Chapter 1015 - Armed To The Teeth

Chapter 1015: Armed To The Teeth

Although the federal police outside the hotel mentioned that they saw no one else climb out of the window except for the last special operations team member, 0 now had reason to suspect that Zhang Heng was no longer on the twelfth floor.

The main reason was that the fire over there was getting bigger and bigger. If Zhang Heng continued to stay in the room, it would not end well for him. The longer he stayed on the twelfth floor, the less likely he would be able to get himself to safety. 0 would be impressed if Zhang Heng still hadn’t made a move on the twelfth floor.

But even so, 0 still left all of his manpower on the twelfth floor. As for himself, he went hunting the last special operations team member alone. It was not because he was confident enough to deal with Zhang Heng alone.

On the contrary, 0 chose the most conservative and safest strategy. If Zhang Heng was still on the twelfth floor and eventually joined the battle, even if three of his men failed to eliminate him, the fire would stop him from entering the safe passage. On the other hand, 0 would kill the special operations team member as quickly as possible and head back there to help his team. Even if he did not return, the raging fire would be enough to kill Zhang Heng.

In addition, 0 had considered the possibility that Zhang Heng had left the twelfth floor. If that happened, his goal would change too. Instead of looking for a way to get his hands on the package as soon as possible, he would first deal with Zhang Heng and prevent him from getting the package. 0 was confident that he’d be able to do it. He only needed to drag on until three of his men eliminated their targets. They would then come to join him to take down Zhang Heng together. As for the last special operation team member, he shouldn’t cause much trouble to them.

The biggest advantage of this combat strategy was that it was flexible enough. All possibilities had been carefully accounted for, and no matter where Zhang Heng was, the one who would win the battle, in the end, would be 0 and his emergency response team.

After arranging the next battle plan, 0 received a report from the federal police downstairs that the last special operations team member had escaped into a guest room on the eighth floor.

So, 0 hesitated for a moment before quickly rushing to the eighth floor.

His departure made the two special operations team members feel slightly relieved. In addition, No.5, No.2, and No.7 had adopted the defensive strategy according to the orders 0 gave out. They could clearly feel that the firepower on the opposite side had weakened, but the pressure on them had not been alleviated as of yet.

Even though the firepower had weakened, the fire on the twelfth floor had only grown in intensity. A lot of residents lost consciousness after inhaling all that smoke. With the gruesome thought of being burned alive looming, more and more people decided to give what the female office worker did a while ago a go. Many attempted to cross the invisible bullet wall. After all, compared to being burned alive, getting shot was a relief.

Unfortunately, none of them were able to leave the twelfth floor alive. Now, the corridor where the two parties exchanged fire had become purgatory on earth, with charred corpses strewn everywhere.

The two special operations team members found it harder and harder to breathe. Their vision started to become blurry, and their shooting accuracy deteriorated further.

No.2 was the most courageous and the best at seizing the opportunity among the three emergency response team members. Although 0 mentioned that they should focus more on defending after he left, No.2 found it difficult to hold back after their enemies revealed their flaws. Coupled with the fact that Zhang Heng had not shown up for so long, No.2’s guard was lowered. He felt that even if Zhang Heng was still on the twelfth floor, there was an 80% chance that he would be burned to death. So, he chose to shift to another position that allowed him to shoot better in the end. He silently aimed at one of the exoskeleton fighters’ control panels that the enemy carelessly exposed.

But the next moment, No.2 did not expect that the room’s door in the middle of the corridor would suddenly open without warning. After that, No. 2 saw a man with an oxygen cylinder and an oxygen mask wearing a fireproof suit charged out.

No. 2’s eyes snapped open. Although the person was almost completely wrapped up, No. 2 instantly recognized the person’s identity from the small rifle in his hand. The rifle originally belonged to No.3. However, they received news not long ago that Zhang Heng eliminated the three emergency response team members at the amusement park. In other words, the person that was holding the small rifle was Zhang Heng.

What made No. 2 curious, however, was where Zhang Heng acquired this set of professional firefighting equipment?!

The police officers in charge of the blockade outside the hotel were not blind. It could be possible that Zhang Heng entered the hotel in police uniform, but it made no sense with such a large bag of things and an oxygen cylinder. Earlier, they thought that Zhang Heng had breathed in too much poisonous gas and had collapsed. However, when they took a good look at him, they figured that he could stay here for at least an hour or two.

The firefighting equipment that puzzled No.2 was actually made out of Lego bricks. The Barrett he assembled earlier with his Lego bricks had expired and had returned to its brick form. So, when Zhang Heng realized that 0 would set the entire floor on fire, he assembled a set of firefighting equipment with the Lego bricks.

This was why the Infinite Building Block was so powerful. As long as Zhang Heng had a set of Lego bricks with him, he could deal with various environments and battles, not to mention how easy it was to carry around. When the Infinite Building Block was inserted into a Lego model, even an X-ray scan couldn’t tell if it was fake.

Zhang Heng did not grant No.2 any time to react. After rushing out of the room, he instantly pulled the trigger of the rifle.

He waited patiently for so long just to wait for the three emergency response team members to put down their guards and make a mistake. In order to snipe one of the special operations team members, No.2 chose a relatively dangerous position, which happened to be within Zhang Heng’s field of vision. Once he spotted him, it was already too late.

The next moment a bullet accurately hit his chest.

No.2 originally wanted to block this bullet with his new-generation bulletproof vest on his body. Still, he never expected that Zhang Heng had no intention to show them any mercy. As soon as he came out of the room, he fired the special explosive bullet at him. Instead of stopping the bullet, the bulletproof vest exploded a second later.

Not only was the latter sent flying away by the explosion, but even No.5 and No.7 were also hit. Right after that, Zhang Heng wasted no time and aimed the small rifle at the special operations team.