Chapter 1016 - Racing With Time

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Chapter 1016: Racing With Time

The two special operations team members were taken aback when they saw No.2 being blown up.

They had inhaled too much smoke, and it caused their thinking to become more sluggish. Besides, Zhang Heng was now wrapped up tighter than the mummy, the reason the team could not recognize him in the first place. Initially, they thought Zhang Heng was someone that had come to help them.

Until Zhang Heng pulled out his guns and aimed at his enemies, the two still couldn’t figure what just happened to them. And the next moment, Zhang Heng had already pulled the trigger without hesitation. He fired the explosive bullet at the special operations team member that was closest to him.

The latter’s exoskeleton provided its user with great defense. As long as the vitals weren’t hit, it could even ward off rounds from an ordinary sniper rifle. Unfortunately, the special high-explosive rounds were kryptonite to the exoskeleton. After the bullet made contact with the exoskeleton, it would explode, and the flame would quickly engulf its wearer.

In fact, if No.3 hadn’t been sent to the amusement park to deal with Zhang Heng, and the federal police hadn’t underestimated the special operations team’s firepower, the outcome of the battle at the station tonight would’ve been very different. And if that happened, the four special operations team members wouldn’t even escape into the Four Continents Hotel.

Now, Zhang Heng had taken possession of No.3’s gun. Without hesitation, he killed two enemies in front of him. It did not matter if they belonged to the special operations team or the emergency response team. His brutality alone was enough to make them all fear him.

This was just the beginning. In total, Zhang Heng had three high-explosive rounds with him. After killing two of them, Zhang Heng left no room for hesitation and fired the last bullet at the final special operations team member. With that being said, all the special operations team members on the twelfth floor had been annihilated.

At this point in the battle, Zhang Heng no longer had any intention to work together with the special operations team members. He did not expect the other party to help him deal with the emergency response team’s firepower. Besides, the two special operations team members were about to die. They were no longer good enough to fight against the emergency response team members. And Zhang Heng could not completely trust them as well. When he fought against the emergency response team, he would be distracted by them. Hence, Zhang Heng decided to deal with them first.

After firing the three special bullets, Zhang Heng reloaded the gun with ordinary bullets and dashed towards the safety exit.

The fire in the hallway had now spread all over the place. With the entire floor filled with heavy smoke, it provided Zhang Heng with the perfect cover. Among the three emergency response team members, No.2 was killed by the explosive bullet before landing on the ground. On the other hand, No.5 and No.7 suffered only minor injuries because they stood quite far from No.2. And they immediately fired their guns at Zhang Heng, but Zhang Heng’s firepower soon suppressed them. They could not even poke their heads out.

However, the two were clone warriors Shengtang Morgan Group had built at a high price. They possessed the perfect combat skills. Even if No.5’s arm was hurt, the line of defense they had built still managed to stop Zhang Heng from moving forward.

No.7, however, knew all too well that they would not be able to stop Zhang Heng forever.

Zhang Heng was totally immune to the fire. This was something that they did not expect. With the fire spreading so quickly, No.7 and No.5’s only gas masks were at risk of burning. On the contrary, Zhang Heng was fully equipped to withstand the fire, and he walked freely within the flames. The emergency response team members even started to wonder if Zhang Heng was the one that set the fire.

No.7 immediately informed 0 downstairs about Zhang Heng’s showing up. After receiving the news, 0 asked them to hold out a little longer. It wasn’t without reason that 0 made such a decision.

0 didn’t stay idle when Zhang Heng showed up and started killing his enemies. He managed to force the last special operations team member to a dead end. As long as he got the package first, he would deliver the package to the fifth level and complete this task.

As for the life and death of No.7 and No.5, although both were members of his team, completing the task was always their priority in the three years they had been with him. This was the number one rule programmed into their brains. There was no doubt about it.

Therefore, after hanging up the call, 0 wasted no time, moving quickly toward the conference room in front of him.

On the other side, Zhang Heng attempted to break No.5 and No.7’s defenses, but it was fruitless. Although the two were at a disadvantage, it wasn’t a problem focussing on stopping Zhang Heng from crossing their line of defense. After 0 left, the two followed his instructions strictly, trying to hold Zhang Heng off as long as possible. They knew that the special operations team member downstairs was no match to 0. The latter would come and join them after he dealt with him.

But what surprised the two was that Zhang Heng started to slow down after he failed to break through the blockade twice. He then started to adopt a positional warfare strategy, slowly grasping the details that he missed in this battle.

The advantage of this strategy allowed Zhang Heng, with Lv3 marksmanship, to defeat No.7 and No.5. However, it would take a longer time for him to get the result that he wanted.

Considering that both sides were now racing against time, No.7 and No.5 were happy to see that Zhang Heng had resorted to such a strategy. That said, they soon had a taste of Zhang Heng’s powerful marksmanship. Zhang Heng stopped firing his guns at them, deciding instead to capture the right opportunities and only fire at the right time. With Zhang Heng moving constantly, No.7 and No.5 didn’t dare poke their heads out anymore.

Zhang Heng’s marksmanship was simply too good. Most of the time, the bullets would fly past their cheeks. If they had lowered their heads half a second later, they would’ve been killed instantly.

This made No.7 and No.5 think carefully about every move they made because any small mistake would cost their lives. Over time, the psychological pressure on them grew bigger and bigger.

In just a short time, the two were shot several times. Fortunately, the bulletproof vests they wore helped them take the brunt of the bullets. Since they could not poke their heads out, they had completely lost track of Zhang Heng. Their combat experience told them that their circumstance had just gotten more dangerous. They were now blinded. It meant Zhang Heng held power to attack them whenever he wanted.

When No.5 was about to risk it and check out the situation, he felt something warm splashing on his arm. No.5 then turned around, and to his horror, saw that No. 7’s body had fallen to the round. He could see a small bullet hole in his temple.

It was at that time, No. 5 realized that he had lost all advantage. However, the desperate situation inspired the bravery in his heart. Immediately, he grabbed his gun and jumped out of the bunker. He then fired his gun in the direction where the bullet came from. The ferocious fire burning down this place made him look like he was in the midst of purgatory.

But in the end, Zhang Heng killed him with a single bullet. His lifeless body fell to the ground and turned into the fuel for the fire.

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