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His body was on fire, yet he was suddenly weary. It was always the same old bullshit. In his world no one was sincere. They took what they could get while he was still considered hot and marketable.

At first the crazy train had been intoxicating. He’d fucked, drank and inhaled his way through the last five years. You name it and he’d had it. Everything had been his for the taking, and his voracious appetite had fed heartily every night.

But over the past several months he’d begun to tire of it all. He was known the world over—famous for being infamous—but had no ties, no family, no friends. After he’d sated his sexual fantasies for the night and finished partying with his band, he still came back here, to this loft, alone and empty.

In fact, she was the first woman he’d brought into his home.


His green eyes ripped into hers, and he was just about to shout his anger at her, when a hissing noise brought his attention back to the door. Smoke could be seen filtering through a thin crack that was slowly making its way down the right side of the door.

“What the fuck?”

He moved towards it, but her hand grabbed his and the strength that her grip channeled brought him up short.

“We have to leave now.”

Something in the tone of her voice sent a cold shot straight through him. The woman was dead serious. The laser continued to cut through his reinforced steel door, and it was then that Dekkar knew his entire life was about to explode into some direction that he’d never have thought possible. Was it random?

He didn’t think so.

He clenched her hand, drawing her close to him, his body trembling with repressed energy.

“I’m not going anywhere with you until I know exactly who the fuck you are—” he turned to point back at the door, “—and who the fuck they are.”

He watched her face closely, looking for any sign of deceit. All that registered was an underlying sense of panic, and steely determination.

Her lips really were beautiful, and his eyes were riveted to them as she began to speak in a slow controlled voice. “I gotta make this short and sweet. My name’s Frankie and I shifted back here to protect you. Those guys out there are a lethal bunch of killers, and for some reason that I don’t even know of, they want you dead.”

She grabbed at his hand and began leading him back towards his bedroom. “I won’t repeat myself again. I still need a shirt, you need some clothes and I hope to hell there’s another way out of here.”

He let her lead him back to his room and quickly opened a cardboard box. He rifled through it until he found something that would fit her. He tossed her a white T-shirt, and then grabbed some clothes from his armoire. Once he was dressed, he slid his feet into a worn pair of boots and indicated they move towards the walk-in closet.

Her breasts were lovingly encased in the tight T-shirt, her dusky nipples hard and clearly visible through the thin fabric. He felt his mouth water, wanting only to claim them once more. The black and silver logo that was splashed across them brought a smile to his face.

Dekkar James was emblazoned in bold letters, as if announcing to the world that she belonged to him. He laughed wickedly. Fuck, he totally liked that idea.

Their eyes met, and a tug of emotion washed over him. She was worth the effort.

“You have any guns?”

Her words were clipped, her breathing was elevated and energy seemed to crackle in the room. Dekkar motioned for her to follow and they entered the large walk-in. He could feel her eyes on him as he shoved aside a bunch of clothes to reveal a hidden safe. He quickly opened it, and retrieved a gun.

It was shiny, new and never been used. Dekkar wasn’t into guns and the violence they attracted, but when he became famous and the crazies had come out of the woodwork, he’d bought one.

He grabbed the bullets and slammed the safe shut.

Turning back towards Frankie, he felt a need to protect grab him hard. Her hands were outstretched, and she glanced behind her once before speaking.

“Great. Give it to me.”

Dekkar laughed outright. “I don’t think so. It’s my gun.”

The look of fierce anger that crossed her face was adorable and Dekkar grinned wickedly. He could tell she was not used to being denied anything.

“Have you ever shot a gun? Do you know how to use it? ’Cause I can tell just by the way you’re holding it…you’ve never handled a gun before. So, I’m not asking, I’m telling you to give it to me.”

A loud smash reverberated through the apartment, and her wild look of anger convinced him. He tossed the gun to her, along with the bullets.

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