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Chapter One

Frankie Black was pissed off.

She tried to control the latent aggression that nipped at her insides, but it was hard because truthfully she was a lot more then pissed off. She was tired, hungry and frustrated beyond reason. Her mind had been circling fast for days, knowing that something was coming.

In her line of business, that wasn’t always a good thing.

Frankie knew that it was time to move on.

And she would. Tomorrow.

Right now she was a little busy taking care of the whole starving thing. And not for food. Nope. Her body was craving pleasures of the flesh, and she thought that at least had been covered when she’d picked up the young blond god who lay between her legs.

His long muscular limbs were draped over her lower body, his hips gyrating slowly against her knees. His mouth was otherwise engaged, his tongue feverishly working her over as he sought to please her.

She sighed softly. It just wasn’t enough. She could have been staring out the window counting stars for all his tongue was accomplishing.

And that’s where the frustration came in. He was one hot piece of ass, no doubt about it. Then again, every single person she’d ever met on the planet Babylon was. Less than perfect didn’t cut it here. They were all blond gods and goddesses. It was a place where a girl like Frankie, with her jet black hair, pale skin and even paler eyes, stood out—she was the rarity.

Yes indeed, Babylon had been amazing for her libido because every single perfect individual lived for one thing and one thing only.


Which for her was a bonus, because Frankie was a girl with a healthy appetite. She loved her food, she liked to play hard, and nothing pleased her more than a great session between the sheets. For someone like her, Babylon was the perfect vacation spot. After completing her last mission, sticking around had pretty much been a no brainer. She truly thought she’d died and gone to heaven.


There had been a never ending supply of beautiful, pleasing men, and she’d had her share of amazing sex. But lately it just wasn’t cutting it. She was sick and tired of perfection. Of the unwavering need to please that everyone on this bloody planet had. She needed some friction—things were way too smooth, too vanilla. She needed someone with an edge; someone dark, strong and imperfect.

Who the hell was she kidding? A fucking orgasm is what she needed.

Frankie hissed a sigh of impatience and wrapped her hands tightly around the blond’s head.

“God damn it!” She groaned as she pressed his face into her, opening her legs as wide as they could go.

Her fingers dug deeply into his scalp, and she pushed him hard into the hot, heated core between her legs, whispering hoarsely. “There…oh my gods, right there.”

She felt her pussy begin to cream, finally, and in an attempt to quicken things along her fingers left his head and she reached down, inserting two long digits deep inside her own wetness.

She knew the right angles and pressure points to push, and exhaled softly as the familiar pressure began to build. Her hand pumped harder and faster, as her hips began to rock and gyrate. Crisp shards of pleasure began to radiate out from deep inside her body, until they crested into sharp slivers of delight.

The male’s large hands gripped her ass and the sound of sucking, licking and groaning reverberated through her hotel room.

Frankie began to pant as her body started to quiver in excitement. She glanced into the mirror beside the divan where they lay in a tangled mess, biting her lips as her fingers worked frantically. She was almost there and her body arched in anticipation. Christ, she’d never had to work so hard for an orgasm before.

She could feel it, just there, on the edge, torturing her in exquisite agony.

She ripped his head away, her voice wild. “Goddamn it!”

She pushed him back on the bed, his large dick swinging boldly in the moonlight, and she straddled him, enjoying the look of desire that raged over the perfect features.

Frankie lowered her head and grabbed his lips with her own, aggressively pushing her tongue deep inside the hot recesses of his mouth. She felt him groan into her and her teeth scraped along his cheek as she whispered hoarsely into his ear.

“I want every inch of you deep inside me.”

She raised herself up, and slowly impaled herself onto his hardness, a loud groan escaping as she slid her slick cream over the shaft of his cock.

She bent forward slightly, her breasts swinging in the air, along with a delicate gold chain. The black opal it held swayed seductively against her flesh, and the stone reflected the color of ice in its midst. Her arms splayed out on either side of her partner, and she pressed forward, enjoying the pressure against her clit as she rode his cock hard.

Her elusive orgasm was pulsing deep inside and she increased her rhythm as the sensations intensified, liquefied. Her eyes flew open, the pale blue orbs almost black as they dilated fully with her pleasure. Her hair, long and inky black billowed around her shoulders and down to her waist; a silken cape to caress the milky white of her skin.

She was so fucking close to the exquisite pain of org

asm she could taste it.

So it was a big piss off of a problem when Frankie heard the slow incantation of her sisters’ summoning spell. It started softly and built into a swell of voices that slithered through her mind until it was a loud call in her ear.

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