and growing inside of her sisters.

That could never happen. They were evil men, and any child they brought into the world didn’t stand a chance of living a noble, honorable existence.

Frankie had to get home. She needed to warn the others.

She pulled away, her blue eyes capturing the intense

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