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Frankie had never, ever screwed with a target before. But she couldn’t think about that now. She’d worry about the consequences of that later.

Right now she just wanted to drink him in a bit more and then get down to the business of saving his ass.

His eyes mesmerized her and she felt her own mouth trembling as she laughed softly at him. He stood up, and pulled her body up along his. Her legs were weak, her muscles spent, and she leaned back onto him as she stared at their reflection in the window that they faced.

Outside a midnight sky peered down as a million stars blanketed the darkness with a canopy of brilliance. They were surrounded by tall buildings and skyscrapers, an eclectic mix of office buildings and condos. Many windows cast a soft glow of light, and strangers could be seen clearly going about their lives, unaware of the two of them.

Dekkar’s place was deep in shadow, and Frankie felt like a voyeur as she quietly observed the various scenes being played out, both domestic and workplace.

So mundane.

So unaware.

A soft ping sounded behind her and she was suddenly on edge. It had been so soft, it could have been imagined, but Frankie knew their time was up.

The New Order had arrived.

She slid from his arms, whirling around, grabbed her clothing from around her ankles and yanked them back over her hips. Her fingers were shaking slightly, and she felt a flash of annoyance as she zipped and buttoned up.

Her eyes moved about the room trying to locate her shirt and satchel among the gloom and shadows. Her opal burned at her chest, and her fingers nervously rubbed it as panic started to set in. All too quickly she became aware of several things.

One…in her mad dash for cock, she’d left her satchel out in the hallway. When Dekkar had decided to dine on her pussy, all conscious thought had fled, and boom, she’d forgotten her bag.

Two…she was the only thing between him and the operatives who at this precise moment were organizing a break into the space they occupied, and because she no longer had her satchel, she was without weapons.

Three…he had no clue who she was or that it could quite possibly be his last night on Earth.

And four…as his eyes raked molten lava over her bare, heaving breasts she knew she needed to cover up and get them the hell out of his space.

“I need a shirt and you have to get dressed pronto.”

She started to move towards what she assumed was the place he slept, when his arm snaked out, and he pulled her back to his warm hard chest. Her eyes wandered down and she groaned at the sight of his cock, already filling with hard desire.

“Are you gonna make me rip those pants from you again?”

His voice was low, hoarse even, and it tapped into some part of her that she’d not known existed. Her heart skipped a beat and she used the strength of her upper body to pull back a few inches. A loud bang interrupted the silence and Dekkar whipped his head around, his face darkening into a snarl.

“What the hell?”

Frankie used that moment to pull away completely, feeling more in control the farther away she was from his touch.

“Dekkar. We don’t have a lot of time. I need you to listen carefully to what I’m going to say.” Her eyebrows arched and she exhaled softly before continuing.

“There are two, most likely three operatives on the other side of that door. They will break it and enter this room with the express purpose to kill. And their target would be you.” She paused watching a myriad of emotions flicker across his strong features. “We’ve got minutes to escape before they do, probably less. I need an alternate exit, a shirt and I’m hoping you have some weapons lying around, since I left my bag of goodies in the hall.”

Dekkar James stood there in stunned disbelief. It was a credit to his acting abilities that he didn’t laugh outright. Fuck, he should have known the mystery woman was too good to be true. She was a nut job.

For a minute there, he’d been thinking sister fate had been kind, and maybe, just maybe, he’d finally met that someone he’d been searching for.

That there was a woman on this planet specifically meant for him.

He felt fucking pissed off as he stood there, staring at her perfect breasts begging for his touch. He wanted her to be that person, which in and of itself was fucked, considering he’d just met her.

But there was something about the woman that called to him, that filled the emptiness inside of

him. He glared at her. She was obviously playing him somehow.

He inhaled deeply, and the smell of their sexual encounter raked through his nasal passage and spread fissions of desire straight to his lower extremities. His cock twitched, burning, as it filled with a rush of need.

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